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    rro/ecfi/es, Bazookas, Shipped;
■Rocket Age Strikes UO Campus
Luck Rogers has at last come to the Oregon campus. In
cluded among late shipments of new equipment to the Uni
versity ROl C department are “bazookas," “grease guns,”
and Garand rifles, while on requisition are new uniforms.
Heralding the advent of the “rocket age" are several new
type bazookas, the army’s successful light anti-tank weapon.
1 hese are the newest modification of the tvne and include
such improvements as sights ad
justable for windage and elevation
and “breaking down” into two sec
tions for ease of transportation.
Although rocket projectiles are
part of the shipment, these will be
used for “dummy” demonstrations
only, and the Ducks need have no
fear of futuristic barrages leveled
against their fair campus.
Grease-Gun Described
The grease gun, more accurately
•^described as the M-3, caliber 45,
sub-machine gun, is a fully-auto
matic type which was developed
during the last war. It was intend
ed to replace the Thompson sub
machine gun of Chicago gangster
fame when it was found the Thomp
son required too long a period of
production. The new gun is a
“stamped-out” model and is pro
duced at the nominal cost of $2.30.
It waa supplied in great numbers to
resistance or underground groups
in Europe but will not be used for
anything more than demonstration
And, finally, the department’s
1903 model Springfields have been
replaced by 300 Garand, M-l, semi
automatic rifles which are the
standard shoulder weapons of the
army. However, these will be used
for drill purposes only, firing being
limited to the 22-caliber rifle on the
Springfield frame.
New Uniforms Coming
The new uniforms on requisition
for the ROTC are officer-type and
will be known as “interim” uni
forms. They will be used only until
adequate shipments of the standard
dress for the regular army are re
Basic students will get “green”
blouses, trousers, and overseas caps,
while advanced students will wear
green blouses, “pink” trousers, and
the billed, service-type cap. Both
basic and advanced will be issued
“doeskin” overcoats.
Also received by the ROTC de
partment are new 30 and 50 caliber
machine guns, these also being
used for demonstration purposes
Paul Robeson Explains
(Continued from page one)
mocracy, he said, “but we don’t
have democracy yet. We don’t
have democracy for ten million
Negroes, or for the Japanese in
Oregon, or for the Mexicans in
Arizona, or for white people in
the downtrodden minority groups.”
He attributed the lack of de
mocracy largely to the lack of
accurate information. The public,
he said, does not get all the facts.
We do not have a free press; ra
dio, and othef sources of informa
tion are controlled by groups in
terested in slanting the facts,
Robeson declared.
Free Speech
Speaking with the feeling and
sincerity of an evangelist, Robe
son emphasized his belief that the
public must be well informed and
that the only way the public will
“get the facts” was through the
few channels still open. Free
speech, he implied, is still per
mitted on the lecture platform.
He referred to the Oregonian’s
editorial Wednesday and explained'
that he did not agree with the
conservative view point that free
dom and democracy must neces
sarily be a slow process. Robeson
said he would not urge Negroes to
wait “patiently” (referring to the
editorial) for freedom and equal
You will find articles of beauty
and quality and value always
such tilings as
are for your selection
at the store where
You Share in
The Profits
University ‘CO-OP’
rights. Waiting might mean a
thousand years, he said.
His son, educated in Russia,
will attend Cornell university and
play football there, but, the singer
explained, will enroll in the Uni
versity of Moscow after gradua
tion. Robeson believes that the
United States must “get along"
with Russia because that nation
if; “one of the great nations of
the world” and has “given free
dom to millions.”
The singer was a dinner guest
at the women’s dormitory and con
versed with Bob Reynolds and
other Negro students on the cam
pus. He said he would probably
return to the campus spring term.
Future Nurses to Band
Pre-nursing majors on the cam
pus will organize at a meeting at
7:30 p.m. Thursday at the YWCA,
Miss Olive Slocum, assistant pro
fessor of nursing education, will be
adviser for the group.
In charge of arrangements are
Charlotte Niedermeyer, sophomore/
in business administration, and Bet
ty Spangler, sophomore in liberal
Copy Desk Staff:
Hans Wold, editor
Jeannine Macaulay
Lural Mason
Chuck de Ganahl
Vivian Richardson
University Gets
Research Job
A new scientific research project
has been approved for the Univer
sity by the office of navy research,
according to President Harry K.
At an estimated cost of $7,253.31,
and for a period of one year from
February 1, 1947 to January 31,
1948, research will be conducted in
biological synthesis of lactose, un
der the direction of Francis J. Rei
thel, assistant professor of chemis
The walk-in refrigerator, recent
ly placed between the chemistry
and journalism buildings, will be
used in the project, primarily for
the study of enzyme chemicals and
for the storing of certain chemicals
which will deteriorate without re
frigeration. Additional equipment
is awaited.
Dr. Reithel was graduated from
Reed college with a BA degree in
1935. He attended Oregon State col
lege from 1936 to 1937, and received
from the University of Oregon med
ical school at Portland, an MA de
gree in 1938 and a Ph.D. in 1942. He
was then engaged at St. Louis uni
versity school of medicine as a La
lor fellow from June, 1942 to July
Anthropology club meeting at
7:30 p.m. in 101 Condon hall.
Westminster house potluck for all
students at 6 p.m.
Alpha Delta Sigma initiation at 7
p.m. in Mr. Millican's office in the
Journalism building. All members
required to attend.
Registration for women’s PS 180
and 380 in PE activities offioe in
Gerlinger hall March 10 to 15 from
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Order of O meeting, Phi Kappa
Sigma house, 12:00 noon.
1943 and as an instructor in bio
chemistry from July 1943 to June
1944. He was also a bio-chemistry
instructor at Washington univer
sity, St. Louis, from June 1944 to
March, 1945. From March, 1945 to
February, 1946, Dr. Reithel was en
gaged in research at the California
Institute of Technology. He was ap
pointed to the University of Oregon
faculty a year ago.
In January President Newborn
announced that a $10,490 project on
corrosion of light metals and alloys
also approved by the office of naval
research, had been underway since
fall under the direction of Dr. Pierre
Van Rysselberghe, professor of
with eyelet
No signs
\of a sugar shortage here.
Woven cotton
broadcloth in the
pastels imaginable
and banded
in eyelet embroidery.
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