Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 16, 1947, Page 3, Image 3

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Anyone interested in working on
the inter-dorm dance meet at 7 p.m.
in the John Straub dining room.
YMCA meeting at 7:30 p.m. to
elect cabinet and officers.
Scabbard and Blade meeting at
the military department at 4 p.m.
Weekly Bible study in the men’s
lounge in Gerlinger hall from 8 to
9 a.m.
All girls with grades under a two
point and all house scholarship
chairmen meet with Mrs. Golda
Wickham at 6:30 p.m. in alumni
hall, Gerlinger.
UO Geologist Writes
For Science Journal
Dr. Lloyd W. Staples, assistant
professor of geology at the Univer
sity, is the author of an article
which appeared in “The American
Mineralogist,” the journal of the
Minerological Society of America.
The title of the article was “Origin
to suit your
every taste
The Store Where
“It’s a Pleasure
to Serve You”
61 E. Broadway
of Spheroidal Clusters of Analcine
from Benton County, Oregon.”
The author explained that the ar
ticle is a summary of the reasearch
work he did last year on ways min
erals crystalize and factors that
control their form of crystalization.
Pill Palace Agrees
Y/ith Abe Lincoln
If you can’t find time to do your
studies elsewhere, the infirmary
can always find a place for you.
Tuesday in the infirmary a pa
tient was spotted buried behind
the “Life and Writings of Abra
ham Lincoln,” which is the cur
rent English composition assign
ment. The patient, E. J. Krieger,
freshman in business administra
tion, was quite indignant because
he said that he felt fine, and want
ed his release.
However, he did have a good
word or two to say about the in
firmary, since he thinks that the
food is “pretty good” and the
hospital definitely better than
some army ones he has seen. But
he moaned tearfully that he wants
more coffee.
Others listed at the infirmary
were Ann Meistrup, Patricia Ann
Gardner, Barbara Cleary, Patri
cia McLean, Paula Drenkel, Low
ell A. Noble, Victor Doherty, Bill
..O’Heam, Don Knapp, Lloyd
..Dwigans, Charles Wealbridge,
and Harry Keith.
Otters in China are trained to di
rect fish into nets.
To Help Highlight That
Go To The
907 Willamette
for the one you cherish—
* Lovely
* Distinctive \
gems in beauti
ful settings.
1016 Willamette
Need company on
your walks?
Reasonable prices
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Phone 3284
Juniors and Ditto;
Waiven Demanded
When is a junior not a junior ?
This little legal question will have
to be ironed out by the Heart Hop
committee, as the law school, un
der the able guidance of President
Ray Kooler, hopes to enter Brad
Fancher as their institution’s
choice for the coveted honor of
King of Hearts.
Being apart from the under
graduate school, the majority of
lawyers agree that a junior in law
school has the right to partake of
all activities with the class. (Car
michael v. Carmichael, 76 Mich.
187 (1876).
Fancher, who received local
fame prior to hostilities of the re
cent war when he was crowned
“King- of the Salmon” at Celilo
Falls, could not be reached for a
statement, but it is known that
he was deeply grieved for being
"disqualified for being over-age.
Generally speaking the young
er girls on the campus tend to be
lieve the average age of the law
students is hovering on the shady
side of thirty.
“That is aft outrage,” President
Kooler vehemently denied, "and
our Braxf will run or we shall take
our case to higher jurisdiction.
As a junior in law school, he’s en
titled to compete, as the Alpha
Cholera chapter at Celilo is solid
ly behind him.”
The Hop committee is busily
studying the interpretation of the
rules whether a participant can
be dinged on account of age.
University Dames
Schedule Meetings
To promote friendship and organ
ize activities of interest to married
couples on the campus, the Ore
gon chapter of the University
Dames is holding meetings on the
second and fourth Tuesday each
month, in the YMCA building at 8
One of the projects planned for
the near future is a day nursery for
mothers of small children on the
campus, Mrs. Jerry Taylor, presi
dent, explained. The meetings are
very informal, she said.
The Dames club, as a national or
ganization is more than 50 years
old with a chapter on nearly every
university campus. The local chap
ter was installed on this campus
last April.
Oregon officers ate Mrs. Taylor,
president; Mrs. Ray Stofer, vice
president; Mrs. Maurice Green, sec
retary, and Mrs. Allen Johnston,
treasurer. The group is sponsored
oh this campus by Mrs. Harry K.
Newbum, Mrs. Orlando J. Hollis,
Mrs. V. D. 'Earl, Mrs. P. B. Means,
and Mrs. Alice B. Macduff.
Egyptian Student
(Continued from page one)
cotton and Wouldn’t melt,” Sidky
said, and added, “It makes a person
Not So Cold in Egypt
“In Egypt,” he said, “it is not so
cold as Oregon, although it does
rain, especially in Alexandria. For
ty degrees is the lowest there, and
here it feels-more like four.”
When asked what he missed most,
Sidky answered in his soft-spoken
maimer, "My mother.” He called
his parents Tuesday because he had
not heard from them for two months
and had become worried. Sidky's
father is a physician and formerly
was inspector general of the hospi
tals of Egypt. He now has a hospi
tal of his own.
As to the future, Sidky plans to
say in the United States five years,
one year at Oregon to acquire his
master’s degree and two years at
Harvard for a Ph.D. in architectur
al design. The remaining two years
he has reserved for experience and
viewing the American educational
system in various colleges and uni
versities. After that? Well, five
years is a long time.
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