Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 19, 1946, Page 2, Image 2

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    Brecon® Emerald
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Assistant Women’s Editor
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Faculty Adviser—Dean George Turnbull
Signed editorial features and columns in the Emerald reflect the opin
ions of the writers. They do not necessarily represent the opinion of the
■sditorial staff, the student body, or the University.
Entered as second class matter at the postoffice, Eugene, Oregon.
Beds for the Eds
The advent of the annual high school press conference pre
sents a housing problem of no small magnitude. Scheduled for
Friday and Saturday. Dec. 6 and 7, the conference is expected
to summon approximately 150 prep school editors to the Ldi
versity—all of whom must be roofed and bedded within the
confines of the campus.
With the housing situation what it is, the problem of pro
viding for conference attendees lies with the living organiza
tions. Since the dormitory accommodations are already
stretched to the breaking point, fraternities, sororities and co
operative organizations are requested to delegate extra beds
to the visiting editors. Members of l heta Sigma Phi and
Sigma Delta Chi, journalism honoraries, working with Bud Jer
xnain, chairman of the arrangements committee for the con
ference, will undertake the task of securing this delegation.
The objective is five conference guests to each house, for
which the organization will receive $1.50 per person, since
breakfasts, as well as beds, must be provided for the delegates.
The high school editors, on the whole will be looking the
University face to face for the first time—and will draw con
clusions as a result. Co-operation of the living organizations
in providing housing will contribute to the success of their
impression, as well as to the consummation of an efficiently oi
ganized press conference.
The Coffee Song
Here it is again—the coffee song, only this hasn’t much re
lation to the amount of java in Brazil. It seems there is a rumor
prevalent on the campus that one of the local restaurants has
asked other campus eating places to standardize their prices,
particularly on coffee, and their policy toward employees. It’s
the old question of five-cent coffee or ten-cent coffee, with or
without the “free” doughnut.
The Emerald's rumor squad chased down the managers of
several of the smaller cafes patronized by students. All of
these men gave the same answers:
We have not been contacted by any other restaurant
owners concerning our prices or our policy toward em
If we are contacted, we will continue to run our business
as we see fit; we set our own prices and standards.
In effect their attitude is, “No one (except the OPA) can
tell us how to run our business.”
Well, that’s great; Speaking for the students who kick in
the nickels and dimes for coffee every day, the Emerald hopes
these cafes will continue their policy. We believe that a stan
dardization of prices on food in campus restaurants would be
letrimental to business for the smaller cafes, would definitely
; urt the average collegian’s budget (especially the $65 per
month veterans), and would help only the large long-established
.... It was only a rumor, anyway.
Idleness is only the refuge of weak minds, and the holiday
<of fools.—-Lord Chesterfield.
Disagreement causes thought; thinking always enlarges
pur living.
Sophomore Success
Congratulations to the sophomores? for their very iiice'Whis
kerino last weekend. It was one of the most danceable evenings
we’ve spent in the Igloo.
The music was much better than anticipated. Many seemed
to like the Top Hatters better than Jackson Teagarden’s outfit.
Whoever planned the decorations deserves the biggest hand
from the audience. They were in perfect accord with the spirit
of the Whiskerino.
Even the corn from Lower Slobbovia fitted in well with
the general mood . . . what with the barber shop scene in one
corner. The Donahue bandsmen, standing on the fringe of
the crowd with cokes in their hands found the entertainment
as«*unusing as the intermission audience.
The sophs, we understand, did not rake in a large pile of
jack; in fact they broke even with a little left over, the estimates
indicate. It was a close shave but, certainly, that should not
cause any gray hairs. Campus dances are not supposed to be
tremendous profitable schemes. They are arranged for fun.
If the Court was not jampacked last Saturday night, that only
meant that dancing was easier and less tedious.
The other classes, planning their own hops, could take a
lesson from the Class of ’49.
the laundry
by larry lau
With rain falling by the buckets
full and my old chin freshly shaven,
the situation appears to be pretty
well back to normal. The social ed
dy continues to sweep the thrilled
ones in and the disillusioned out.
One of the big questions is, how
fast a pace can this Oregon campus
Theta’s blithe Miki Metcalf,
sounding happy as a new bride, told
us of being pinned by Ph Delt Dave
Edwards. Sigma Kappa’s stately
Margaret Ambler and Phi Psi’s eru
dite Jerry O’Callaghan, both gradu
ate assistants, have been running
around of late, happy as a couple of
wide-eyed frosh. Rumor has it that
despite their Sat eve date, ardent
Chi Psi Ellery Riem is still in Phi
Carolyn Strong’s “ho-hum” dept.
G-Phi’s fascinating Treva Jane Tor
sen seems to have found a new way
of holding a man. Besides being her
sweet li'l self for K-Sig Bill Beh
rens, she irons his shirts. Something
new in late fall piggin’ are the eve
ning picnics DG Natalie Cartier and
DU A1 Cellers have been going on.
The boner-of-the-week prize goes
to Chi O’s effervescent Kay Schnei
der who got rattled the other night
and introduced Bean Small as Dean
Little. Kieth McGilivary, host to a
pre-stomp party, being given much
moral support from the ‘Bacallish’
Toni Johns. For-Shame Dept.: Beta
Bill Yates, who had a bit too much
the other p.m., and gave Dottie
Wightman a bad time. Alpha Chi’s
Billie Jean Riethmiller and ATO
pledge Gay Baldwin seeing much of
each other lately (which may ex
plain why he broke his dates with
Marty Lou Coffey). Chic little Pi
Phi Helen Hicks is off the eligible
list as of this weekend. Disappoint
ed toffs can blame Bob Mitchell and
his ATO pin.
Since Jimmy George and Mari
lyn Anderson make such a smooth
couple on the dance floor, We’re’
wondering why the broken rhythm
when the music stops ? “Gentleman
John” Noble escorting the charming
Alva Granquist, Phi Beta key and
all, from one pre-dance party to an
other. Patty Beaton, back on the
campus only fifteen minutes, was
the recipient of half a dozen phone
calls from as many swains. Blonde
love Jean Peterson, coupled with
Bob Holly Sat eve, on the receiving
end of a few excited whistles. DZ
Fran Budo, impressing OSC Rook
fullback Clyde De Witt no end
(cowtown was never like this).
The Pi Kap’s Sat eve party was a
huge success. The fried Duck was
delicious and the baby-sitter from
N.C.C. hilarious. Audrey Burdine is
n that can’t-sleep, can’t-eat stage,
iust thinking about her Xmas trip
:o Cleveland and Oregon DU alum
Bud Rossum. Alluring Jane Car
son and John Halbert, who’ve been
seeing a lot of each other, both
stayed at home Sat eve (the fact
that Jane’s OSC blind date didn’t
show up might have had something
to do with it). Just how many guys
are knocking themselves out in the
race for Janis Petersen’s affec
tions? Sigma Chi Perry Holloman,
Vic Smith and some ‘dream prince’
in Portland seem to be the top trio.
Phi Psi pledge Frank Brown and
KAT Gloria Aguer, a not so new
some twosome. Latest fad in the
Kappa house is a ouija board; may
be the ‘thing’ will foretell Cyn Grif
fen’s fate with Has Haight. In the
pride goeth gefore the fall dept.:
we have D. B. Groneman and Jim
Enyder. Jeane Jones, Alla Loomis,
Elaine Taylor, Ann Bartlet and Pat
Hanley all scampered north to Seat
tle for the game and the Sigma Nu
house dance afterwards (hear tell
it was a whingding affair). Bob
Don and Phyl Potter, temporarily
split over a minor tiff. The weekend
proved fatal for Dewey' Wilson;
Tri-Delt Janet Kiek got his pin. Evi
dently UO doesn’t show Carol Del
zell too much; just for laughs, she
flew to San Francisco for the v^eek
end, taking' the OSC-Cal game in on
the side.
Eyebrow lifter of the week: Ed
Caudtu-o coming out of social hid
ing with the very dazzling Nan
Humphreys in tow. Delt pledge
Bob 'Lewis nearly did flips
when his date, Bev Diechler, was
named Betty Coed. Petite Mary
Lou Anderson got her share of the
hardware this weekend when she
nabbed Gordon Jones DU sparkler.
Angie Johnson has ordered a sweet
heart pin, given himself until Xmas
to plant it (after Xmas it goes to
mother). Touching scene No. 17;
Jane Corklen and Jack Burnett,
holding hands while walking the
quad. Alum Bette Jane Ronning,
still pinned to Jim Thoburn flits
down from the Rose City almost qy
ery weekend to keep the kid from
getting too lonely. Jim Curly, forced
to hum an idle air at a DG Sunday
dinner while date Joan Williams
answered a mid-meal phone call
(from her sister ... she said). Dede /
de Pichon and Jim McClintock,
spending all their spare moments
together. Burly footballer Don Stan
ton has presented his pin to the ex
citing Polly Chafe, Paul Morris, the
Reedsport flash, overheard saying
that Pat Mauney was just his type.
Sparkling Jean Campbell, seen at
one of Seattle’s newer niteries with
Huskie Jerry Steel. The Odd Dept.:
Bev Carrol and Fiji John Helmer
taking late evening bicycle rides,
wearing weird hats and not giving a
hoot. Phyl. Annala and Jackie Find
later seem to giving SAE’s Jerry
Bell and Bob Lenneville a hard time
(better play your hands a bit more
cautiously fellas or the whole deal
may be finessed).
You’Ve had it for this time, peo
ple. Feel free to drop over to the
White Palace on 11th anytime you
have an item (check your guns,
blackjacks and brass knucks at the
door ,puleeze!).
Day manager—Don Kay
Layout manager—Don Denno
Layout and sales—
Don Parker
Winnie Carl
Joan Millard
Joan Lochead
Dorothy Wightman
Jeannine McCaulay
Caryl Knosher
Phyllis Henny
Elinor Sakrison
Mary Stadelman
Mary Louise Curry
Circulation Manager—Ann Hite
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