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Voters Register Today
—See Editorial Page 2
Number 11
Friday Sendoff
Shows Spirit
For Webfoots
Rally Members Lead
Enthusiastic Students
Thursday night’s sendoff for old
Oregon’s team was attended by
a crowd of enthusiastic students at
# the Southern Pacific railroad depot
in downtown Eugene. The team left
for the game with the University
of California at Berkeley, Califor
The rally squad was out in force,
except for Tom Hazzard, yell king,
who took the plane south earlier in
the day to attend the alumni ban
quet at Berkeley.
Almost everyone present mistook
the first section of the train for the
one scheduled to take the team, and
crowded up to it to start their yells.
Trainmen weren’t at all pleased
with the way students closed in on
the train and one conductor was
very expressive of that displeasure.
Passengers, most of whom were in
the dining cars, joined in the fun,
waving and smiling at the antics of
the yell team.
A grand sendoff yell was given
When engine number 4400, dug into
the rails slowly starting the train
and team off, on what every fan
present hoped would be a victorious
Bob Lewis, Hal Schick, Barbara
Vowles, Pattie Beaton, Diane Mead
and Marguerite Reardon, of the ral
ly squad were all present to give
the students a shot of morale. The
cheering didn’t stop until the en
gine whistle drowned it out.
Book Values to Drop
Deadline for the resale of text
books to the Co-op at full refund
value has been set for Saturday.
After this date books re-sold to the
Co-op will be classed as used books
and refund values will drop accord
Emerald of the Air
New Radio Feature
Emerald hits the airwaves!
For the last week the Emerald
has been featured as a news at
traction on the nightly "After
Hours" program over radio sta
tion KUGN. News headlines are
given for the next morning’s
The nightly broadcast has now
been made a regular feature of
1 the KUGN broadcast. For cam
pus news listen in at 10:30 for the
Emerald of the Air.
SDX Fraternity
Resumes Activity
Led by several returnee members,
the University chapter of Sigma
Delta”Chi7"nationaf”men’s "profes
sional journalism fraternity, laid
plans Wednesday night to resume
a progressive activity schedule. A
program of fall pledging, service
and information was endorsed by
members in their first 1946-47 meet
Robert Frazier, former news
editor of the Emerald and the
Eugene Daily News, was elected
treasurer of the organization.
Frazier was on active duty with the
allied military government in Ber
lin. A. Ted Goodwin, former presi
dent of Sigma Delta Chi, was
named by the group to keep the
fraternity scrap book. “Tex” was a
captain in the infantry, recently dis
charged after duty in the Philli
Other active members returning
to school this year include, Jona
than K. Kahananui, Emerald sports
editor in 1941-42, Jack Billings, 1943
Emerald editor and now managing
editor, William Bradshaw, Jim
Banks, Frederick Kuhl and Berke
ley Snow, Jr. Snow is secretary of
the fraternity.
Sign Contest
Plans Debated;
Judaes Chosen
Student Union Theme
Featured in Competition
Homecoming sign contest repre
j sentatives met Thursday to discuss
I, plans for the annual contest. Signs
■ will be built around the theme “A
[ Home for Homecoming,” a promise
| and a hope for a student union
f building this year.
j Don Dole and Janet Hicks are
■ chairmen of the sign contest com
mittee. The signs will be built by
each living organization which had
| a representative at Friday's meet
i ing. They traditionlly take the form
of huge posters or animated bill
boards, sometimes even featuring
lights and moving mechanical
I Contest Judges
Judges for the contest were an
Inounced Friday as Ernest Haycox,
Mrs. George Patterson, Chuck Hug
■ gins, S. K. Manerud, and Gordon
I Wilson. No living organization may
\ spend more than $25 for the con
struction of their sign.
Those living organizations wish
ing information about the contest
i should contact either of the co
Photos Wanted by Noon
Today at noon is the deadline for
the submission of pictures for the
“Homecoming Hostess” contest to
Sue Schoenfeldt at the Alpha Phi
house. All women who are candi
dates must turn in these pictures
or they will be eliminated from the
contest to choose an official "wel
come” girl for the top fall term cele
A list of candidates will be pub
lished in Saturday’s Emerald.
Greek Guide . . .
Bill Moshofsky, second-year law
student, newly-appointed interfra
ternity council adviser.
Dramatists Open
With 'Pygmalion'
Promising dramatists of the Uni
versity theater guild will open the
season with George Bernard Shaw’s
"Pygmalion,” scheduled for produc
tion October 24, 25, 26, 31 and No
vember 1, 2.
The six performances will be giv
en in Guild hall, Johnson hall. Di
recting the prize-winning English
J drama is Ottilie Seybolt, associate
professor of speech and dramatic
Members of the cast include Johr
Jensen, Henry Higgins; Marilyr
Wherry, Eliza Doolittle; Don Moss
Colonel Pickering; Bill Wood, Al
fred Doolittle; Mary Nash, Mrs
Higgins; Jeanette Grant, Mrs
Pearce; Zelda Popick, Mrs. Eyns
ford-Hill; Hazel Trollinger, Clare
Eynsf ord-Hill; Norman Weekly
Freddy Eynsford-Hill; and Peggj
Randall, Parlor-maid.
Infirmary Makes Use of State Health Board X-Ray
Courtesy Register-Guard
Carl Buggi, freshman in journalism, bares his chest to the borrowed and complicated 70-millimeter photo
fluorographic unit at the University infirmary. The X-ray unit, which is speeding up health examinations
required for registration, was loaned to the health service by the State Board of Health.
Pictures Required;
Machine Now in Order
Credit for University courses will
be withheld unless students com
plete their physical examinations,
according' to an announcement from
Dr. Marian Hayes at the student
health service yesterday.
During freshman week a burned
out tube in the imported X-ray unit
caused a two-day postponement in
chest examinations. Substitute ap
pointments were made at that time
but not all new students have met
these appointments, Dr. Hayes said.
The infirmary will have the use
of the board of health 70 mm X-ray
unit for approximately two more
weeks, after which students will be
required to pay for the larger
Graduate students and upper
classmen are urged to take ad
vantage of the unit now in opera
tion. These films are sent to Port
land to be read by the health service
and scientific diagnosis is given to
each of the pictures. When the re
sults are tabulated, records will be
sent to each individual student.
Packer to Tour SOCE
Chancellor Paul C. Packer left
the University Wednesday for a
three-day inspection tour of the
Southern Oregon College of Edu
cation at Ashland and the Institute
of Marine Biology at Coos Bay.
Lack of Workers
Slows Opening
Of Dining Room
Change Would Relieve
John Straub Cafeteria
Dining room accommodations in
the John Straub Memorial hall are
to be relieved by the opening of the
Hendricks hall dining room as soon
as skilled workers can be hired, re
ported Mrs. Genevieve Turnipseed,
director of dormitories, yesterday.
Approximately 750 students are
now using the John Straub cafete
ria. Half that number will be eating
at Hendricks when it is opened.
Plenty of student help has been
secured, but a skilled cook, pantry
workers and dishwashers are need
Girls living in Gerlinger, Susan
Campbell and Hendricks halls will
eat in Hendricks hall as soon as ar
rangements are completed.
Druids Register
Over 500 Voters
Over oOO students had registered
to vote by 5 p.m. Thursday as regis
tration tor the November elections
got under way at the Druid-operat
ed booth in the Co-op.
Due to active response, the booth
! will remain open until Friday noon,
October 4. Marty Pond, Druid sec
retary, estimated that 600 voters
will have signed registration cards
by that time.
Deadline for all Lane county resi
dents to register will be 8 p.m. Sat
urday, October 5. Pond added that
all out-of-state veterans 21 years
of age are eligible to vote, regard
less of the usual requirement that
voters must have six months resi
dence in order to qualify.
Students of foreign birth and
others who wish to register in their
home countries should apply at the
Lane county courthouse not later
than Saturday.
A campus precinct will be estab
lished in the YM.CA building at elec
tion-time, but those who plan to
vote elsewhere in the county may
also register at the co-op booth.
Druidmen officiating at the booth
today were Bass Dyer, Tom Haz
zard, Marty Pond, Phil Dana, and
Ed Marshall.
Houses Must Turn
Dance Schedules in
Mrs. Golda Wickham, dean ot
women, Friday urged that the so
cial chairmen of all living organiza
tions check the story on the new
house dance schedule which ap
peared in the October 2 edition of
the Emerald.
All previously announced dance
dates which were given prior to
October 1 have been canceled.
House social chairmen have until
5 p.m. Friday to turn in their prefer
ences for dates in accordance with
the new schedule. Any house fail
ing to comply with this request will
not be given the opportunity to hold
its dance.
Breen to Hold Classes
Dr. Quirinus Breeen, associate!
professor of history and social sci
ference has been rescheduled fofl
day due to the cancellation of the
Northwest conference of Arts and
Science he was to attend. The con
ferencehas been rescheduled for*
October 11.