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Nlimber 121
—Photo by Don Jones
For the “State Fair” Junior Weekend are, front row, Dorothy
Davis, committee chairman, Mary Landry, Pat Darby, and Liz
Gilmore. Second row, June Johnson, Toby West, Benny Di
Benedetto, and Sharlee Heimann.
New Offenders Draw Hacks
For Breeches of Tradition
y •
The thudding paddle of the Order of the ‘O’ fell down on
tradition offenders Wednesday and another batch of miscreants
are due for punishment today, Leroy Erickson has announced.
Those offenders who should appear on the steps of Fenton Hall
at 12:45 p.m. are: Tony Malator, Sam Benevenistie, A1 Popic,
A1 Putnam, Charles Dougherty, Augie Johnson, Art Hatiferen,
and Bob Reynolds.
Traditions which the lettermen
are enforcing during the “State
Fair” week are: no smoking on
the campus, no walking on the
grass, saying hello on the “Hello
Walk” between Fenton and Villard
halls. During the campus dinner
women and men must not speak to
Swim Program
Slated Tonight
~"TJnder the Big Drip'
Chosen By Amphibians
Amphibians will present
“Under the Big Drip,” a water
carnival, tonight at 8 p.m. in the
women’s pool in Gerlinger. To
night’s performance will be pre
sented especially for students.
The same pageant will be given
Friday at 3:30 p.m., as a part of the
“State Fair” Junior Weekend. It
will be held to give visiting mothers
the chance to view the swimming
Due to the small seating capacity
at the pool students are asked to
come early.
Bev Bennett Chairman
Chairman for the event is Beverly
Bennett. Assisting Miss Bennett are
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No Oreganos Today
Because of shortages of Ore
ganas received from the bind
^ ery, the yearbook will not be
distributed today as scheduled,
but wiil be distributed Friday
from 8 to 12 as previously
one another and no ties or white
shoes should be worn.
All campus living organizations
should turn in a. list to Erickson
at the Phi Delta Theta house of
freshmen and sophomores who are
to participate in the tug-of-war
at 11 a.m. All underclassmen should
be entered in this event, Erickson
stated. The tug-of-war will be held
in the area behind the music build
Names should also be turned in
to Erickson of underclassmen who
are to paint the ‘O’ atop Skinner’s
butte and clean the Oregon seal in
front of Villard hall. Both of these
events will take place at 2 p.m.
Friday, so names should be turned
in immediately.
Underclassmen who are to paint
the ‘O’ should wear old clothes,
Erickson warned. Those who are
to clean the seal should bring some
old rags with them.
Campus Scourers
Underway at Noon
A prologue to the 1946 “State
Fair” Junior Weekend celebration
will roll today from 12 to 4 p.m.
during the all-campus clean-up,
Anne Scripter, committee chairman
announced Wednesday. Prizes for
the winner of the annual event will
receive prizes of five dollars worth
of records which will be presented
during the all-campus sing.
Each men’s living organization
has been paired with a women’s
living organization to tidy up a
designated part of the campus.
Judges for the contest will be an
nounced later.
For doing the best job of clean
up last year, Gamma hall and Chi
Omega were awarded prizes.
Novelist Haycox, UO Alumnus,
To Give Students General Info
Today’s assembly speaker
Juniors, Seniors to Hear
Author of 'Stage Coach'
Ernest Haycox will speak "extemporaneously on
matters of general student interest,” according to Doris
Hack, alumni secretary, when the Oregon novelist ap
pears before an assembly of junior and senior students
in the music school auditorium at 11 today. He will
briefly discuss the University of Oregon Alumni as
Haycox is a graduate of the University school of
journalism in the class of ’2d. While here he was a'
member of Delta 'Pan Delta and Sigma Delta Chi. He.
also filled the position of editor of the Sunday Emerald,
the literary edition of the daily.
On Twenty-third Novel
Now working on his twenty-third novel, he also has
over 300 short stories and articles to his credit. His first
novel was tree Grass, published in 1920. During the
war, a million and a half of his novels, in the Armed
Forces edition, were distributed to army and navy
Thrffe of his novels have formed the plots for motion
pictures. They are "Stage Coach ” “Union Pacific," and
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Red Cross Plans
Wives’ School
Cooking, Marketing On
Instructions Schedule
Campus brides - to - be and
veterans wives will be given
the opportunity to receive free
instructions in cooking and
marketing, according to campus
Red Cross Chairman Mary
The national Red Cross has en
gaged Mrs. Boyer, home economics
instructor, to arrange “bride demon
stration courses” for University
groups during May.
Five Classes Slated
For the wives of campus veterans,
five classes of two and one half
hours each will be given on Mon
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays,
either in the morning or afternoon,
to be arranged by them, starting
May 13.
The brides may choose what they
wish to study in the cookery field
and classes will be held in trailers
and also in the Skinners butte
kitchen attached to the recreation
hall. The purpose in arranging
varied instruction places is to
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Junior Weekend Ducats
On Sale At Co-op Today
Tickets for the three outstand
ing Junior Weekend festivities are
selling well at the University co-op
and the ticket booth between Ore
gon and Commerce buildings.
Hours at the co-op are 1-5 p.m.
today, 2-5 p.m. Friday, and 8-noon
Hours at the booth where Prom
tickets are on sale are 9-12 noon
and 1-2 p.m. each day. Price for
the Prom tickets is $2.40, the all
campus Sing 50 cents, and the
campus dinner 40 cents. Living or
ganization house managers will
receive their dinner tickets in
blocs. Dinner tickets are mistaken
ly printed giving the date as Fri
day, May 10. The correct date is
Saturday, May 11.
Grade students from Eugene’s Condon school will entertain
visiting school children participating in the final “Let’s Sing,
America” program in McArthur court today with a Mexican
hat dance. Cassie Delia Hyde, University student, instructed
the dancer.
Sing, America’ Pro
Delay in MacArthur
Condon grade school students
trained by Cassie Delia Hyde,
freshman in liberal arts, will pre
sent a Mexican hat dance in one
of the highlights of the final broad
cast of “Let’s Sing, America,” in
McArthur court today. The broad
cast is scheduled for 1:15 over
i A full program has been arranged
for the entertainment of over 800
grade students who will gather on
the campus to participate in the
last program of Maude Garnett’s
popular weekly children’s show.
End of Three Years
Ending its third year of produc
tion, “Let’s Sing, America,” is put
on each week over KOAC by eleven
junior public school majors and.
directed by Miss Garnett, associate
professor of public school music.
The program is designed to stinni
late interest in the songs of Ameri
ca among students in the one- and
two-room grade schools through
out the state.
Other numbers on the broadcast
will include a country square dance
by students from Condon grade
school, music by Roosevelt junior
high school SO-voice choir, and
several selections by the Eugene
high school 50-piece band.
Picnic Lunch
Students attending the event will
eat a picnic luncheon on Hayward''
field if the weather permits.
University students who have
worked with Miss Garnett this yean
are Bob Fowells, Estley Schick,
Jean Paris, Janet Whitfield, Mary
Stapleton, Mary Ingle, Mary Louise
Stone, Louise Robson, Frances
Schuchard, and Florence Bird Hart,
all junior majors in music. Connie
Kamm, sophomore in liberal arts,
has also aided with the production.