Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 08, 1946, FIRST SECTION, Page 26, Image 26

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(Continued from page eighteen)
I’d hate to lose my little old dis
charge button). . . Theta Chi Bill
Oallager is taking the big leap
right after finals saying “I do”
for Gerry Wright from La Grande.
. . . certainly hope he doesn’t lose
too much sleep over exams with a
honeymoon coming up right after.
. . . Johnny O’Brien picks his own
SA'eetheart of Sigma Chi and
trusts his pin to Alpha Phi Mary
Palmer. . . ATO’s Chuck Powers
and wife, the former Dottie Engel,
were down for the weekend, and
Chuck will be back in school next
term. . . Alpha Chi Maxine Jamie
son anxiously awaiting spring va
cation and reunion with Bob Reed
a Chysy pledge from the University
of Washington. . . Some people cry
for joy, some walk without visible
contact with terra firma, and some
people walk out of the phone closet
on their hands—that’s what Pi
Phi’s Betty Busch did- after long
distancing to SAE Jack Caldwell
in New Jersey, who had just ar
rived after two years overseas. . .
Don Sikes dropped around to see
Lois Giberson of the Tridelts- and
disenchantment is the word after
he found CuTt Olson’s SAE pin
f'.rmly attached thereto.^ , i.. And
here is another kind-;, of welcome
for one of our boys just .returning
according to very reliable - re
ports Jean Fidler' also a Tridelt,
did a fine job in-putting out the
mat for sailor Ward Cummings
Sunday. . . Phi Delt Ed Devaney
was. around for a couple o£»d&ya
and plans on being back in the old
institution come spring ■term-:
It’s, about time I reminded.rayself
“•Gotta keep it clean..’-’:- % - Dune
Wimpress, very sad and- - gloomy ,
last Saturday night and for a good
- reason—Dune was separated from
his own. house dance and more im
•’ portant from Peggy Skerry, Pi
Phi who made a quick trip north
over the weekend. . . Peggy’s sym
pathetic sisters took care to keep
the lad from talking to himself,
and on Monday morning he was as*
blight and cheery as ever. v.
And I just couldn’t continue
without handing out. a few bou
quets to the Sig Eps on that Sat
urday dance. . . You just couldn’t
miss the Chuck Polltr. influence
• .''I I III ni ■■■', —. .....
on the whole deal even if you did
n’t see the same Chuck costumed
as the Atomic project with a web
of interesting looking wires and
a light bulb for a snozzola (it
really lighted up, too). . . And an
other bouquet to Shirley Huff, as
the destruction of Hiroshima, not
only for putting up with the antics
of Atominded Politz but being such
a good sport about it and it did
take work. . . Johnny Matthews,
one of the Sig Eps who unfortu
nately remembers “wright or
wrong” of befodewa’ was decked
out to represent—but then I gotta
keep it clean. . . The perennial
something or other Bert Thierolf
wno was house prexy of the Sig
Eps back then, was around and
doing a rather slick job of dancing
—too dark and couldn’t recognize
the chick. . . This might not be
the right spot but with the Rob
bieburr Warrens-Joe Courtney en
gagement ring dazzling my 20-100
eyes, couldn’t go on without say
ing something about ' the happy
people •— It’ll be a June wedding
with big plans for a South Ameri
can trip for the honeymoon, bar
ring complications. . . The Delta
moved their house dance into the
Osburn hotel, and the Sigma Nus
and Kappa Sigs added additional
flavor. . . Delt Dick Shelton was
with Maryann Thielen, and “the
Duke” who has an uncanny knack
of getting around-to the right spots
gave out with some info’ on the
developments—which. Incidentally,
raised a blush' out of the dear-dear
girl.. . Another couple of EmeraM
ite’s at the deal were. Chuck Dega
nahl and Mary Ruth Springer. . .
back on the track with the hope
■I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings
with too many Sig Ep names.
More about costumes—Gamma
Phi’s Virginia Woodworth as the
Plague; Paul Smithrude as Death;
Treva Tor son, Gamma Phi as-Fa
mine and Wallie Mead as War
which all adds up to the Four
Horsemen—Erling Erlandson, Sig
Ep, and Margy McNeel, of the Al
pha Phi’s, didn’t fool anyone by
coming to the dance as angels—■
wings and stuff. . . Cigarette girl
-Tan Barry with A1 Surten “the
Bum.” . . Now that the basketball
season is over and with a moral
victory too, the boys are giving
the training rules the bums rust
I after a long dry spell. . . And
| speaking of hoopsters here’s an
item which came by way of the
infirmary—After going to the pill
palace for a resupply of cough
syrup (gotta beat this liquor short
age somehow) it isn’t difficult to
understand why Captain Bob Ham
ilton enjoyed his stay up there. . .
Pat Shultz of the Alpha Gams is
all excited over a much-anticipated
visit from Larry this weekend. . .
' June Bobbins, Gamma hall, tripped
home for the weekend to see a boy
in navy blue. . . Another Gamma
Gal Virginia Grinde and Physy
Dave Kempston took in the Satur
day night deal in Beaverville. . .
Jeanne Boquist spent two weeks
trying to decide which Pi Phi was
the “type” for big brother Stan,
ATO, who came down from Port
land for the Tau house dance—
' Mary Lou Welsh won and evident
, ly a very happy choice. . . Just
couldn’t continue without men
tioning the Phi Delt “Bucket of
Blood” Friday night, and if Pi Phi
P<*g«y Hauver has never “swash
buckled” before, she did with Ed
Salikdcom at the house dance. , .
Passing comment—the Phi Delt
house had lights only on the sec
ond floor which made for a very
cozy affair. . . According to Beta
Ken Jackson and Wanda Shaw of
Pi Phi’s, the Saturday night in the
Rose City was a “very quiet one”
. . . Just seen, and hot quite new
information Mary Margaret Ells
worth and; ASUO Prexy Ed-Allen.
. Theta Chi Don Shanahan was
! visiting the campus and redoing
old acquaintances—he’s still in the
service but plans on coming back
when “Uncle Sammy” gives him
the word. . . Joe Wicks, a Theta
Chi, and his wife the former Betty
Mack, also formerly of the “U,”
dropped ’round for a few" days of
campus life. . . Theta Dinty Camp
bell just announced her engage
ment to Freddie Carlson. . . from
here on any gal mentioned is a
Theta. . . Caratee Lockwood and
Physy Jim Longwood have decided
to give it another try after not
infrequent squabbles. . . Mat Mc
Ewen of the Kappa Sigs was back
on the campus recently to see
Martha Hoch. . . and Becky Fish
and Jess Shinn are doing Very well,
thank you.
Well, here it is in all its doubt
58 E. Broadway
Phone 4240
ful glory—the final touch to win
ter, winter term and winter rain^
I hope. . . The super-snooper orga
nization is becoming organized,
and Oregonians of the Webfooted
species who can stand the sight
of this guff will be welcomed back
to “wright or wrong” next term.
. . . Here faced with the old prob
lem of how to say good-by—any
how, good luck with the finals—•
have a happy time during spring
vacation—and don’t forget to come
back next term.
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