Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 08, 1946, FIRST SECTION, Page 25, Image 25

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Tor you coeds who are tired of your humdrum scholastics
existence, glance at the lofty tales told in the perfume ads and
lift your spirits.
Trifling”—that perfume of “audacious charm . . . charged
with expectancy” is purchased (as its name suggests) at a mere
pittance, only $6.50 for Y2 ounce.
We applied a bit of “April Showers” to the tips of our ears
ueiievmg aa tnat tne ad told us.
“Take a generous portion of ad
venture, spice it with gayety and
laughter, and last . . . add mys
tery’’ . . . we then went off to
see the Grey Mask out-slug another
vegetable-eared local.
Charberts’ “Breathless” will
make you feel either ready for ro
mance or like a fish out of water.
“Suivez-moi,” alias “Follow Me”
brought a suggestion to our mind.
We put on the scent and trekked
across the campus waiting for
something to happen.
“Chanel,” the most treasured
name in perfume, is one of those
"it&rns that is still raking in the
American soldier's money in
France and is manufactured in
New York.
Another attempt was “Intoxica
tion” which the advertisement said
was “the cool tinkle of glasses, the
music on the roof garden, and
heady pulse-stirring.” We im
mediately went to the “Side”—no
That scent which calls for a gab
session is the fragrance of in
trigue, “Secret de Suzanne.”
For the pun’s sake, we have
“Taya” meaning “For You Alone”
or “I belong ta ya.”
If you are having trouble with
that one term course, Shelley, just
try that lilting fragrance “Sky
JaiA.” The professor will be pleased
to see that you are so clever.
Dana puts out an odorous liquid
called “20 Carats” guaranteed to
make your hair curl.
Here is hint to your olfactory
organs, Prudence.—“Old Spice,”
early American in spirit and
Conversation Aid
For those of you that are shy,
may we suggest "Essence Conver
sation.” Wear it, and you will soon
be climbing the social ladder as
the life of the party.
“4711” comes in a box that looks
like a front door to a speak-easy.
We expect th. L little door to open
at any time a o ', a face appear to
say, “you smell.’
“Cobra,” the Webster dictionary
says, is any of several very
venomous Asiatic, and African
snakes which when excited, ex
pand the skin of the neck into
.aJbfoad hood by a movement of
the ribs. This gives us no infor
mation; however, because it does
not tell what the animal smells
(Continued from page tirenty)
plentiful on the campus now. We
bet that theater managers are sad
to see it come back.
An eastern poll of college men
showed bathing suits and strap
less evening gowns to be their fa
vorite costumes for women. It’s a
.good thing warm weather is com
Confusing not amusing: The dif
ferences in time registered by all
of the campus place clocks.
- „ Question? What has happened
to the supply of folder matches?
We’re getting tired of packing
huge, bulky boxes around with us.
” Looking ahead: Spring vaca
tion, need we say more!
Something we’d like to see: Lo
cal weathei predictions published
in the Emeral'1 so we can know
whether or not to take a bandana
* * *
Happy thought! To hear the rob
ins singing not “cherries are ripe,”
but “my thesis is typed.”
Telling the Editor
(Continued from page eighteen)
ers, propose an answer to this
On our travels with the armed
services we were fortunate enough
to chance upon a delightful little
retreat in southeastern New
Mexico. Here, surrounded by the
glowing beauty of the desert and
covered by azure (and blazing)
skies, nestle the Carlsbad Caverns.
It is our suggestion that this ample
formation (about 150 miles long)
be utilized as living space for
veterans attending school.
The advantages of this proposi
tion are numerous and easily seen.
The caverns are blessed with a
constant temperature: 58 degrees
F., the year around. Several
thousand bats which also have
found a home there would provide
a food supply. The bats, incident
ally, would not interfere with
studying since they leave the
caverns every night at 8:30. Then
there is the housing problem—but
at Carlsbad, with 150 miles of
caves, there is no problem. And
lastly there is the railroading dif
ficulty. Vets need have no fear
of being railroaded into anything
at. Carlsbad—there are no rail
We realize that this proposition,
like the Klamath Falls idea, may
meet with a limited amount of
dissatisfaction from the “leftish”
elements. However, there could be
no possible moneyed interests in
volved; no student's father would
favor the suggestion, and the
whole thing could be decided on a
non-partisan basis.
Unfortunately, the undersigned
know little of the educational
facilities at the caverns, but then
nothing is said of this factor in
regard to the Klamath Falls pro
posal either.
Two tools of a pressure group,
F. Muldoon
Morris Nagle
The reason Cupid makes so many
bad shots is that he is aiming at
the heart and looking at the hos
iery. Tadcen Topics
If you’re caught in hot water,
be nonchalant—take a bath.
Uni-Hi Lights
Sparkling white blouses that
fairly shout that spring is here.
i.any. styles to choose from.
Vibrant Makeup
A new COTY presentation,
“Vibrant Makeup.” A novel gift
package containing powder,
rouge, and lipstick in metal
cases. $2.25 plus the tax.
reasonably priced.
Casual shoes for fun and
comfort. Just the right accent
for spring cottons. Different
styles and r ~s just for you.
A Lovelier You
In a New
Skirts for spring weather.
Pastels in plain and plaid styles.
Pleated, gathered, and plain
Suits to wear to church,
suits to wear to classes. Just
the type you want will be
found at Gordon’s. Colors to
match your personality.
\ \ i
of course