Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 08, 1946, FIRST SECTION, Page 20, Image 20

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    Winter-term Social Life
Ends With Spring Feeling
Ah, spring is here . . . and it was also in the eyes Ox many
people last weekend. Yes, house dances. There were ^tons of
them . . . and really outstanding ones, too. Whether the young
men’s fancies were turning to love or some other horrible
disease, at any rate, everyone was having a good time.
The Fiiis held a formal dance with all the trimmings. Their
decorations were built around an
old-fashioned bar and dance hall,
complete with swinging doors. All
the guests were allowed to display
their hidden artistic talent, in the
drawing of originals in the picture
frames provided. The talent must
have been well hidden, as not much
of it showed.
Kilroy Again
Kilroy, the character of the
dance, was always making his ap
pearance, right where you didn’t
expect to see him. Then for the
romantic atmosphere, there was
the porch, moon, and soft music
of the phonograph.
Pirate Costumes
The pirates in the Phi Delt
house danced and conversed as any
jolly pirates would. The theme of
the dance being “Bucket O’ Blood.’’
Over the front door hung a huge
pirate skull and crossbone flag.
The inside was decorated as the
inside of a cave, complete with a
treasure map.
Everyone wore costumes, and
you would have laughed to see
what some of your friends looked
like. In the basement there were
many pictures depicting some of
the pledges and members. One of
the more notable works was of
Latham Cone . . . looked exectly
like him.
Mardi Gras
The Kappas had a merry time at
their “Mardi Gras.” The house was
a scene of gayety with serpentine
a mile deep. Balloons, confetti, and
people made the atmosphere one
of a grand time.
A funny thing happened to my
mother in Paris.
Oh, I thought you were born in
Roses are red,
Violets are blue:
Who’d be the squeezer
For lemons like you?
The ATO’s held their dinner
dance in the Persian Room of the
Eugene hotel. Art Widmer and
his orchestra furnished smooth mu
sic for dancing. a
Hotel Theme
Zeta Tau Alpha opened their
“Grand Hotel.” The house was
fixed exactly like a hotel. As you
entered, there was a registrar’s
desk, at which everyone had to
register. The den was decorated as
the bar room, and punch and cake
were served. The dancing took
place in the “Rose Arbor.” Green
drapes enclosed the entire room.
Behind the bandstand was a beau
tiful silver rose, and believe me,
it was a masterpiece. Around the
walls were trellises covered with
red roses. Art Holman and his
orchestra played.
Barn Dance
Rebec house staged a “Rfebec
Rumpus.” The dance was on the
order of a barn dance, and there
were lanterns and farm animals all
over the place. A large cow adorn
ed the dance floor, and there were
horses stabled in the closets.
Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.
Sig Eps Pop
“Hellza Poppin’ III” was the
theme of the Sigma Phi Epsilon
dance. And from the looks of
things, it really was. One room
was completely draped in black
and had about a hundred spiders
Hanging from the ceiling. The
theme of the dance was originated
in the bath tub, and for sentimen- |
tal and educational purposes that j
very bathtub was located right in i
the middle of the floor for all to :
The members and their dates
had to enter by the basement
door, since the front door was
blocked by about two dozen beer
This completes the campus social
roundup for this term. We will be
back after vacation to bring you
the latest social events.
Because you want the latest
styles and because you like to
feel well dressed, you will buy
your new spring hats where
you have the largest selection
of hats in Eugene.
See them now at . . .
907 Willamette
cflene ^Ue/ie
Suggestion: Sun lamp owners
could make a mint of money rent
ing said lamps to lily-whiters.
Comes spring and we all want a
becoming tan to go with those
crisp cotton prints.
Spring’s coming to be 3ure, but
so is exam week. As the ordeal
approaches, the ratio of glad
stones under the eyes is increasing
The electricity bill is going up,
too, with lights shining all over
the campus as freshmen burn mid-1
night oil on those winter-term
* * *
Idle thought: If the trend of
femininity in fashions is carried to ;
an extreme, what will they do to
peddle pushers? We’ve seen some
with knee bows, but we rebel at
the thought of ruffles!
We overheard a student com
plain of not being able to get a
carton of a certain well-known
brand of ciggies. The clerk assured
him they had every kind but his
preference. And to think of the
days we spent during the war, lined
up at same counter in hopes of
getting one package, any kind!
* * *
Wishful thinking: To be outside
not inside the classroom.
Chewing gum is getting more
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Spring Fashions Blossom;
New Silhouette Appears
Spring is well on its way in arriving on the Oregon campus.
Trees are beginning to bud; the sun is shining; and spring
clothes are blossoming as fast as spring flowers. Co-eds are
naturally talking about the latest styles and fabrics of these
new spring clothes, so we thought that we would add a few
helpful suggestions.
The fabrics this year will be
those that we all have dreamed I
about. For your new spring suit
you will find1 those long-awaited
tweeds. The latest trends for your
smartly-tailored suit are long,
well-fitted jackets that nip in at
the waist. Accentuate your tiny
waist with a skirt that is full at
the hip line and then falls into a 1
straight line. A striking belt for a!
touch of bright sophistication is a
smart accessory.
Splashy Prints
For your cotton and date dress
es: piques, washable chambrays,
French ginghams, and rayon silks,
in soft flattering shades and
splashy prints will make you look
and feel like the very breath of
spring. You will be showing a rad- j
ically new silhouette if you are!
really up-to-the-minute. A tiny
waist, hippy skirt, longer waist
and hem lines will create a really
new you.
Bare Shoulder
For cotton or play dresses the
accent will be. on extremely short
cap sleeves or no sleeves at all.
For smartness at its height, try
the new trend of the Grecian drq.pe
by baring one shoulder.
Wear draped sleeves, fishtail
backs, lower waistlines, tiny cape
lots, and bias cuts for your dreami
est date dress. Be sure to remem
ber your new silhouette by accen
tuating your small waist in turn
with a full skirt.
Playtime Fashions
Spring time is play time and in
order to help “oF Sol” to give us
the best tan ever, play suits will
be worn at every opportunity.
Heading the list of our newest
fashions this spring are knicker
bockers. Wear them for dinner
dark and slim. Wear them for pic
nics—bright and gawd'y. Wear
them for loafing—new shades in
soft colors. In case, you can feel
assured that you are in the fash
ion swing.
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Hermanek's have
everything you need
to get ready for a
glorious spring. Buy
clothes now, before
Bright and sparkling
n e w costume jewelry.
Pins earrings and brace
lets. Silver and gold—■
Easter Bonnets
Come in now and select a
new spring hat to uplift your
spirits before final week. Many
styles to choose from.
diat are new
tic patents,
veily, Iliege,
Brown and
For Your Wardrobe
pring Suits
ilew Coats ,
_ rint Dresses
* Blouses
* Lingerie
* Bags
* Acessories
870 Willamette
Phone 99