Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 05, 1946, Page 8, Image 8

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    Audrey Holliday, UO Alumna
Comments on Campus Politics
The University of Washington is proud of one of their
recent additions to the faculty, Audrey Holliday, graduate of
Oregon last June, a story in the Washington Daily indicates.
The reporter describes Miss Holliday as a woman “who has
more accomplishments behind her than a state senator.”
Miss Holliday, University of Oregon student body president
last year, is an instructor in psychology at Washington. The
22-year-old Portland-born Sigma
Kappa is a Phi Beta Kappa,
member of Mortar Board, and held
executive positions in several
campus honoraries during her
four years here.
She is chiefly remembered on
this campus for her interest and
participation in politics, and in the
interview given to the Washington
Daily she looks back on her ac
tivities and the situation on this
campus with the following state
“In a small university where
most students live on the campus
there is much more friction be
tween the Greek and Independent
factions. Washington seems al
most free of this and it is a great
asset to the student government.
“Many students who attend
college complain that the stu
dent government is a farce and
does nothing for them.
“No student gets anything out
of college lif6- unless he puts
something into it. There is a cer
tain amount of extra-curricular
work to be done and it’s up to the
average student to quit complain
ing, take his part and see it
The psychology graduate is
now working on her master’s de
gree in psychology and when fin
ished she will start work on a
Ph.D. Her average day now in
cludes grading psychology tests
and papers, doing research work
on her master’s attending a few
advance psych courses and work
ing nights for the “Labor Night
School” at Broadway high school,
teaching psychology.
Dr. Leona Tyler Speaks
At Benson High School
Dr. Leona Tyler, head of the test
ing bureau, spoke at a Guidance
Workshop in Benson Polytechnic
high school in Portland on Friday,
February 1 on the subject “Per
sonality and Adjustment Problems
in High School Counseling.” This
was a meeting of teachers con
cerned with the guidance of high
school students.
Notice to seamen: When you
don’t know what to do, govern
yourself by these three rules. 1. If
it moves, salute it. 2. If it doesn’t
move, pick it up. 3. If it’s too large
to move, paint it.
Lets Her Know
You'd Like
Her Heart.
It Makes a
Perfect Valentine
927 Willamette
I‘hone 411
March of Dimes
Totals $56l.58
A total of $561.58 has been re
ceived to date from the campus
“March of Dimes’’ drive and YMCA
committee members have been
kept busy recording the dimes,
nickels, and pennies as they roll
Contributions received from
men’s and women’s living organi
zations are as follows:
Pi Beta Phi, $48; Alpha Xi Delta,
$16.42; Alpha Omicron Pi, $23.45;
Delta Gamma, $11.65; Alpha Phi,
$25; Alpha Delta Pi, $10; Delta
Delta Delta, $8; Alpha Gamma
Delta $23.05; Gamma Phi Beta,
$8.50;' Zeta Tau Alpha, $17.78;
Delta Zeta, $15.86; Alpha Chi
Omega, $8.17; Kappa Alpha Theta,
$9.42; Kappa Kappa Gamma, $12;
Chi Omega, $29.50; Judson house,
$30; Susan Campbel, $19.35; Hen
dricks hall, $11.12; Gamma hall,
$8.50; University house, $8.31;
Orides, $8.69; Hilyard house, $5.42;
Highland, $4.27; Rebec house,
Contributions from men’s or
ganizations so far are: Delta Upsi
lon, $7; Sigma Phi Epsilon, $18.20;
Theta Chi, $11; Sigma Alpha
Epsilon, $18.60; Beta Theta Pi,
$12.83; Alpha Tau Omega,’$17.24',
Villard hall, $1.07; Omega hall,
$27.09; Sherry Ross, $10.15.
Other groups donating were:
\Vestminster house, $2.12; YWCA,
$3.31; YMCA, $2.71, Co-op and
Johnson, $17.09; business houses
on edge of campus $35.31.
Those houses which have not yet
turned in their funds are asked
to contact Charles Reynolds, Jim
Ellison, or Helyn Wohler.
Infirmary Visiting
Ban Discontinued
Heralding the lowest number in
the infirmary since the semester
started, Dr. Fred Miller has an
nounced that visiting hours will be
continued from 2 to 4 in the after
noon starting today, February 5
Flu and other infectious diseases
seem to be subsiding, and as there
are only eight registered in the
pill palace the ban has been lifted,
Dr. Miller stated. Evening hours
will remain closed until further
notice, he added.
Eight overjoyed victims of pill
palace blues are Lois McConkey,
Gen Norton, Donna Scott, Reva
Nickson, Marian Lee Villiers, Jack
Lucas, Richard Bryon, and Arnold
Don’t forget—conceit is a form
of I-strain.
Big occasion.,
have a Coke
Open meeting of University Con
gress committee; 1 p.m. Gerlinger
hall; all students invited.
W.A.A. executive council meet
San Carlos Opera Carmen.
Hendricks dessert.
Phi Delta Theta dessert.
SAE-DU dessert.
Beta dessert.
Sigma Phi Epsilon dessert.
Theta Chi dessert.
Highland-open house.
YWCA activators.
Alpha Xi Delta open house.
Kappa Alpha Theta open house.
Sigma Kappa dessert.
Delta Zeta dessert.
Gamma Phi Beta open house.
Alpha Gamma Delta open house.
Phi Theta meeting.
There are eight generals listed
among the alumni of Ohio- State
Perry J. Powers
Named Instructor
Perry J. Powers, a UO alum, has
been appointed to fill the vacancy
left by the resignation of Miss
Anna Thompson, former instruct
or of Romance languages. His
pointment was approved by the
state board of higher education in
the spring of 1945 and an exten
sion granted through winter term.
Graduated from the University
in 1941, Powers has since done
graduate work at the Johns Hop
kins university in Baltimore, Mary
land, where he studied with H. C.
Lancaster, Leo Spitze*, and Pedro
Powers is now working on the
dissertation for his Ph.D. degree.
He instructs all classes in Italian,
a course in translation of Dante,
and one section of first-year Span
ish. Most interested in Spanish lit
erature, Powers intends to carry
on his research in this field.
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