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Plan Unique Hop
Date's Hair to Decide
Price of Dance Tickets
McArthur court will be trans
formed into the proper setting for
the Krazy Kopy Krawl Saturday
night by the ingenious paint brush
es of members of the two adver
tising honoraries, Gamma Alpha
Chi, and Alpha Delta Sigma.
Hammers and paint brushes,
manned by the ad honorary mem
bers, were at work this week pre
paring decorations for the event,
which promises to be one of the
most unusual all-campus dances to
he presented this year.
Phil Dana, co-chairman of the
Krazy Kopy Krawl, promises or
iginality in the decorations, which
will follow the same pattern as
those traditionally used for ad hon
orary dances.
Ted Hallock’s orchestra will be
featured and short-silks are in
order for the women.
Tickets for red-heads will only
be $1.18. Blondes will cost $1.27,
Brunettes are high-priced dates;
tickets for the dark-haired coeds'
costing $1.34.
Skiers Buy Tickets
There will be no meeting of the
University Ski club tonight, but
all members who plan to make the
Sunday trip to Hoodoo Bowl this
weekend may purchase their tick
ets tonight at 207 Chapman hall
between the hours of 7 and 7:30.
The bus will leave on the two
hour trip Sunday morning at 6 a.m.
and will arrive back on the cam
pus at 8.30 p.m., the same day.
Snow conditions are reported as
excellent in the Cascade mountain
range resort, with a fall of 129
Orides Initiates Listed
The following University women
were initiated into Orides, Inde
pendent organization for students
living off-campus, recently: Olive
Lewis, Mary Eva Hammers, Ruth
Wahlgren, Marcele Mathews, Ger
aldine Reese, Jessie Becher, Don
na Sutton, and Jean Wyckoff.
Their names were omitted from
a previous list published in the
OSC-Wash. Game Flash
The Beavers from Oregon State
downed the University of Wash
ington basketball team 53 to 87
with a powerful scoring attack that
iieft the visitors in a far from
challenging role. This win places
the Staters in a tie for first place
honors in the northern division
~~v'raee with the quintet from Idaho.
Item in an Oregon newspaper:
“Five men attending Oregon State
College and a man enrolled at* the
University of Oregon were injured
when their car overturned yester
Comment at Eugene: Gee, that’s
a tough break. Do you think he’ll
recover ?
Jam for Breakfast
(Continued from page tico)
ed. After hearing of the Conn sec
tion's size, we put a head on it and
thought of the full-page stories in
trade papers when Jim Dorsey add
ed a fifth trumpet. The world, it
was reported, would end next day
at noon.
Armitage Blurbs
We have received a bit of paper
published by Van Armitage, who
leads (and evidently moralizes for)
a twelve-piece orchestra in the
City of Portland, Oregon. The sheet
is written as a publicity blurb,
evidently by the leader, who must
have just emerged from an Under
ground Balloon squadron or Gresh
am • Elementary school. Designed
to be given all prospective buyers,
it lists the more enticing qualities
of these twelve angel-musicians
as: (1) No drinking at any time
(excepting those times when home
in bed, we imagine); (2) no smok
ing (this section was heavily cen
sored by Readers’ Digest Eds);
(3) no passes; (4) no intermission;
(5) all ork members in “neat and
clean” uniforms (ya, ya, I can just
see them standing around like a
bunch of Okies in yeller shoes and
dirty gaiters); (5) no “sitting in.”
There are more, but I haven’t the
heart, really.
The “Contracts” section says;
“Yes, we must have a written con
tract—the reason is a simple one
(and get this). Since we make this
our living—it is necessary for the
sponsor to be sure of his orches
tra, etc.” In other words, we be
lieve in you, Mary; just wiggle
that little finger onct and watch
them holes make the splinters fly
in this hyar table. The music is
probably wonderful anyway.
Notes on Record
(Continued from page two)
tenor of the Metropolitan, she sings
the sublimely beautiful “Love Du
et” from the second act of Wag
ner’s “Tristan und Isolde.” Ac
companying orchestra is the San
Francisco Opera orchestra con
ducted by Edwin McArthur. This is
one of the very best recordings of
this complex work.
Brahms’ Melodies
For a genuine thrill, hear the
Toscanini interpretation of
Brahms’ most ingratiating melo
dies. Toscanini’s energetic orches
tral climaxes and colorful effects
are most enjoyable in this five
record album.
Two old favorites are aired by
Mischa Elman in a single-—“Cava
tina” by Raff, and Schubert’s
“Serenade.” Master of the violin
istic technique, Elman brings new
enjoyment to these oft-played num
bers. Raymond Bauman is at the
Prof: Now that you’ve had six
weeks of Ancient History, name
two ancient sports.
Student: That’s an easy one—
Anthony and Cleopatra.
“For an ex-Marine, Gertrude, I
must say your new boyfriend is
very shy.”
“Well, he belongs to the Re
Then there was the dentist’s
daughter who ran around with the
worst set in town.
Your List Will:
1! Include Togs with
that "Here Comes
Spring" touch.
King to Be Chosen
For Valentine Hop
Songs using' the word “Heart”
in their titles will be the theme
of the traditional Heart Hop,
sponsored annually by the YWCA
on Valentine’s day.
The students will rotate from
house to house of the four women’s
living organizations selected—
Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha,
Delta Gamma, and Kappa Alpha
The climax of the affair will be
the crowning of the “King of
Hearts,” elected from representa
tives sponsored by men’s living or
ganizations on the campus. The
finalist selection for this event will
be held on Thursday at 4 p.m., and
the judges will be past women
honored in selections on the cam
pus—to be formally announced to
The following candidates have
been announced so far: Phi Delta
Theta, Marvin Rasmussen; Beta
Theta Pi, Jack “Ty” Monroe;
Alpha Tau Omega, Frank Bocci;
Chi Psi, Terry Metcalf; Phi Gam
ma Delta, B. G. Cox; Sigma Phi
Epsilon, Don Kay; Delta Upsilon,
Milt Sparks; Kappa Sigma, Bob
Prowell; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bob
Wallace; Sigma Chi, Johnny
O’Brien; Delta Tau Delta, Lam
bert Reed; and Sherry Ross hall,
Vic Selman.
Tickets for the Heart Hop will
be on sale Thursday, February 7.
All living organizations who have
not yet turned in their candidate’s
name and picture are urged to do
so immediately, to Joan Williams,
Delta Gamma, or Diane Mead,
Gamma Phi Beta.
Visiting Dads Honored
At Informal Parties
Open house after the basketball
game Saturday night and on Sun
day afternoon was held for dads at
many of the houses -on the cam
pus. Refreshments were served, and
many houses' featured group sing
Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Delta Del
ta, and Delta Gamma also planned
skits for the dads. The idiosyncra
sies of the members' dads were
dramatized in the Delta Gamma
Ping pong, pinochle, and danc
ing were planned by the girls of
Alpha Gamma Delta and Delta
Dads were also guests for Sun
day dinner at most of the houses.
Dean Kratt Pictured
In Music Magazine
A picture of Dean Theodore
Kratt of the University school of
music appears in a recent issue
of the magazine Musical America,
the Register-Guard said last night.
Dean Kratt is pictured with
other members of the faculty of
the army university at Shriven
ham, England, where he had been
teaching since last summer.
The accompanying article states
that Dean Kratt taught history
and appreciation of music at the
English university and describes
his organization of a symphony
Dr. Beck Visits Campus
On Leave From Navy
Dr. Lester F. Beck, former as
sociate professor of psychology,
arrived here Saturday to spend a
week of furlough before going to
the 13th Naval District in Seattle.
He will be eligible for discharge
March 1 and expects to return
before the' end of winter term. It
is expected that he will resume
work spring term.
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Newburn In Hood River
Today On Speaking Tour
Dr. Harry K. Newburn, president
of the University of Oregon, will
speak at a luncheon meeting of
chamber of commerce in Hood
River, today. He will also speak
at a meeting of the Pomona grange
of Hood River in the afternoon.
His topic at the meeting will be
“Problems of Education.”
Wednesday Dr. Newburn will be
guest speaker at the annual ban
quet of the Baker county chamber
of commerce in Oregon at which
time he will speak on "Education
for International Understanding.”
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