Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 02, 1946, Page 4, Image 4

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Thing's are cjuiel all over today—must he there was such
a lull laboo last night. Hut that is working on presumptions, ’n
that's had in the sports writing world. So I'll he quiet.
Last night in the Igloo the local Duck casaba five
fluttered around a visiting quintet from the University of
Washington. I’m writing this right now, and this is Friday
afternoon, so this will not tell you what the score will be,
or, was.
Hull can make a few statements on the possibilities and
probabilities of our varsity hasketeers during the lemaindei
0i the season. Put on vour rose-colored glasses and take a peek
at this masterpiece.
Captain Hob Hamilton is back with the team on an almost
full-playing status. 'Phis is the main light in an array of beacons
playing on the scene. "Hammie” is more than a sparkplug
he is‘the steady organizer of the hardwood men.
During the early part of the season many sources stated
that Hamilton was the main steadying influence on a squad
of airish men. At first I debunked this belief. The season
has proved otherwise, however, and the three-year captain
deserves all the plugs handed out by the pi ess.
“Durable Dick” Wilkins has settled on an old style of hoop
play. Pre-season tilts showed him off-form in net swishings.
Jn addition to this the lanky basketballei lost a lot of weight,
and the net wasn’t swished often by the hard-playing Port
lander. Now the story is different with the smooth forward
picking up weight and points.
The rest of the bright story concerns the stalwart regularity
o Ken Hays and Reedy Berg, the return of war veterans to the
clan of Hobby Hobson, and a general awakening of all parts on
the winning' basketball machine. 1 he pictuie for the temuindei
of the season looks bright. ,
The Oregon State Beavers suffered a terrific blow with
an automobile crash on the Pacific highway south of New
berg last Wednesday night. Two regular players and the
trainer of the Staters suffered injuries in the head-on
Glenn Warren, received a severe eight-inch cut on his head
and a live-inch laceration on Ids knee. Trainer \ ern Idlers and
John Moore, reserve guard, were both released from the
hospital after having minor cuts and bruises doctored.
This accident will have many an after-effect for the
Beavers’ hope of a championship quintet this year. Glenn
Warren has proved one of the outstanding players on the
learn, but this mishap will put him out of action for the
coming clash with Washington Huskies next week. The
atmosphere is heavy-laden over at Corvallis.
Basketball is proving the title of "queen ot winter sports.
More fans are turning out for settos all over the nation than
ever before. There are more citizens that have watched tilts
0:1 the hardwoods than any other sport.
In Seattle last week, the Ducks and Huskies tangled before
c. pacitv crowds of over 9000 paid- customers both nights, and
on the Friday night game over 2000 were turned away.
My favorite sport and Gregory of the Oregonian scoops
me on an itneresting angle here on the campus—not only
is Dick Wilkins quite a sharpshooter with the basketball,
he clicks off sub-par golf on the side—Clark Shaughnessy
is having trouble with his grid assistants at the University
of Pittsburgh—three of his subordinates notified the direc
tor of athletics there that they no longer wish to continue
coaching the Panther footballers if Shaughnessy returns
—Dick Metz of Arkansas City, Kansas is proving the new
luminary of golfdom on the Arizona links—the Jayhawker
slammed out a four-under-par 66 at Tucson, Arizona, to
lead the field of bigger names.
Captain Bob, back at the controls at the helm of the Uni
versitv of Oregon quintet for the first time this season, lead
the Ducks to victory over the Washington Huskies in Mc
Arthur court Friday evening. “Ham” has been suffering from
an early season leg injury, and with bandages slowing him
little, he played almost the entire game against the northern
club Friday while.scoring nine points and generally keeping
the Webfoots in the game because of his leadership.
Jr. Ducks Drop
Creamery Quint
After the Farmer’s Creamery
grabbed an early 4-1 lead, the Ore
gon Junior Varsity surged back
into the fray, and left the basket
ball floor on the winning side of a
67-53 score. The victory was the
third in three starts for Coach
Fix's Junior squad. Each game has
been against a team that was
known to be plenty stiong, but just
couldn't stand up against the speed
and alertness which Fix has been
driving into his boys.
The JV's overcame the Cream
ery's 4-1 lead early in the game,
and ran the score up to 18-7. By
the time the half bell had rung, Ed
Salstrom, who was everything be
hind the Independent team’s at
Grides Members Join
Coed Athletic League
Seven athletically-inclined girls
from Orides, Independent social
group, were initiated into the
Women’s Athletic association re
Taking place in the social room
of Gerlinger hall, the initiation
was under the leadership of Vir
ginia Scholl, WAA vice-president.
Beverly Bennett, sergeant-at-arms,
was in charge of arrangements.
Ann Stevenson, treasurer of the
group, headed the finances, and
Gay Edwards, president, assisted
Miss Scholl.
Initiates were as follows: Irene
Clemens, Virginia Hammerquist,
Cassie Hyde, Emily Loennig, Col
leen Mariott, Muriel Happapcrt,
and Margaret Reese.
tack, had helped his teammates
bleak back into the scoring con
flict, and they were only trailing
by three points.
Again *in the second half the
Oregon kids, led by Del Smith and
Walt Kirsch, got hot, and the
score had shot up to 67-53 when
the game ended. Salstrcm topped
the individual scoring for both
teams with a total of 18 points to
his credit.
Next week the JV’s go after
their fourth consecutive win when
they tangle with the Camp Adair
Naval Hospital at Mac Court. At
their last encounter with the Adair
quint this season the Junior Ducks
downed them by 24 points.
(67) Junior
F 15, Smith
F 6, Cohen
C 10, Kehrli
G 10, Wright j
G 13, Kirsch
S 2, Gearhart
Creamery (53)
Mayther, 16
Blatchely, 7
Ramey, 4
Caviness, 8
Saldstrom, IS
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Visitors Chop
First Half Score
With Long Shots
(Continued from page one)
Ken Hays round an able back
board assistant in the versatile
Marv Rasmussen. Marv supplied
the aid that Ken has been sorely
needing so much this season.
Edmunson Comment^
Hec Edmunson, mentor of the
Huskies, had little to comment on
when interviewed briefly between
halves of the canto.
“Henson has been sick,” Hec
offered, “he’s had a bad cold,
but boy! your gang certainly
looks great out there!’ '—
Stars Shine
Perhaps the biggest surprise of
the evening was the fact that
Captain Bob Hamilton, injured leg
and all, went the whole route, en
joying only a couple of mild
Roy Seeborg, Frank Hof fine
and S.hug Bray were inserted
into the lineup to give the
starters needed rest. Marv
Rasmussen eluded the Husky
defense time and time again,
finally tallying 15 points. On
several occasions, Rasmus
sen’s guard was no closer than
10 feet from him, and perfect
ly powerless to prevent llar^
from clinching “cripple shots.”
Dick Wilkins went all out in
the win, sparking his club
with a terrific offensive
defensive game.
Only man to leave the affair on.
the five personal foul route was
Washington’s Norm Dalthorp, who
turned in a fine game for the
losers. Washington’s passing in
the first half was far from ex
ceptional, and the majority of their
shots were taken from well out
side the foul circle. The Huskies
couldn't seem to cash in their per
cent of free throws, either.
Point summary:
Wilkins, f . 8
Rasmussen, f .6
Hays, c . 4
Williamson, g ....,. 1
Hamilton, g . 4
Seeborg, f-g . 0
Hoffine, g . 0
Bray, c. 0
| Henson, f. 2
Pomfret, f. 3
; Shaeffer, c . I
Dalthorp, g. 5
j Jorgenson, g . 5
j Gill, f . 1
Eathorne, f . 7
j Naslund, g . 0
Anderson, c . 1
4 1 20
3 2 15
2 0 10
13 3
0 2 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
1*3 5
0 2 6
0 0 2
2 .5 12
3 2 13
0 2 2
0 3 14
0 0 0
0 12
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