Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, December 05, 1945, Image 9

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Number 4!)
Coed oj tlte Week.. . .
Queenly Journalism Senior
Eyes Radio Advertising Reid
Literally tearing herself away from her thesis on the
Associated Press which she is doing for her senior editing class,
Mary Margaret Ellsworth stopped for a minute to discuss her
plans for the Senior IJall, of which she is chairman. Her ideas
are, to say the least, gigantic for this first postwar formal ball
to be held January 5.
“The seniors are going all-out to make this, their last endeav
Qfi^tbe greatest of their careers
in college. This graduating
class has seen the campus
change from pre-war festivity
to war-time economy and back
to peace,” this blonde coed an
nounced. Although she would
n’t disclose the theme of the ball,
she hinted that it will be original
and different, and that the com
mittee is negotiating for a big
name band to furnish the music.
Mary Margaret is the daughter
of Harrison Ellsworth, represen
tative from Oregon, and she spent
the second term of her freshman
year at Trinity college in Wash
ington, D.C. Graduating' from
Roseburg high school and attend
ing the University, and then mov
ing to the nation’s capital proved
to be quite a jump for this enter
prising miss. She found it too con
fusing. As hardly anyone in Wash
ington is permanently at home
there, she, like others, experienced
homesickness and swiftly returned
to Oregon. Her sister, Jane, who
went to the University last year,
is now attending the University of
Adept Swimmer
Her hobbies? With a sparkle in
her gray-blue eyes, the represen
tative’s daughter admitted that
her hobbies are mostly all nega
tive. She aspires to paint and
draw, ski, and ice skate but as yet
has developed no skill in any of
these. However, she is adept at
swimming and takes pleasure in
that sport. Not the domestic type,
she rates the culinary arts as out
of her line.
DG Mary Margaret, majoring
in journalism, belongs to Theta
Sigma Chi, national women’s jour
nalism honorary, and Gamma
Alpha Chi, advertising honorary.
She was co-editor of the women’s
page of the Emerald last year. Her
thesis occupies a large share of
her time, and she will give anyone
who comes near her an earful
about the Associated' Press.
When Congress convenes next
fall, she will go east to be with
her family in Washington. There
she plans to get some type qf job,
perhaps in the advertising field.
She is fascinated by radio adver
tising and will try to find an open
ing in that line.
Hospitality Girt
With a laugh, slightly wistful,
she said she was the first and only
campus queen without a throne.
This was because she was chosen
as Hospitality Girl for Dad’s week
end, which was cancelled last
Proudly displaying the ATO
anchor chained to her Delta
Gamma pin, she explained that
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The Gift Shop
963 Willamette
COLLECTORS items . . . these
new arrivals in imported Eng
lish bone china cups and saucers
. . . unusual and attractive
shapes, different but beautiful
color combinations. An appro
priate and appreciated Christ
mas gift.
Gifts to suit every person on
your list . . . imported and do
mestics. . . . one-of-a-kind gifts
. . . plus a colorful collection of
Christmas cards, wrappings
and tieings.
Specializing in Fine China and
Of a Bright
I was walking on the pavement
when I discovered two coppers at
my feet. I gave one to an old
woman so that she could buy an
apple, and I gave the other to a
blind organ grinder to play a
merry tune. I was in the Christ
mas spirit. “Ring out wild bells,”
I said gaily.
Standing on the corner was a
forlorn old lady wrapped in scarfs
of silver fox. I dug deep into my
pocket and pulled out a sprig of
holly which I p.nned in her gray
ing hair. Thanking me graciously,
she drew out from behind her
furs her poke bonnet and said:
“Thank ye, daughter, keep the pot
i danced down the street full of
glad tidings humming carelessly.
I came to a little man dressed in
red whom I presumed to be Saint
Nicholas. I gave his long white
beard a friendly yank which re
vealed his 5 o’clock shadow. On
departure I slipped two grand into
his pale green pail. (They were hot
Raw Cranberries
I stepped into Newberry’s base
ment for a bite to eat. I ordered
my favorite Christmas season dish,
a bowl of raw cranberries. I de
voured my desert ravenously—
plum pudding—flames and all.
I looked down my shopping list
and discovered that I had neglect
ed my Uncle Harry’s gift. He
loved his bottle, I knew so well.
After much deliberation I decided
on a bottle of Mission Orange.
I walked to the toy department
where I saw the ubiquitous man
in red'. On his knee sat a curly
headed little chap. “And what
would you like for Christmas?”
said Santa. The little fellow’s blue
eyes shone as he said “Just bring
me ‘Forever Amber,’ Stuffy.”
As the little fellow scampered
off of Santa’s knee, I noticed Old
Niick take a deep intake from a
tube extending from under his
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Parties, Pageants, Carols,
Herald Christmas Season
“Christmas comes but once a year, and now’s the time for
campus cheer.” Living organizations are celebrating this year’s
holiday season in true pre-exam Christmas style.
Carrying on their annual tradition, the Alpha Phi’s will pre
sent a Christmas party from 5:30 to 7:30 December 8 for some
children from a Eugene orphanage. Gifts and entertainment
will be given to the children by Ann Jernstedt.
Also benentting orphan
children, Alpha Chi Omega
plans a party Friday night.
Carols will be sung and gifts
exchanged, which will later be
sent to one Of the children’s
Records for Camp Adair
Their spirit of goodwill already
under way, the Gamma Phi Beta’s
have collected money for popular
records to be sent to Camp Adair.
Next Wednesday a Christmas fire
side is scheduled. Exchange poems
will be presented and refreshments
Changing the usual procedure,
Alpha Gamma Delta intends to
hold a delayed New Year’s party
at the first of winter term. Ration
ing out the work, the seniors will
cook, the juniors serve, the sopho
mores wash the dishes, and the
freshmen entertain. The entire
house will combine to entertain the
cooks, housemaids, and houseboys.
Santa Claus and Manger Scene
Pledges will hold the upper hand
in the Alpha Delta Pi house, when
they present entertainment in the
form of the manger scene and
arrange for the exchange of gifts,
distributed by Santa himself.
High-lighting Susan Campbell’s
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Any Kind . . .
You Want
The Perfect Christmas Gift
Comes in all sizes, styles and colors for all
. members of the family.
A new dress for the Christmas
holidays is a “must'’ in every college
girl’s wardrobe.
Stop in and Shop
870 Willamette
* Phone 99