Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 23, 1945, Page 7, Image 7

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    Harry Reiton Valuable
Link in Forward Wall
Hailing from the fair City of
Roses comes dark-eyed Harry
Reiton to join the throng of fresh
man donning the traditional lemon
and green for the first time this
Unable to resist his favorite
pastime, Harry responded to
Coach Tex Oliver’s call for more
pigskin players and thanks to his
unlimited ability in the well known
classic he fitted perfectly in
Oliver’s forward wall.
Rejects Husky Offer
Sounds almost unbelievable but
Harry turned thumbs down on a
grand scholarship offered by Uni
versity of Washington after a two
week trial, because he was lone
some for a few ordinary Oregon
ians. However, each and every foot
ball fan can be thankful that he
made such a decision because
without a doubt this 242 pound
guard proves very beneficial in
Strengthening the Webfoot line,
and those broad-shoulders are a
repeated threat to any opposing
back who tries to gain yardage by
consistent line plunges.
A graduate of Franklin High
school, where he played four years
of varsity football, Harry entered
Where you are
sure to meet
friends and enjoy
good food.
University of Oregon as a major
in physical education with a firm
desire to follow sports as a career.
Mr. Five by Five
When confronted about the girls
on the campus he emphatically re
marked, “They’re all right to look
at but football and studies keep
my mind occupied so I don’t think
about them very much.” However
statements from several good
sources class him as an artist and
indeed one to watch and follow
When it comes to making with the
feet in accordance with the music.
In order to keep in condition this
19-year old guard spends most of
his time during the summer work
ing in a cannery, checking and
arranging boxes of fruit, and al
though this requires an abundance
of energy, Harry solves the prob
lem by indulging in his favorite
fountain treat—that of several
assorted milkshakes per day, the
larger the better.
Every football lover can observe
the future possibilities of our grid
iron squad with a confident feeling
as far as gilard position is con
cerned because of the three more
years Harry has to play.
Pi Lambda Announces
Committees at Meeting
Pi Lambda Theta, national edu
cation honorary for women, held
its first meeting of the year re
cently at the University YWCA.
Lovina Wilson, president, presided
at the meeting of the group, which
will meet the second Wednesday
of every month.
Because of the registration of
Dorotha Moore as keeper of re
cords, Shirley Anderson was ap
pointed to fill this vacancy. Fol
lowing the business meeting, Mrs.
Alice Carkin, instructor in the
school of education, presented a
talk on a study of the social in
terests of freshman girls.
Committee appointments were
announced and the committee
chairmen are as follows: Thelma
Nelson, initiation; Marie Tinker,
progam; Abby Adams, social; Lois
Zimmerman, news letter; and
Alice Gerot, publicity .
Refreshments were served by
the social committee after a brief
visiting session.
You won't find anything quite like
this at the
At the Fairgrounds
* ENGLISH and WESTERN Equipment
Arranged for Groups of 10 or More
★ YOUR OWN HORSE Boarded if desired.
Ho Hum
(Continued from paye tzvo)
it was just for the past week-end.
It was also sweet tiding to hear
the good word that the Portland
gal will be back with us again
comes next spring term.
Little boy blue
Come blow your horn
I was on a toot last night.
End of pome.
Did any of you kiddies meet
Mary Lit Hermber's newest flame
by the monicker of Elmln Grimes
who may be just a Milton Free
water high school kiddie, but
never you mind for the lad really
knows his way around, right Mary
’Twas'the night before Xmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse.
The stockings Were hung
By the chimney with care
For they'd been worji all Week
And they needed the air.
End of pome.
It is Understood that Peggy
“where’s my Tommy Drugas?’’
Finnell can now run the distance
between the Pi Phi and Hanson
House in two and one-half min
utes flat. We heard she was fast,
but when did she take up track?
No offense. Ha!
Little Bo Peep
Lost her sheep
So she took it on the lamb.
End of pome.
Now for the boy and gal of the
week and all that sort of stuff.
This week We’d like to- send a
pretty group of petunias 'n such to
a gal who spends the greater share
of her time helping put our school
paper in readable form. We ftlean
none other than Jeanne Simtnonds,
news editor. If every person did
as much for their alma mammy as
this eager beaver this would be
quite a place, yes indeed.
As for the male half of our short
story we pick Dean Bond who is
more than active as a mighty foot
ball star, but also carries the load
of prexy of Skull and Dagger.
Soooooo—flowers to these kiddies
and congrats from Archabau Flor
ists and Ho Hum.
Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner
Eating his Xmas pie
He put in his thumb
And pulled out a plumb
And got so G- D-mad he
changed bakeries cause he
ordered strawberry.
End of pome.
Notes and Stuff
Looks like Eugene's Rod Wood
worth, former Beta, is back on the
campus and is doing his best tc
show Averil Foster a big time.
Glad to have ya back, Rod.
Lil story conies our way that
says a fella by the name of Lefty
Cone is doing his best to avoid, or
sumthin, a lassie called Sue Mer
cer who kind of likes the idea oi
their going together. Looks like a
good show coming up, eh?
Robbie Bowman of Gamma Ph:
is all smiles while her man George
Dugan is spending the week here
abouts. We don’t blame you for
being a happy chick, Robbie, cause
we sort of like the guy too.
Kay Hoff, a kid most all of us
A Duck at the Dial
(Continued from faeie two)
consonant on his first and last
names from Chestdr Nayes to its
present standing.
As the national housing short
age controversies continue ‘‘Am
erican Forum of the Air” plans
to discuss the question ‘‘Should
the Federal Government Support
the Federal Housing Projects?”
oh KORE at 6:30 tonight. Senator
Robert A. Taft will be among the
participants. This is especially
timely for Oregon students who
may lose one of their star pig
skin carriers because of the lack
of proper housing.
“Full-color, high frequency tele
vision is no longer a theory, but
a fact,” according to testimony
submitted to the FCC by Paul
W. Kesten, executive vice presi
dent of CBS.
Full-color television pictures
have actually been successfully
transmitted through the air across
the New York skyline from one
building to another many blocks
away, where they were received
with superb clarity.
In view of the imminence of
moving television into the high
frequencies with pictures in color,
Mr. Keston deplored the need for
issuing regulations for the lower
frequencies, saying it was like
"speaking the lines and rehears
ing the parts for a play that will
never really open, or 'Will close
down almost as soon as it opens.”
When seven year old Patrick
Conlon made top score on a re
cent broadcast of Quiz Kids, Joel
Kupperman, nine-year-old super
man of math, sagely commented:
“Not bad for a strippling.”
Joe Kelly, genial quizmaster of
know, is trying to win over girls’
affections by doing their car re
pair work. Ever heard of true love
starting over a carburetor? Ho
the program always knows the
right answers, but, as he is first to
admit, it’s because the answei s
are written on cards tightly hel:l
in his right hand.
No bulging-browned pundit,
Kelly freely confesses that the only
time he evei* trod a campus was
back in 1927 when he took a shor t
cut through what he thought was
a little park surrounded by Gothic,
buildings. Joe's formal education
ended at the fourth grade.
Sponsor Appointed
The appointment of Mrs. Donald
Allton as new faculty sponsor Ms
Phi Epsilon was announced by
Maxine Cady, president of the or
ganization, at the first meeting of
the year held in Gerlinger hall
Thursday evening.
Mu Phi Epsilon is planning an
initiation dessert at the Gamma
Phi House October 24 at 6:30 p.ro.
Just received a
shipment of 100!
Irradiation Lamps
Coin bines Ultra-violet
and infra-red rays.
1'iverv sorority should
have one
Vacuum Cleaners
Sales & Service
All Makes
lvverythin”' In Appliances
527 Willamette. Ph. 5174
We Have
Identification Bracelets
Signet Rings
Have Those Appealing
Stuffed Animals Cleaned
They’ll look like new • . .
Hand Laundry
1231 Alder