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Published daily during the college year except Sundays Mondays, and holiday* anu
•final exam periods by the Associated Students, University of Oregon
Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice, Eugene, Oregon.___
tyuflUtiup CjueAti . • .
The “fighting spirit” of some of the visiting servicemen at Sat
urday’s game was displayed in such a manner that we are sure
a separate section should be reserved for them.
At the start of the game, servicemen who had no connection
with Oregon were seated in a separate section. Later they veie
allowed to fill in -the empty rows in the student section.
Servicemen have an admirable habit of cheering for the op
posing team or the losing team. They cheered for Oregon at
Seattle and last year at Oregon State. We expect and like them
to form a rooting section for the opposing team because ve like
.-a little competition' in the yelling.
However, one or two of the servicemen at Saturday s game
went out of the way to be objectionable. We didn’t think that
throwing a bottle out on the turf was strictly humorous: And
we didn’t think the particular type of showmanship exhibited by
one serviceman was-fttrictly humorous.
Perhaps designating a separate section apart from the stu
dents seems unfair. Only a few of them act objectionably, and
we shouldn’t blame them as a group for tire conduct of those few.
But we can almost count on having one or two guests who
insist on giving impromtu entertainment if they are in a promi
nent position. 1 heir actions embarass and often piovoke the stu
dents as well as other spectators.
Student conduct at games may sometimes cast a bad light on
Oregon, but we can at least try to prevent others from antagoniz
ing the students with childish actions.
All servicemen are welcome at Oregon games, but we expect
them to observe the rules of good taste just as much as we expect
the Ducks to treat them as guests. Our guests formerly had their
own section at games. There should be no exception for service
men wlin are not alums or former students.
9njpimatianr ^Uauti Ijau ...
Officially it’s the student directory, but to Webfoots who daily
dog-car its pages throughout the year the publication is known as
the “Pigger’s Guide." And it belongs to Oregon as much as does
the Emerald, the Oregana, or the newly-rejuvenated Old Oregon.
Containing the location v hys-and-w herefores of every stu
dent and faculty member on the campus and off, the bigger s
('.uidc is more important than its cardboard cover would sug
gest. This war’s guide is edited by Jack Craig and will list tradi
tions, officers of the various organizations, heads of departments,
and the names, campus and home addresses, telepluflie numbers,
majors and wars of members of the student body. 1 he all-impor
tant asterisk will indicate the marital status of individuals.
Information within the pages of the I'igger s (uiide is secured
from the records of the. registrar s office. Students whose addres
ses have changed since registration should notify this office im
mediatelv as to their permanent location. The Guide will go to
press within the next two weeks—ample time for transient
Webfoots to insure an accurate footprint in the Oregon sands
of time—the annual bigger’s Guide.
CUeete jpsi the Squad . . .
Cheers to the rally squad for their enthusiasm and ability in
leading' the Oregon rooting section Saturday.
With oply one week to practice and prepare their yells, the
rally squad made a good appearance at the game. \\ hile those
in the stands were merely warm in the shade, the squad mem
'ber had to cut their capers in the glaring sunlight. Their white
outfits came out slightly grayer after an afternoon in the track
Crowns and raised eyebrows for a few members of the squad
■who took time out in front of the whole student body to arrange
their hair.
The squad started their sendee with a bang last week—rallies
Sunday .and Friday and the game Saturday. Many of them have
never led Oregon cheering sections before. They deserve the
well-known Split Six for a good job.
I was almost late for a nine
“Now, look here, man,” I said,
“don’t be giving me that two for
one stuff; you shouldn’t be here,
I left you in Honolulu.”
And he said: “Don’t blow a
fuse, friend, just come along with
He had a big, long Cadillac, a
custom built job with upholstery
blood red, a horn that played
boogie, woogie, and a radio with
ten push buttons.
Somehow, people ride with him
when they get the chance.
“Let’s work,” he said. “I need
your help for some copy with a
certain slant.”
I felt like saying something sar
donic meaning no, but the uphol
stery was soft—like a woman’s
hair in moonlight.
“How many people on that cam
“Twenty-four—twenty-five hun
“How many freshmen?”
“I don’t know, maybe half.”
He got out a list and started
making notes.
“Well use sophistication, that
always works in universities.”
“Look,” I said, “why don’t you
go hack to Los Angeles, you
always did good work there.”
“Not needed any more,” he
grunted, “the place keeps going by
itself—here’s what 1 want you to
“Get the vets stirred up, tell
thiem the profs are a bunch of
dumb clucks—not in those words,
but you know how.”
“Infer it,” he said, “talk about
the hot spots, ridicule conserva
tives, promote arguments between
Greeks and Independents. Get
some tricky phrases. Stuff like
‘virtue is lack of opportunity’—
something tricky, eye-catchers
that will be repeated.”
“That’s sophistication?”
“Sure,” he pulled out a mari
juana cigarette, “you know how to
write it. Mention how many ex
periences most people don’t get in
a lifetime. Always hold back a
little so they get the idea they’re
missing something ... I got to
go now, the boss needs a new pair
of horns.”
“What happened to his old
ones ?”
“He gave them to Hitler. If any
one gives you trouble tell them to
go to %the devil.”
After he let me out, the day
hung dull. There was an aftermath
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Telling the Editor
About Sportsmanship
Dear Editor: I have seen many
football games, but at none of
them have I seen such unsports
manlike attitudes as were dis
played at the game Saturday.
It was disgraceful! I know that
it was none of the University stu
dents who were booing and hoot
ing throughout the game. I would
be ashamed to admit I was a stu
dent of this school if it were.
But, nevertheless, there were
some individuals who were very
ignorant of the etiquette of sports.
Such behavior is inexcusable. Can
not something be done about peo
ple who insist upon booing during
the games ?
Sincerely yours,
Vivian Wallad
(Editor's note: See editorial,
"Fighting Guests.”)
Ho Hum
The other evening while sipping
a coke in “Vince’s Taylor’s,” a
suggestion came our way via Soup
Campbell and Franklin Deines.
T’was their belief Ho Hum, for a
drastic change, should print a
“nice things about nice people
column” this edition, and thus
here we go wasting all this energy
just thinkin’ up sweet tidbits
about people n’ stuff.
Gather round while we spread
glad tidings. Starting with today's
and each Tuesday hence an out
standing gal and fella will be
chosen through the courtesy of the
and Patterson and Ho Hum
they will find a corsage and but
toniere with their Emeralds comes
dawn, which we hope they will
wear with pride throughout the
day. Friday’s Ho Hum will pick
the couples of the week, and they
too will find posies with their
morning paper. Anybody is apt to
be totin’ flowers, so watch fer yer
monicker and congrats to the
lucky people!
First congratulations are in
store for Mickey Metcalf, Theta,
who is really a top-notch good
woman of the campus. Throughout
last year, Mick, as a frosh, did her
best to make the campus a better
place to be and certainly succeeded.
Miss Metcalf, along with her sweet
smile and terrific personality is
back again this year keeping up
her happy average in activities,
house functions, ’n just plain being
what the boys term “an all around
swell gal and lady.” Flowers for
The boy of the week is none
other than Jim Ellison of Sherry
Ross. Recently tapped for Skull
and Dagger, Soph honorary, Jim
has proven to fellas and gals alike
a true pre-war college attitude.
To go into all the things he ha.s
done for the betterment of th s
school would take too much time
and space, so we sum up our
[thanks in saying congrats and a
posie for Jimmy.
Let’s talk about Ken “Judge”
Hayes, famous basketball center,
(we call him “judge” cause he was
on the bench so long). Seems this
I short character values his time
jBabs Borrevick, DG, to such an ex
tent he gave up a get rich quick
■house job so he’d have more time
[to mutter sweet nothings to the
sorority girl. Nice, huh?
I Another kid who is doing his
best to keep all the girls in a good
frame of mind is Stew Mereereau.
The only catch is Stew has the idea--,
it is the woman’s place to foot the
bill. My, my, what some lads get
away with. Nice, huh?
Our hearts were filled with glad
ness Friday last when a group of
handsome codgers presented us
with an apologetic note. We say
let’s send ’em an orchid for ad
mitting they got off to a poor
start and a big petunia for the
sterling attitude that now prevails
up in ye olde Phi Delt house.
Hence, here is a copy of the letter:
Dearie Ho Hum,
“We are not a group of playful
boys bent on making a name for
ourselves as the perfect specimens
of college manhood. Many of us
are veterans. Nearly all of us are
The story of our founding bears
telling. As a group of 22 we occu-/j»
pied a vacant house. Most of us,
new to the campus, followed the
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jbuch'at the 2>iat
By Pat King
When you're growling about the 20 per cent tax you have to
fork over to Uncle Sam, just stop and think about the Parisians
who have a 45 per cent tax! Doug Edwards, CBS Paris corres
pondent, accompanied by an American woman reporter; at
tended a fashion show and reported his findings on the net
works "Feature Story pro
"The French,” he said, “are
using masses of sequins and
heading, and the embroidery
work on clothes is- wonderful.
Milady’s dresses are longer in
Paris this year—calf length."
"Afternoon dresses in some
cases have double skirts which are
tied around the waist and can be
let down to the ground to form a
dinner dress. Prices: astronomical!
They start at $360 and go to $600."
"There’s a new line of dresses
which swathes around the hips
and folds into a large bow at the
back. forming a buckle-like
According to Edwards, there is
a trend toward hobble skirts in
evening dresses.
Another CBS correspondent, Les
Mitchell, likes to tell about the
time he and his party wandered
into the Yokahama hotel and imme
diately began a search for a
shower. Discovering an elaborate
suite, complete with hot showei
and plenty of fleecy towels, the
radio-men relaxed in luxury and
cleaned up like a bunch of dandies
After Les returned to the States
some weeks later, he read a storj
in a newspaper about a group of
iradio correspondents who hac
taken over General McArthur’s
suite and used up all the hot water
and towels. Guess who ? ?
Hope Officially Recognized
Bob Hope, who can be heard to
night at 7 on KGW has officially
been made a wolf. Major General ^
Terry Allen, commander of the
famed 10 th (Timberwolf) Infan
try Division, made Bob an honor
ary Timberwolf after the comedian
did his broadcast from Camp San
I Luis Obispo last week.
The Timberwolves, as all Ore
gonians know, is the outfit which
spearheaded the attack on Ger
jmany, and their insigna—and
Hope’s—is a howling wolf.
| Out of the mass murder mystery
; programs that are flooding the
airlanes nowadays, occasionally,
one or two raise themselves above
the crowd. If you like the psycho
logical drama, then tune in on
j “Suspense” Thursday at 9 on
|KOIN or KNX. George Murphy
iwill star in “Death on Highway
No. 99.” '
Pons Soloist
Lily Pons will appear as her
husband’s guest soloist on “The
Music of Andre Kostelanetz”
Thursday on KNX at 6.
On KGW at the same time
Frank Morgan, who is no doubC"'
(the star member of the Liar’s
.Club, is taking over the Kraft
Music Hall to the music of Ray
mond Paige in Bing's absence.