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    Joseph James,
Negro Tenor,
To Give Concert
Joesph James, negro tenor, will
appear in concert Tuesday, Octo
ber 16 in the school of music audi
torium. The program is being
sponsored by members of Phi Beta,
women's national fraternity of
music and' speech, for benefit of
the Phi Beta scholarship fund.
Joseph James has made his voice
what it is today by hard work. He
lias been singing since he was
twelve years old but hard circum
stances forced him into many by
paths—bv-paths labelled “hod
carrier,” “pick-and-shovel worker,”
“waiter,” “bus-boy,” “Pullman car
cleaner,” and “factory worker.”
Dr. John H. Stehn, acting dean
of the school of music, speaks
highly of the Negro tenor. He
says, “I had the pleasure of hear
ing Joseph James in recital at
Mill's college in 1944, summer. Al
though his voice is not large, it is
of excellent quality and his sin
cerity, artistry, and excellent rep
ertoire brought the enthusiastic
acclaim of the audience. The mem
bers of the Budapest String quar
tet heard the recital and were very
complimentary in their remarks.
I feel that Phi Beta is rendering a
distinct service to the students in
the school of music and to music
■Rovers of this community in bring
ing Mr. James to Eugene.”
Excellent recommendations were
also given from the music faculty
at Stanford, Mills college, and the
University of California where re
cent concerts have been held.
Both the alumnae and active
chapters are sponsoring the con
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Key man in the 33-7 victory over the Vandal eleven Saturday was
Jake Leicht, quarterback on the rejuvenated Webfoot pigskin pack
ing ball club. Jake is scheduled to reneat his sensational performance
against the Flavors this Saturday at Corvallis.
—Courtesy Oregonian.
Leicht Leads
Duck Victory
Over Vandals
First Postwar Home Game
Nets 33-7 Score for Oregon
By Tom Riley
Thei-e was no doubt in any mind last Saturday afternoon who
won the ball game, with both the statistics and the' 33 to 7 score
in favor of the green and lemon. The expression, “where’s Jake?”
still held true against the Vandals from Idaho. Every time Ore
gon’s Jake carried the ball the whole Idaho team was looking for
the streak of "Leicht.” Although Lcicht had only 25 minutes
of playing time credited to him, it was enough time to help put
three touchdowns across.
The first touchdown came 3 minutes after the game had start
ed. Leicht threw a 6 point pass to left end Warberg, who cap
tured it on his own two and stepped across. Bill Abbey missed his
place kick next, and the two teams took their respective places
for the kick-off!
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Ha/ ts
Unless the prevailing bus
strike conies to an unexpected
end, transportation to the Ore
gon State-Oregon game at Cor
vallis Saturday will have to he
handled almost entirely by pri
vate automobiles, a Greyhound
bus official said Monday. Accord
ing to the representative of the
Greyhound Lines “aboslutely
nothing is moving,” and the ter
mination of the walkout has not
been determined. Until notice of
the end of the strike is received,
thereVill be no buses available to
the students.
Y Will Hold Services
At Museum Thursday
This year’s members of the YWCA will attend the traditional
recognition services at 6:45 Thursday evening. Girls planning to
go will meet outside of Susan Campbell hall at 6:45 and proceed
to the art museum for the candlelight service. Upon their arrival,
candles will be given to each new member, who in turn will light
theirs from one held by “Y” Presi
dent Mary Corrigan. The Vesper
^Clioir will sing on the steps of the
museum during the ceremony.
The formal closing of the YWCA
membership drive marked a total
of 628 members, according to Miss
Lois Greenwood, executive direc
tor, Pi Beta Phi was first to com
plete the drive, followed by Alpha
Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chi
Omega, Sigma Kappa, Gamma
Phi Beta and Delta Zeta.
A number of students indicated
interest in becoming members of
the YWCA, but have not yet com
pleted their registration. This may
be done this week at the bungalow.
The YWCA is open to all Uni
versity women, and the member
ship fee is only a dollar a year.
Tae symposium group will
meet every Tuesday at 7:30
p.m. instead of Thursday as
previously reported in the
Emerald. Those interested in
additional details may contact
Robert D. Clark, assistant pro
fessor of speech and dramatic
Registration Totals Exceed 2700 This Week;
Liberal Arts Maintains Largest Enrollment
Play Lacks
Two Male
After a week of casting, rehear
sals for “Ladies of the Jury,” the
three-act comedy to be presented
by the University Theatre guild
October 26 to 31 inclusive, have be
gun. The cast, minus two male
characters who have not yet been
chosen, has been announced by
Director Ottilie Seybolt.
Men interested in filling the mis
sing male roles are requested to
see Mrs. Seybolt at 11 a. m. to
day in the drama studio, or should
leave their name and phone num
ber for an appointment.
The players and character roles
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Enrollment at the University
this week, as late registrants brt
ure, of which 918 are men and 1
students than were enrolled at tl
both men and women has incre
Football Tickets
On Sale at Igloo
Students should purchase their
tickets for the Oregon-Oregon
State game to be played at Cor
vallis Saturday at McArthur court,
according to Anse Cornell, athletic
manager. Webfoot rooters must
present, in addition to their
tickets, their ASUO cards before
they can be admitted to the game.
Tickets may be purchased from
8 until 5 in the Athletic ticket
office in McArthur court.
Because of the transportation
tie-up, no special buses will be
chartered, announced Ruth Gif
ford, athletic ticket manager.
! Puddles Lacking for Puddles'
“I’m disappointed because there
were no puddles to wade in at Sat
urday’s game, and how is a gal
going to live up to a name of
“Puddles” if there are none pro
vided?” asked the Oregon Ducks’
new mascot with a hiss and a
couple of quacks.
Traditionally all Oregon stu
dents have web-feet, but the illus
trious Miss Puddles didn’t have to
develop them after arriving on
the campus. She came via an edi
torial in the Register Guard from
Karl Orloss’s place on Lake Drive.
Incidentally, he gets two tickets
to the Washington game.
When asked how she got her
name, this counterpart of Daisy
Duck explained, “When you think
of rain, you think of puddles, and
when you think of puddles, you
think of ducks, so (quack) what
could I do?” However, Jim Mc
^Clintoch and Bill Gross, her offi
cial custodians at Mill lodge, had
thought of names sdch as Angleita
and Myrtle until they looked at
the bottom of Puddles’ box and
nothing but Puddles would do.
Although the mill race which is
handy to the house she lives in
would literally be a duck’s para
dise, Fuddles has not been allowed
to use it at her leisure as she
might head for her former home.
She has to be content with dab
bling around in a cake pan at pres
Her eating habits are not quite
like other students. Her diet is
greens and specially prepared duck
food. The fellows think that after
she has gotten a little more world
ly wise, she’ll demand a meal
ticket and perhaps get used to
such delicacies as hamburgers and
No alarm clocks are necessary
in Mill Lodge as residents are
awakened by a loud quacking and
hissing. The .first night Bill and
Jim had her in their room, but
complications ensued and it was
[necessary to oust her to a re
frigerator box.
| Other members of the house
looked forward to her coming with
visions of fried or boiled duck
eggs. Puddles refuses to lay any
eggs and the fellows have to be
content with ordinary hen fruit.
At the rally last Friday night
the new mascot made her debut.
At Saturday’s game, she was
paraded before the grandstands on
a. specially designed leash by the
rally squad.
Jordis Benke, Pi Phi, donated
the harness which once belonged
to a dog named Smedley.
Jim and Bill plan to make the
mascot a traditional affair like the
Beaver at Oregon State.
French Movie Set
For Wednesday
A French program has been
planned for Wednesday evening by
the educational activities board
for the free-movies night. A nar
rative, “Dr. Knock,” is the feat
lured picture, which was filmed in
France. Louis Jouret, the famous
French actor, takes the lead in
playing the part of Dr. Knock.
This film is a satire on some of
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of Oregon passed the 2700 mark
night the total to 2789. This fig
371 women, represents 890 more
lis time last year. The number of
rsed; 93 men and 87 women are
for special and auditor courses
making a total of ISO as compared
to *12 last year.
There are 443 freshmen men and
756 women, totaling 1199 this year
against 902 last year; 251 sopho
more men and 663 women, total
ling 914, 599 last year; only 20
junior men and 145 women, total
ling 171, 119 last year; 51 senior
men and 171 women, 222 againat
161 last year; 54 men graduate
students and 49 women, 103
against 76 last year.
The liberal arts department
claims the largest total, 1306,
with 342 men and 964 women,
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Today's World
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 54,
who led allied armies to victory in
Europe, will be named U. S. army
chief of staff within a few weeks,
replacing Gen. George C. Marshall,
an informed source in London said.
Prince Naruhiko Higashi-Kuni
said in Tokyo that Emperor Hi*-**
Hito knew in advance of the Jap
anese plan to attack Pearl Harbor,
but “had understood” a formal
declaration of war would be tran-i
mitted to the United States before
the attack began.
Pierre Laval was reported by
court attendants at Paris to be
locked in a dungeon beneath the
Palais dc Justice as the fourth day
of his treason trial started late
without the swarthy defendant on
Boastful Lf. Gen. Tomoyufei
Yamashita, “Tiger of Malaya”
pleaded innocence of war crimes in-*
Manila after his counsel said the
American army had no case
against him—and immediately the
prosecution countered with a bill
of particulars and accused the men
of his command with 64 atrocities
in the Philippines.
Bear Adm. Richard E. Byrd,
noted explorer, is ill aboard the
hospital ship Marigold in Yoko
hama harbor it was disclosed.