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    Ducks Meet VandalsToday
Art Holman’s
Band at igloo
Tonight at 9
With their entertainment
shrouded in mysterious silence,
Kwama and Skull and Dagger
will coordinate this evening to
present the year’s first dance.
The "Kick Off,” appropriately
titled to represent the opening
home football game, will scin
tillate with the rhythms of Art
Holman’s orchestra at the Igloo
ifrom 9 to midnight.
Exemplary of Oregon’s hospi
tality and good spirit, the Idaho
team has been invited to attend
and as an added “service” Kwamas
will provide dates for the evening.
Ticket Sales High
Robbieburr Warrens, ticket
chairman, announced last night
that ticket sales yesterday passed
all expectations and from this in
dication there should be a large
crowd. Tickets can be purchased
at the educational activities office
tomorrow and at the main en
trance during the dance.
Patrons and patronesses attend
ing the “Kick Off” are Mr. and
Mrs. Hoyt Franchere, Mr. and
Mrs. Eyler Brown, Mr. and Mrs.
George Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. R.
C. Hall and Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
As to the much-discused sub
ject of “what to wear,” short silks
and heels are in order for the wo
men with sport clothes and ties
for the men. Corsages are not in
Orides Pledge
Members Soon
All women interested in joining
Orides, independent women’s or
ganization on the campus, are in
vited to attend the meeting at 7:30
p. m. in Gerlinger hall. Any woman
who does not live in an organized
campus living group is eligible for
membership in the organization.
Formal pledging will take place
the following Monday and the girls
^Should be present at this meeting
in order to turn their names in
for pledging.
The organization was founded
for the purpose of providing inde
pendent women with social life
similar to that of women living in
regular houses. Students are also
able to have a voice in campus
life and to make some of the con
tacts that it would otherwise be
impossible for them to make.
Orchestra To Give
Dec. Performance J
The orchestra, under the direc- |
tion of John Stehn, acting dean of
the music school, will present a
concert in early December. The
date has not been set as yet.
They will play "The Marriage of
.Figaro" by Mozart, a selection |
from the Barber of Seville. A
heavier piece, Beethoven’s Fifth
<(Symphony and Bizet’s Suite Num
ber One” from Carmen.
If Dean Kratt is back by Febru
ary, he will direct the 35 members
of the orchestra in their concert
next term, Mr. Stehn said.
College Football New to Many
For the majority of Web
foots the gridiron action in
Hayward field today at 1 :3C
p. m. will be their first college
football game. It may also be
their first time in the stadium.
Seniors remember games in the
fall of 1942, while juniors wit
nessed several soldier-student
games in the field in 1943. The re
sult is that few students have a
very clear picture of a football
game at Oregon.
The first question is: What to
wear? Tradition in the past has
decreed heels and short silks for
women, and rooter’s lids for men.
Ed Allen, ASUO president, an
nounced at the assembly Thurs
day that such would be in order.
The same day the Women’s Coor
dinating council went on record as
favoring heels and short silks.
Entering Stadium
Students will enter the stadium
on the east side, being admitted on
their ASUO cards. The reserve sec
tion, at $1.80 a seat, is on the west,
and general admission seats, at
$1.20, on the south side, with en
trances on Fifteenth avenue. There
will als<* be a special section for
children and service men at 60
cents per ticket.
‘“Puddles,” the live and quack
ing Oregon mascot, will be in
troduced to the two-legged va
riety of Ducks today at the
Idaho-Oregon game. But the
naming of Puddles didn’t merit
any enterprising student two
tickets for the reserved section
df the game—alas, no enterpris
ing Webfoot even-so-much-as
turned in a name. Despite the
contest to name the creature—
and everyone knows that con
tests are UO's meat—not a
tests are UO’s meat—not a
and the rally squad was forced
to name the bird itself. So meet
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University Co-op
Staff Doubles As
Sales Increase
The largest increase in sales
since the Co-op moved into Chap
man hall in September, 1939 has
been in cokes,” according to
Marion McClain, manager of the
University’s student store.
The staff had to be doubled at
the time the store moved from its
cramped space next to the College
Side Inn to the present site. Sales
immediately rose 25 percent and
the prewar normal was a 45 per
cent increase. Sales are now on an
equal with those of any period in
Co-op history, Mr. McClain said.
The large balcony has proved an
advantageous place for the sale of
textbooks. During the rush period
this fall 18 people worked behind
the counter and as many as 300
students crowded onto the balcony.
Mr. McClain said that the scope
of the stock has not increased so
much as have the volume of sales
although the sale of art prints,
stationery, and personalized cards
has greatly increased.
Tex Oliver, head Webfoot football coach, will' send his team into
action at 2:00 this afternoon in the first home game in Hayward
field in three years. The foe, the Idaho Vandals, promise stiff com
First Snowball Rally
Oreaon Spirit Preview
Climaxing last night’s snowball
rally, which started from three
corners of the campus in front of
the Gamma Phi, Tri-Delt, and
Sigma Kappa houses and then
progressed to the library, was a
demonstration of the spirit to be
shown by Oregon students at the
Oregon-Idaho game this afternoon.
With peppy Evans Sax acting
as master of ceremonies for the
program, the selection of the name
“Puddles” for the rally squad's
mascot duck was announced.
Mickey Davies and his rally squad
led the crowd in the “triple O”, the
“Locomotive,” and several other
The appearance of the football
team on the platform caused the
congregation of students to break
into wild cheering. The crowd dis
banded after a rousing “six for the
team” to the strains of “Mighty
Later in the evening, a rally
dance sponsored by the Inter
dorm council was held in John
^Registration Closes
Today is the last chance out
of-state students have to pay
their fees, it was announced
yesterday from the registrar’s
office. Registration will close
today at noon, it was also an
nounced. Classes may be drop
ped by students until Octo
ber 27.
Straub hall. The dance was open
to all and a large group of stu
dents danced to the music of a
juke box.
Newburn Heads
Church Program
Dr. Harry Newburn will speak
at a University Night program at
the First Baptist church Sunday
evening at 7:30 on the theme, "The
University and Its Purpose.’’
Others from the university parti
cipating will include Dean Karl
Onthank, speaking on "The Uni
versity and the Community,” and
Dean Virgil D. Earl and Dean
Golda P. Wickham, talking on
"The University and Its Young
Men and Young Women.” "The
University and the Churches” will
be the subject of a brief message
by Dr. Vance H. Webster, pastor
of the church.
University students will take
part in the service. Hildegard
Wagner and a trio composed of
Jean Paris, Pat Heinrichs and
Evangeline Moshofsky will sing.
Rollin Calkin will serve as song
leader, with Viigene Lindley at
the organ. Men from the Univer
sity will serve as ushers. There
I will be a half-hour “singspiration”
|for all University students ip the
parlor after the evening service.
Leicht Back
For 1st Home
Game Today
I'ex Oliver’s A\ cbfoots meet
the University of Idaho Van
dals this •afternoon at two
o'clock at Hayward field to
fight out the dlst Idaho-Ore
gon Contest in the history of
the schools. A crowd of 5000
is expected to attend the first
Duck home grid contest since
A great boost to the Ducks’
backfield will be Jake Leicht, re
cently discharged from the Army
Air force. Leicht, considered one
of the out-standing backs on the
Pacific coast, teamed up with
triple-threater Bobby Reynolds
and sophomore fullback. Jim Byt^y
give the edge in the backfield to
the Ducks.
Good Offensive
A good offensive game is ex
pected. The Vandals did consider
able passing in their game against
WSC, and on one occasion Idaho’s
star half hack Jim Hatch broke
away for a 74 yard dash against,
the Cougars.
Oregon's loss of Elliott Wilson
because of ineligibility robs the
Webfeet of one of their mainstays.
The possible loss of the Ducks of
guard Harry Reiton and end Abe
Hathway presents a problem to
the starting lineup. The loss of
these two players might give the
edge on the line to the Vandals.
Taylor Moved Up
| Don Taylor a reserve full back
has been moved up to. aid the 200
pound center Bill Anderson.
Experts give Idaho its best
chance this year for a victory
since its 6-0 victory over Oregon
in 1926. In the thirty games played
by the rivals, Oregon won 24, lost
two, and tied four.
Students wishing to attend the
game need only the registration
cards issued them two weeks ago
at MacArthur court for admission
to the game.
Vesper Choir
Plans Tryouts
Auditions for the Vesper Choir
will be held at 8 p.m. Monday in
Alumni hall, Gerlinger, Johnette
King, student director, announced
today. The Vesper Choir is spon
sored by the Student Religious
Counsel and has completed two
successful years as a girls choir.
All interested women students are
eligible and should attend the try
Miss King, a junior in music,
has been appointed by the school
of music as student conducter of
the choir. Donald W. Allton, pro
fessor of music, will act as advisor
from the school of music.
The choir will sing for three
vesper services during the term
and several concerts will be given
during the year.
Helen Luvaas, who conducted
the choir for the past two years iu
now taking graduate music work
at Eastman School of Music,
Rochester, New York.
Weather Forecast
Eugjene and vicinity partly
cloudy Saturday; Sunday,
cloudy with light showers. Cool
er Sunday with fog along the
coast. Maximum temperature
Saturday, 75 degrees.