Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 25, 1945, Page 5, Image 5

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St. Mary’s victory over California at Berkeley Saturclav may
ha\ e been the greatest upset of the nation on the gridiron front
but here at Oregon it really hurts. The situation centers around
Spike Cordeiro, fleet footed halfback from Hawaii, who in his
first collegiate grid appearance paced the Gaels to a 20-13 vic
ton- over the Golden Bears with the assistance of another
Hawaii star, Herman Wedcmeyer.
Last fall Cordeiro played intramural football on the campus
and Honest John Warren was looking forward to the day
when Cordeiro would be playing for the Lemon and Green.
Cordeiro displayed remarkable speed, in fact, none of the play
ei s ever caught Spike after he broke loose. Cordeiro joined the
merchant marine last winter and up to a few weeks ago it look
ed as that the Hawaii sensation would return to Oregon but
Jimmy Phelan, Gael mentor, must have done some fancy talk
ing for it looks as though Oregon’s loss is St. Mary’s gain.
Cordeiro’s loss really hurts but what with the addition of
Elliott Wilson and Jake Leicht to the roster the Webfoots’ out
look for the Washington tussle .is brighter, but Oregon still
holds the role oi the underdog.
However, Washington has been sending out sob-stuff dur
ing the last week or so in anticipation of the Webfoot tussle.
According to Pest Walch and company the starting lineup is
dominated by inexperienced freshmen who lack both weight and
knowledge of the game. If one look behind the scene, however;
the situation is entirely reversed, for Welch has six returning
regulars, four transfer nine navy Y-.12 trainees, seven navy
ROTC men, and more than 40 freshmen and returning service
Add to this fact that the Huskies held their opening- spring
practice in May. Grid workouts were held all summer and this
reason alone is a decided advantage over the .Webfoots who
opened their first practice September 8, under mentors Oliver
and Warren.
Closed Practice
Since last 1 Inirsday "Tex" started a rigid cencorship policy
in order to stage a war of nerves with Welch and company be
fore the all important opener for both teams at Seattle Satur
day. Tim reasons given for the secrecy center around several
factors, mainly; No. T : keep spectators from disturbing the
players who must give their undivided attention to the new for
mations and plays which are'being developed for the T. No. 2:
keep the Huskies in the dark as to heights, weights, and start
ing line-up possibilities to the last minute. No. 3: give Washing
ton a spirit of overconfidence. The Huskies are riding' high
and mighty in the Northern half of the conference and “Tex”
Jt|Spes his inexperienced eleven will be able/to do the trick.
Our boys know the odds are against them, but nevertheless
they will go on the turf at Seattle with only one purpose—to
play the best game we can whether Oregon wins, loses., or
draws. . ■ ’
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Korn's Bakery
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Two Pages
Yes or No
It’s got to be this or that,
fellows. Cooperation, that's the
idea. Two sports pages are con
sidered' twice as good as one,
but there’s a catch to it. Men!
An extreme shortage of
same is noticeable around the
Emerald sports department.
Don't hold back on that talent,
give with the news. The Emer
ald is waiting for you. Be in
room 105 Jour, tonight and get
in on the ground floor.
Sports Staff this issue—
Bob Chapman
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Larry Neer
Open Today
Reopening this morning is The
Anchorage, better known to old
students as “The Anch." It is
located on highway 99, just across
the street from the art building.
Cal and Ruth Albert, the pro
prietors, welcome all new students
and invite them to try their din
ners and that “between classes
cup o' coffee.”
There have been no changes in
the old “Anch.” A counter and a j
few small booths are found up
front, while in the back overlook
ing the Willamette, are still ^the
tables with their red and white
checked table cloths. ,
Except for Mondays, the Anch
orage is open from 8 a.m. to
8 p.m. daily except Sundays, when
dinners are served between 12:15
and 7 p.m.
Chi Omega will hold an open
house 6:30 to 7:30 Wednesday
I, ' ' '
Addition of two veteran gridmen brought new hope to Ore
giid camp Saturday when it was aunt nnced that Klliott
WiAon. 225 pound letter,nan center, and Jake Leicht. triple
threat halfback, will see action against the Washington Huskies
m Seattle Saturday, September 50.
I-vCicht, in the opinion of Tex
Oliver and his staff, is the
greatest halfback in the na
tion and many sports scribes
following Leicht’s performan
ces with the Randolph Field
Ramblers and the Fourth Air
Force Fliers have sided with
(Fiver in his contention.
Ground Gainer
Oregon new half, who was the
leading ground gainer for the
Ramblers last season, has been
transferred to Hammer Field,
Fresno, Calif, where he will receive
his discharge, probably today.
Until his transfer Lt. Leicht was
quarter for the Fourth Air Force
Fliers who defeated the Second
Air Force last week. Leicht played
against All-American Frankie
Sinkwich and sports writers cred
ited the former Webfoot with a
better showing than the ex
Georgia ace.
When Leicht turned out for
spring practice in 1941 “Tex” pre
dicted that his freshman sensation
would carry Oregon to the Rose
Bowl but the army beat him to
it, and Oregon’s All-American find
was called into the service before
the season opened.
“Little Abner” Returns
News of Leicht’s return to col
legiate grid ranks followed on the
wake of the announcement that
Elliott Wilson, center for the
Lemon and Green in 1940-41 had
checked out his jersey last Thurs
day and would be in shape to face
the Huskies. Wilson will alternate
with Bob Anderson, promising
freshman from Long Beach, Calif,
at the pivot slot. “Little Abner"
is in good condition and ready to
start against Pest Welch's charg
ers even though he was just dis
charged after serving overseas
with the marines in the Pacific.
With two days remaining before
Oregon's 28 man traveling squad
returning regulars including Rose
Tex Oliver has yet to announce
the Oregon squad which must face
a stronger and more experienced
Husky eleven. Pest Welch has six
rturning regulars including Rose
Bowlers Don Moore at fullback
and John Wengender on the line.
Four transfers, seven navy ROTC
men, and nine V-12 navy trainees
in addition to more than 40
seventeen year olds and returning
veterans complete the roster.
Since Thursday the practice
field has been closed to all specta
tors and since then something new
has been added. Yes, it’s true,
Oregon joins the ranks of the T
formation with Abbey at the
signal calling post. However this
does not mean the discontinuation
of the single wing so long familiar
on the campus.
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