Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 22, 1945, Page 6, Image 6

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    Rush Week Pledge List
Names Sorority Women
(Editor’s note: The following
list of rush week pledges as re
leased September 15 is printed in
ti e Emerald by request.)
At the close of rush week a
week ago today the names of 242
women pledged by University of
Oregon sororities was announced.
Following is a complete list of
pledges. •
Alpha Chi Omega -Janet Beigal,
Jean Carpenter and Virginia Jones,
Portland; Barbara Twiford, Hills
boro; Helen Lamson, Willamina;
Mary Alice Blockoinger, Chilo
quin; Sally Johnson, Los Gatos,
Cal.: Arley Norcross. San1 Fran
cisco, Cal.: Maxine Jamiesen,
Spokane; Helen E. Nelson, Aber
deen, Wash.; Jane Grace,, Balboa,
Cal.; Beverly Diechler, San Fran
cisco; Barbara Hickman, Long
Beach, Cal.; and Barbara Hufford.
Tacoma, Wash.
Alpha Delta Pi Virginia Skow
and Geraldine Healey. Portland;
Barbara Bennett, Eugene; Dorothy
Samuelson, Judith Seeborg, As
toria; Phyllis Litzenberger, Co
quille; Gloria Wicks, Springfield;
Joan McCready, Sweet Home;
Nancy Mutz, Oakland, Cal., and
Betty Jean Nicholson, Berkeley,
Cal.; Norma Gross, Sacramento,
Cal.;Betty Swan, South Pasadena,
Cal.; Lucille Ludberg, Lake Stev
ens, Wash.; Joyce Gordon, Van
couver, Wash., and Katheryn Giles,
Koquiam, Wash.
Alpha Gamma Delta Beverly
Filler, Inez Richardson, Suzanne
Stearns, Delores Abeita, Gloria
Mullins and Dorothy E. White, all
of Portland; Beverly Jean Clark,
Donna Stageberg, Eugene; Patri
cia Bolander, Lewiston, Idaho, Pat
Crowell,’ Santa Ana, Cal., and
Helen Haglund, East Stanwood,
Alpha Omioron Pi—Dorothy
Clausen and Bonnie Chappell,
Portland; Beverly Droste, ■ Joan I
Hollis, Carolyn Wright, all of
Eugene; Jo Anne Adler, Medford;
Dorothy Ward, Springfield; Suz
anne Imrie, Berkeley, Cal.; Bettie
Merriam, St. Helena, Cal.; Norma
Parpala, Aberdeen, Wash., and
Renee Cowell of Waipahu, Hono
Alpha Phi—Molly Clair, Shirley
Hough, Jean Lichty, Marigale
Lund, Jan Merrifield, Nancy Helen
Peterson, Jo Ann Sappenfield,
Dorothy Wightman, all of Port
land; Karclyn Strong, Eugene;
Joan Smith, Medford; Hazel Roake,
Joyce Strickland, Oregon City;
Aldine Me Noli, Tigard, and Pat
Newton and Margaret Wells, both
of Berkeley, Cal.
Alpha Xi Delta—Mary Alice
Driver, Mary Ella Velguth, Bar
bara Wood, all of Portland; Betty
Breen, Ruth Clark, Kathleen Con
ley, Marilyn Hinz, Virgene Lind
ley, Marilyn Metzger, all of. Eu
gene; Barbara Paulus, Prairie
City; Betty Bertel, Redmond, and
Hollis Hackley, Millbrae, Cal.
Chi Omega—Sallie McQuirk and
Shirley Minea, Portland; Janet
Whelan, Lebanon; Mollie Muir,
Brentwood, Cal., and Mary Joy
ham, Silverton, B. C., Canada,
Delta Delta Delta Beth Easier,
Lorraine Kennedy, Audrey Kull
berg, Marjean McElvain, Joan
Rambo, Nancy Sabel, Betty Spang
ler, all of Portland; Betty Jean
Hillstcm, Altabe'lle Hoadley, Betty
Huber, Gloria Johnson, Shirley
Kissling, all of Eugene; Sara Bjor
set, Cottage Grove; Janice Lee
Hansen, Junction City; Jean Fid
ler, Janet Kirk. Elizabeth Nelson,
all qf Salem; Margie Tate, Sublim
ity; Patricia Jolliff, Los Gatos,
Cal.; Gloria Stannard, Long Beach,
Cal.; Dorothy Thomson. San Fram.
cisco, Cal., and Janet Watts,
Tacoma, Wash.
Delta Zeta—Marjorie Weeks,
Dr. A E. Caswell Returns
To Physics Department
His work completed in the development of radar, Dr. A. E.
Caswell, head of the physics department, is back on the campus
after 39 months' absence. Dr. Caswell worked from June 1942
until August 1945 in the radiation laboratory at the Massachu
setts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, where he partici
pa ted in a radar project, lhe tirsi
two months of his job was in
secret developmental work. He
then was shifted to the division
which prepared iiistrufction books
on operation and maintenance of
“crash” radar sets.
“We compiled handbooks." Dr.
Caswell said on his return “on
nearly all the important sets built.
One of the sets compiled by the
radiation lab and for which we
supplied the instruction book was
one which made it possible to
bomb Germany day and night for
#ix days a week, when before it
was feasible to do precision bomb
ing maybe one day a week.
Radar, he explained, enables the
pilot to make exact location of his
target in spite of smoke or clouds.
It also shows him when to drop
Ids bombs in order to hit the
target squarely.
i Many Workers
During the peak work at M.T.T.,
there were 3800 civilian and 1200
military personnel. About 80 per
cent of all the original work done
< n radar, the psysicist said, was
done at M.I.T. and 00 per cent of
the development has taken place
As for peacetime applications.
Dr. Caswell believes that radar
should be compulsory on all com
mercial passenger planes and un
doubtedly all the larger airports
will have it for landing purposes.
There is a possibility of using
iadar on fishing crafts to chart
the shore lines and avoid accidents.
Dr. Caswell satd that he intend
ed to use his knowledge of radar
in teaching as soon as the govern
ment released the information.
Some parts of radar information
have been released and can prob
ably be used in the classroom, but
ottder developments will not be
given out until later or possibly
not at all.
Dr. Caswell has been on the Uni
versity faculty most of the time
since 1913. During his last two
years at he was chief of
his section.
Ore-nters Distributed
For the second year, the Ore
nter, a handbook answering many
questions on and giving informa
tion on University life, is being'
distributed to students at registra
This year's Ore-nter, edited by
Lois Evans, contains the history,
traditions, and songs of the Uni
versity. Also included are degree
and honorary society require
ments,, the ASUO constitution and
by-laws, where to go in Eugene
and on the campus, tips on dress
ing, dating, and a bevy of useful
information on every phase of
campus life.
Assisting Miss Evans were Ray
Beeson, Elizabeth Gilmore, Caro
lyn Jacobs, Dorothy Habel, Gloria
Grenfell. Margaret Metcalf, Bar
bara Johns, and L. L. Jermain.
Museum Buys
Bird Collection
Purchase of a rare collection of
Oregon birds, eggs and nests,
owned by Dr. A. G. Prill, Scio, for
the University of Oregon Museum
of Natural History has been an
nounced by President Harry K.
The collection, of particular in
terest because* it contains many
varieties of birds now extinct, was
gathered over a period of many
years by Dr. Prill and has been
completely catalogued. It includes
approximately 1600 bird skins and
sixty-four mounted birds in addi
tion to 1875 sets of Oregon bird
eggs, 300 foreign sets, and 200
bird nests. The collection also con
tains an extensive library on birds
and many photographs, some of
which are colored.
Dr. Prill has listed among the
specimens of unusual interest the
little yellow rail, first and only on
record in Oregon; black swift, first
Oregon record; great gray owl, the
largest of the specie; Harris spar
row, an eastern bird, third on Ore
gon record; Oregon ringed pheas
ant, two western robins, and one
Brewers sparrow, all albinos.”
Dr. Prill gave a similar collec
tion to the University a number of
years ago, which with this later
group makes an invaluable source
of study material for students and
Audrey Wishart, both of Portland;
Diane Barnhart, Eugene; Shirley
Crump, Geraldine Dostalik, Grants
Pass; Nancy Hoerlein, Hood River;
Marcelyn Wiggins, Sharon Willits,
Klamath Falls; Dolores Marsh,
Port Orford; Salley Bates, Rose
burg; Dorothy Lee, Salem: Pat
Zumwalt, Sixes; Marybeth Strana
han, Tillamook; Frances Budo,
Eleanor Barnard, Sally Evans, all
of Piedmont, Cal.; Geneal Cowan,
Boise, Idaho; Veda Nicholes, Cald
well, Idaho; Pauline Fugate, Aber
deen, Wash., and Carol Jean Kaull,
Ogden, Utah; Verla George, Long
Beach, Cal.; Eleanor Zapitini.
Piedmont, Cal. Maxine Knorr.
Delta Gamma—Barbara Blinco,
Ailsa Bynon, Chiane Gerow, Sally
Ann Grefe, Jeanne Pierce, Joan
Pleier, Roxie Sears, Joan Williams,
all of Portland; Helen McGilli
cuddy, Martha Trask, Eugene;
Althadel Johns, Athena; Rosalie
Jakkep, Hood River; Jeanne Hern
dorn, Joan Heron, Palo Alto, Cal.;
Mary Lou Miller, San Mateo, Cal.;
Barbara Eagleson, Boise, Idaho,
and Marice Williams, Spokane,
Gamma Phi Beta—Jean Dodson,
Mary Margart Dundorf, Mary
Hibbitt, Julie Holman, Irene Moor,
Mary Lou Renard, all of Portland;
Donna Rankin, Coquille; Nancy
Buell, Lakeview; Dee Moore, On
tario; Phyllis Holdman, Pendleton;
Jean Claire Swift, Salem; Mary
Naftel, Claremont, Cal.; Eleanor
Toll, San Mariho, Cal., and Flor
ence Guthrie, Tacoma, Wash.
Kappa Alpha Theta — Patty
Beaton, Janet Davis, Janej. Fee
haughty, Nancy Lausman, Prudy
McCroskey, Virginia Parr, Suz
anne Sullivan, Joanne Hirschbuhl,
all of Portland; Sylvia Ann Scott,
Ann Woodworth, Eugene; Low
rana Preston, Pauline Van Petten,
Ontario; Janet Rilea, Salem; Sue
Grether, Berkeley, Cal.; Virginia
Tapfer, San Marino, Cal., Mary
Jean Reeves, South Pasadena,
Cal.; Cynthia Klein, Carmel, Cal.,
and Verna Bridgeman, Spokane,
Kappa Kappa Gamma — *va>
Becker, Barbara Bloesing, Diane
Henenway, Leslie Palfrey, Patricia
Stone, all of Portland; Patricia
Payne, Eugene; Phyllis Schnell
and Sherley Lukins,'Salem; E. Page
Leard, Carmel, Cal.; Cynthia
Griffin, Piedmont,. Ca}.;. Fatripia
Cooke, San Diegor Cal.; Mary Lou
Hill, San Jose, Cal., and Marian
Lee Villiers. Honolulu, T. H.
l*i Beta Naney_ Base,
ANY BONDS TODAY? n.v ,ack Benny
Illustrated by George Liclity
'Til talk, I'll talk. I did it so I eould get some dough to buy
War Bonds.*’
Jordis Benke, Jean Boquist, Bar
bara Byers, Roberta Cronkhite,
Mary Jane Harrison, Peggy Haw
ver, Mary Lou Klepper, Ann Meil
stoup, Sue Mercer, Virginia Walk
er, all of Portland; Betty Samp
son, Eugene; Bernice Layton,
Astoria; Wanda Shaw, Klamath
Falls, Nancy McClintock, Rose
burg; Beverly Pitman, Long
Beach, Cal., and Gladys Hale, Van
couver, Wash.
Sigma Kappa —- Patricia Ann
Crosby, Donna Neville, Muriel
Spear, all of Portland; Jeanette
Larson, Astoria; Pat Mathiesen,
Beaverton; Betty Jo Yeakel, Cot
tage Grove; Barbara Wells, Inde
pendence; Mary Ellen Wright,
Klamath Falls; Pat Boeverly,
Mohawk; Elizabeth Greene, Pend
leton; Velma Harms, St. Helens;
Marjorie Colt, Milwaukie; Patricia
Moran, Vernonia; Marjorie Mason,
Newport Beach, Cal.; Elsie Ben
ners, Sacramento, Cal., Arlene
Johnson, Yorka Linda, Cal.; Pat
Nordgren, Aberdeen, Wash., and
Elizabeth Welch, Kelso, Wash.
Zeta Tau Alpha—Ruth Allen,
Harriett Kelty, Portland; Harriett
Harper, Eugene; Bernice Lamour,
Canby; Betty Preston, Ccquille;
Pearl De Nike, McMinnville;
Bonnie Ruthford, Everett, Wash.;
Jeanette Grant, Vancouver, Wash.,
and Melba Downs, Yakima, Wajfc.;
Pat Patterson, Berkeley, Cal.
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