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    Marilyn Miller
To Give Vocal
Concert Tonight
Marilyn Miller, soprano and sen
ior in music, will sing tonight at
8.15 in a concert in the school of
music auditorium. She will present
a variety of songs, including:
“Care Selve” by Handel; “O Thou
Beloved’’ by Christofer Gluck; “If
Thou Lov’st Me’’ by Pergolesi;
“Voi, Che Sopete’’ by Mozart; a
group of German songs by Schu
mann. “In May." “Here on My
Bosom, Here on My Heart,”
“Spring Night,” “By Moonlight,”
“Sunday on the Rhine.”
“Over the Rim of the Moon,” a
group of songs by Michael Head;
"The Morning Wind” by Brans
combe; “The Ivory Tower" by Paul
Koepke; “At Twilight” by Clara
Edwards; “Nocturne” by Pearl G.
C'urren; and “The Year’s at the
Spring” by Mrs. H. H. Beach.
Marilyn Miller is the pupil of
Sigurd Nilssen. professor of voice.
Her accompanist will be Patricia
UO Veterans' Training
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who engages in incidental employ
ment while going to school, as, for
instance, waiting on tables or
v/orking for several hours a week
jii some business establishment,
which employment is only inci
dental to the main effort of secur
ing either education or training,
may not be said to be following
an employment which would bar
him from the benefits authorized
bv tire law.
“‘HELD: That a person who is
gainfully employed in a full-time
employment not related to his
course of education or training
may not receive the subsistence al
lowance authorized.’ ’’
Determination of eligibility' for
education or training, and pay
ments to veterans is provided un
der the same law as follows: “For
undergraduate courses in collegiate
institutions which use a standard
unit of credit, recognized by ac
crediting associations, determina
tions will be based on the number
of standard semester hours for
v. hich the trainee is registered for
credit. Less than 12 but not less
than 9 semester hours per sem- j
ester, or the equivalent, will be
counted as three-fourths time and
Vi ill entitle the trainee to receive
three-fourths of the full-time sub
,mi donee allowance.
Semester Hours
“Less than 9 but not less than C
semester hours per semester, or
the equivalent, will be counted as
one-half time and will entitle the
trainee to receive one-half of the
full-time subsistence allowance.
Less than 6 semester hours per
semester, or the equivalent, will be
counted as one-fourth time and,
if three semester hours or more,
Vvill entitle the veteran to receive
one-fourth of the full-time subsis
tence allowance. No subsistence al
lowance will bo paid for less than
three semester hours per semester,
<n the equivalent.
Due to an error, First Lieut.
Victor F. Manson, AUS, assistant
professor of military science and
i i tics, and Virgil D. Earl, dean of
»u on, were misquoted as saying
thit "iftiy trainee knowingly and
Weekend Tickets
On Sale at Co-op Today
Tickets tor Junior Weekend
will be on sale today in the
Co-op store from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Unaffiliated students and those
living off the campus are urged
to buy their tickets there. Tick
et chairmen will work the living
organizations. Ticket prices are:
picnic, 35 cents; Junior Prom,
$1.80; and All-Campus Sing, 50
All living organizations will
furnish their own lundhes and
those of their guests at the
luncheon. People not affiliated
with any organization may con
tact Elliott’s Grocery store be
fore Friday night and order their
lunches through the delicatessen
The Interdorm council will meet
tonight at 6:45 in John Straub hall.
* Si s
Members of the promotion com
mittee for the seventh war loan
drive will meet at 4:30 today up
stairs in the Side.
Si Si Si
The annual open meeting for
nominations of candidates to rep
resentative positions on the Co-op
board will be held this afternoon
at 4 in 207 Chapman hall. Posi
tions open are two junior represen
tatives and one sophomore repre
Living organization float chair
men for Junior Weekend will meet
at 7 tonight at the Chi Omega
* S'- Si
Members of the Yeomen offer
their services for constructing
Mardi Gras floats to any living
organization making a request.
Call YMCA between 9 a.m. and 5
p.m. any day this week.
The YWCA cabinet will meet to
night at 7 at the YWCA shack.
Dr. T. Z. Koo to Speak
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Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” to cul
In September, 1944, Dr. Koo
made his way from Shanghai to
the Chinese capital of Chungking,
reaching there by January, 1945.
He made this hazardous and tortu
ous trip mostly on foot through
dangerous Japanese territory and
on the way was stricken with ma
laria, from which he is still re-!
Dr. Koo’s appearance on the
campus has been made possible
through the joint auspices of the
Realism, Fantasy
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Steel, duly cast as Julie. They are
assisted by an exceptionally good
supporting cast, among them Jean
McClanathan as Marie; Dick Dahl
strom as Wolf; Joy Willard as
Mother Hollander; Barbara Bent
ley as Mrs. Muskat; and Henry
Korn of tire Very Little theater, as
willfully working full time in occu
pations not related to their studies
and at tiro same time drawing gov
ernment checks are subject to
prosecution for defrauding the gov
ernment." This statement should
not have been attributed to these
We’ve a gay assortment
of prints for a lovely
US Will Handle
UO Student Jobs
Part-time and vacation employ
ment of University students will
be handled in the future by a
representative of the U. S. employ
ment service, Karl W. Onthank,
head of personnel administration
and Donald Mattson, manager of
the Eugene office of USES, have
announced. Mrs. Virginia Hatha
way, Eugene, has been assigned to
the University employment office
to handle such student positions.
Mrs. Hathaway’s employment on
the campus will enable the employ
ment secretary to devote full time
to work with graduates and stu
dents leaving the campus for regu
lar employment, and to assist
scholarship winners and other
worthy students in coming to the
The vacancy left by the death of
Miss Janet Smith, Dean Onthank
said, will be filled soon. In the
meantime, the registration of sen
iors and others wishing full-time
employment, and the regular work
of the office is being taken care of
by Mrs. Winnie Hooker, office sec
UO Will Hire Grads
Any senior women interested in
working for the University follow
ing graduation are requested to
see Miss Lucille Thompson in the
president’s office, or C. L. Con
stance, assistant registrar. The
work will be general secretarial of
fice work.
Morale Builders'
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Kappa Kappa Gamma, Richard
Stacer; Pi Beta Phi, Harry John
son; Rebec house, Donald Dahlke;
Sigma hall, Ralph Lee; Sigma Kap
pa, Paul J. Brower; Susan Camp
bell, Kap Thompson; University
house, Rudy Frohreich; Zeta hall,
William Cunningham; Mary Spil
ler hall, Bruce Hansen.
Mud Bath Scheduled
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Note to freshman boys: The
Order of the “O” club has just
purchased fifteen new paddles, and
they have more on order.
Tradition dictates that freshmen
paint the “O” with the seats of
their pants, so boys participating
should wear old clothes.
I’ve only had martoonis tee
As anyone can seerly clee;
I’m not under the affluence of
As some thinkle peep at all.
But the drunker I am standing
The longer that I get, I fear.
Six Pledged at
Mu Phi Dessert
Formal pledging of six women
and the installation of new officers
took place Wednesday, April 25, at
Gerlinger hall when Mu Phi Epsi
lon, music honorary, held a des
sert. Helen Luvaas, outgoing presi
dent, performed the pledging and
installation ceremonies.
The following girls were pledged:
Rosemary Roeder, Betty J. Miller,
Shirley Thurman, Wilma Jeanne
Wilson, Marie Peery, and Jerine
Maxine Cady holds the presi
dency for the coming year. Offi
cers who will serve with her are:
Betty Jane Bennett, vice-president:
Marion Saltness, recording secre
tary; Suzanne Stephens, corre
sponding secretary; Lois Roeder,
treasurer, and Olive Oldfield, his
Alpha Xi Delta Fetes
Province President
Visiting the Alpha Xi Delta sor
ority on the campus Igst weekend
was Mrs. Merritt Thayer, prov
ince president from Seattle, who
was honored at a formal coffee
hour Sunday afternoon.
House officers elected this term
are Dolly Manville, president;
Elaine Coleman, vice president, and
Martha Cool, social chairman.
Thursday ~
Several surprises are in store
for Oregana staff workers at
their annual banquet Thursday
night at 6, Edith Newton, editor,
announced Monday. The banquet
is scheduled for 6 p.m. at Frank
Wills cafe and Miss Newton has
requested that all members of
the staff notify her this after
noon or evening if they will be
able to attend.
The annual get-together for all
workers on both the production
and business staff, is free, and it
is rumored that a “sneak Re
view” of the 1945 Oregana will
be given Thursday evening for
those attending.
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* A classic love story
* Written by Ferene Molnar
* Directed by Horace W.
* Produced by the University
May 1 and 3
Guild Theatre 60c inc. tax
Johnson Hall 8 p.m. f
For Reservations Phone Ext. 216
No place like home... Have a Coke
,. .a siving session at our house
A good way to put Welcome on the mat at your house is to have
ice-cold Coca-Cola in the refrigerator. Have a Coke just naturally
means Be one of our gang or You’re like one of the family. Whenever
young folks meet for a song fest, chin fest or swing session,
ice-cold Coca-Cola is their symbol of companionship.
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