Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 27, 1945, Page 4, Image 4

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    Beavers Trip Vandals;
Husky Knocked By WSC
Oregon State’s Beavers took one
the easy and one the hard wav
from Idaho’s luckless Vandals at
Corvallis last weekend. The Orange
quint had little trouble in rolling
up an impressive 50-28 win in the
first encounter. Rocha and Labhart
led the scoring with 16 points
The second game was g different
story, however, as the Vandals got
off to an early lead and held it
throughout most of the first half.
Oregon State finally managed to
pull ahead with five minutes to go
and had a 23-18 half time advan
tage. / •
The Staters pulled in front early
in the second period and main
tained their lead until the final
whistle. Len Pyne, Idaho’s spark
ling little guard, led the Vandals
in several valiant, but fruitless,
rallies against the Beavers’ over
whelming height margin.
The Washington State Cougars
jumped into the thick_of thejl.qr
thern division race last weekend,
as they left Seattle with two wins
over the Huskies tucked into their
win column.
Towering Vince Hansen, WSC
center, led the Cougars 19 points
the first game and 16 the second.
Hansen’s high-scoring nights gave
him a total of 224 points during
league play, which equalled the
record set in 1942 by Gain Bishop
of Washington State. Hansen still
has two games left with Idaho in
which to set a new, mark.
Washington led the Cougars at
! halftime the first game, but the
Cougars came storming back to
take a 53-42 victory.
The Huskies put up a stiff battle
the second night, as the lead
changed hands 13 times and was
tied four. The score was knotted at
half time 22 all. Washington took
a 5-1 lead early in the game, but
WSC rapidly tied the score. The
Huskies went ahead and remained
in the lead until Mort Joslin hit a
long shot a few seconds before the
half to tie the score.
The Cougars paced the game
during the second half and the
Huskies faded under the powerful
Cougar attack.
DG’s Vie with Susie
Delta Gamma will play Susan
Campbell hall for the women’s in
tramural basketball championship
after defeating Alpha Xi Delta 14
to 12 Monday night.
Jackie Kenfield led her team to
victory by scoring nine of the 14
points made. The eight points
scored by Julia Evonuk made her
high pointer on the Alpha Xi Delta
team, which was captained by Lois
The all-star game will be played
Wednesday night at 5 p.m. in Ger
Winner Saturday
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champ, passed the coveted 400
mark in the Idaho series and places
second with 417 points to his
Individual scoring for the entire
squad follows:
Wilkins . 38 205 56 99 460
Hamilton . 39 167
Hays .. 39 148
Smith . 38 93
Bartelt . 35 102
Hoffine . 22 38
Kotnik . 28 28
Stamper . 34 19
Elder . 27 15
Berg . 11 7
Allen . 22 4
Wright . 7 4
Huff . 9 3
Frederickson 4 1
Zulauf . 1 0
83 83 417
59 72 355
73 131 259
44 95 245
13 91
Pennsylvania State college is of
fering a correspondence course in
rabbit care.
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He smart . . .
wear tiossard
fx /
Eugene Gossard Shop
j 110 E. Broadway
Phone 1710
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Red Cross Drive
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chairman of collections from men’s
living organizations, Fred Samain.
Red Cross posters have been
placed all over the campus to re
mind students to dig those dimes
out of their pockets in exchange
for the Red Cross flags.
YWCA Officer Here
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tional staff of the organization for
several years, having previously
been the secretary of the YWCA at
Ohio State university. She holds
a master’s degree from Teachers'
college, Columbia university.
Veteran Pleads
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care for some time.” When asked
if he were acquainted with Eugene
and the Oregon campus he replied,
“I have lived in Eugene all my
life except the time when I was
in the army,” and concluded ‘‘I
know a number of University stu
dents whom I met while playing
center on a local commercial bas
ketball team.”
Discharged Veteran
Callaway is a former service
man with a medical discharge. Ac
cording to his father, J. W. Calla
way, he has suffered with a blad
der ailment since he was 7 years
old. This condition had been
brought under partial control
through medical treatment at the
time young Callaway entered the
army November 3, 1942, the father
said. It was while in the army that
a recurrence of his old trouble
brought about his eventual dis
charge from the army. Before he
obtained his medical discharge,
Callaway had earned a T-5 rating
as a tank driver anti was stationed
at Camp Barkeley, Texas. He re
turned home April 16, 1944.
Was Once Married
Callaway’s father said that Hu
bert was married in September,
1942, but later while his son was in
the army, his wife obtained a di
vorce which Hubert did not con
test, and the girl remarried.
Hubert Callaway is a graduate
of Eugene high school. He had one
brother, Pvt. Wayne A. Callaway,
19, who was reported killed in
Belgium January 29.
Callaway was arrested while
driving on his milk can pick-up
route Saturday afternoon. The fa
ther and mother were present. Ac
cording to the elder Callaway,
Hubert said to him, “Well, Dad, I
guess the. wrong boy got killed."
Maurice Hunter
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award will now be given post
Born in San Francisco
Capt. Hunter was born in San
Francisco February 14, 1919, and
received his elementary education
in Oakland, California, and in Den
ver, Colorado. Graduated from Uni
versity high school in Eugene in
1937, he entered the University in
the fall of 1937.
Capt. Hunter was engaged to
First Lt. Bernice Boman, whom he
met at Fort Meade. Lt. Boman
is stationed in France, the head
of the department of anaesthesia
in an unrevealed hospital there.
Dr. Arthur F. Hunter, brother of
Capt. Hunter, is head radiologist in
a hospital in England. He was for
merly a physician in the Presby
terian hospital of New York City.
In tribute to Capt. Hunter, two
of his former classmates said Mon
It is a shock to learn that Maury
I Hunter gave his life for his coun
Attention, Nurses
Miss Henrietta Doltz, director
of nursing education, will be
available for conferences today
from 9 to 11 a.m. for prenursing
students. Thursday she may
again be consulted from 8
11 a.m.
try. After knowing him for years
as a fraternity brother, roommate
and friend, I feel qualified to say
he was a fine man who undoubted
ly would have become an outstand
ing citizen.—Leonard L. Jermain,
graduate instructor in journalism.
Knowing Capt. Hunter as a close
friend and fraternity brother dur
ing his days here at the Univer
sity causes me to grieve deeply on
learning of his death in action. His
loss as a citizen and outstanding
soldier typifies the sacrifice our
country must make for the cau***.
-Don Turner, first year law stu
If war bonds do not appeal to
you as a safe investment, then the
United States is not a safe place
in which to live. Did you ever stop
to think that, if the United States
failed, your hoarded cash would be
worth . . . nothing?
• Lost
GOLD and brown Schaeffer Ever
sharp. Pat Warring, ext. 270.
PAIR pigskin gloves. Reward. Call
Ann Stevenson, 2900.
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