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    Church to Have
Orient Speaker
Mrs. A. H. Norton is the first
guest speaker for the college fire
side of the First Congregational
church in the new series on relig
ions of the world and their effect
on the present international situa
Mrs. Norton, who lived in the
Orient for a number of years, and
who has studied various religions
in relation to Christianity, will
center Sunday’s discussion around
the topic “Which1 Religion?”
In deference to midterm exam
inations the meeting will be from
7 to 8 p.m. with refreshments at
the home of the adviser, Mrs.
W. G. Williamson following the
meeting. The regular time of 8 to
9 will be resumed February 11 for
the remainder of the quarter.
All college-age young people are
invited to the firesides.
Servicemen Will Get
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Gloria Hawley, Joann Swinehart,
Beverly Therolf, Eleanor Wallace,
Carolyn Tyler, Joan Elliott, Toni
Johns, Jeans Tausmann, Joyce
Davis, Sarah Mann, Alice Robert
son, Janet Roberts, Cecilia Sensor,
Molly Moores, Sallie Bosch, Carol
Ridenour, Kathryn Schneider, Jean
Jones, Nancy Knight, Audrey Ber
dine, Pat Raefle, Virginia Bruk
art, Barbara Ward, Carol Ride
nour, and Sue Hamilton.
Phi Theta's Hoopsters
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less, has kindly consented to up
hold the name of Phi Theta Up
silon and play forward again.
Betty Lou “High Score” Butler,
will roll up the points for the Phi
Theta Upsilon team by her cool
deliberate manner on the floor and
the accuracy of her shots.
Ann "Snickers” Graham, on the
defensive again, is expected to ren
der indispensible services for the
Phi Theta Upsilon team as left
Joanne “Eagle Eye” Holstead as
guard will prove to be asset num
ber five to the Phi Theta Upsilon
Completing the starting lineup
will be Prexy Eklund, guard, who
loports the team “is shaping up
Phi Theta Upsilon will be play
ing without the services of Janet
“Beanpole” Douglas and Dorothy
"I hate short men” Godknecht
who are suffering from palpita
tions of the heart. The two lanky
Phi Theta’s will loyally assist
their team, as powder and smell
ing-salt girls, respectively. It is
Oregon ^Emerald
Desk Staff:
Jeanne Simmonds, city desk
Wynne Romtvedt
Shubert Fendrick
Friday Advertising Staff:
Lorraine Berkins, day manager
Elizabeth Overton
Joan Hickey
Patsy Moffat
Barbara Twiford
Betty Whittle
Jo Anne Bush
Janet Hicks
An “Old-Fashioned” party with
folk and square dancing, games,
and refreshments will be held at
Wesley house tonight at 8:30.
expected that this courtesy will
also be made available to the op
posing team.
Meri Corrigan, “just call me K.
Falls,” will supply vim and vigor
to the Phi Theta Upsilon cheering
section, as yell queen. Miss Corri
gan will be assisted by rally squad
members "Missfit” Evans and Merl
Pauck Launches
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propaganda and to maintain mo
rale. Many Germans were capti
vated by the spirit, he said. This
spirit is the fundamental attitude
of all who aspire to be massmen,
he explained.
The speaker said that, according
to the Christian faith, all that
ought to be will ultimately be
realized. The fundamentals of the
Christian faith are to believe in
God as the Creator and as the
Saviour. Nothing that is evil can
defeat the good, he said.
We are catastrophists in trying
to surrender the feeling of con
tinuity, Dr. Pauck declared. He
told of a speech he gave at
his graduating exercises which
astounded the older people be
cause he showed such a faith in
the continuity of life.
“We cannot be truly responsible
persons unless we believe in histor
ical continuity,” he further de
Webfoots Meet U. of W.
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tinue to hit the basket as they
have done so far this season. Wil
kins is 7 points above the speedy
Washington guard in the scoring
with 110 counters to 103.
A crowd of approximately 6,000
fans is expected to jam the Wash
ington court to watch a racehorse,
run-and-shoot game.
This year’s much improved Ore
Municipal Electric and Water Utilities
gon quint hopes to pull a turnabout
on the Huskies to revenge last sea
son’s 40-38 and 67-25 defeats. Two
games in the win* column would
give Oregon a clean sweep of the
four-game series, as the Washing
ton five did to the Oregon varsity
last year.
Warren is almost certain to start
Dick Wilkins and Del Smith at
forwards, Ken Hays at center, and
Jim Bartelt and Bob Hamilton at
the guard spots. For Washington,
the probable starters are Don Mc
Millan, Norm Carnovale, Bill Va.n
denberg, Dick King, and Bob Jor
Globally Speaking
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as king and the short war with
the Reich that led to the occupa
tion of the country after a week
of fighting.
Mikhailovitch’s Chetniks imme
diately started to fight the Nazis.
After the invasion of Russia, Tito’s
partisans entered the picture.
Tito’s exploits at first existed sole
ly in the mind of the Tiflis radio
which masqueraded as the partisan
radio station.
The two factions spent more
time fighting each other than they
did the Germans. Britain and the
United States first backed Mikhail
ovitch; switching when the Teher
an conference assigned Yugoslavia
to the Russian sphere of influence.
Tito will probably make Yugo
slavia a constituent republic of the
Soviet Union.
Gl Loans Explained
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■from his local banker, he should
then apply to his nearest RFC loan
agency for a loan. The address of
the appropriate agency for this
region is 444 Pittock Block, Port
land 5, Oregon.
“Banks desiring to assist vet
erans in this program may obtain
the necessary regulations and loan
application blanks from the local
regional office of the veterans’ ad
ministration,” Mr. Kennedy said.
“The requirements of the law
are that the veteran must be found
qualified by training or experience
to engage in the type of business
for which he seeks a loan, the
property sought to be acquired is
reasonable in price and suited to
its intended purpose, and that the
venture is likely to succeed.”
“Since the act does not provide
for loans to run businesses, the
lender will want to know whether
the veteran has sufficient funds
for this purpose, as well as ability,
dependability, business experience,
and business character, to assume
a reasonable likelihood that the
veteran’s contemplated operations
will be successful. The lender wiil
also want to know whether the
veteran has been in such business
before entering the service and
the nature of his service experi
ence and training.”
“Veterans are well advised to be
on guard against fraudulent or ab
surd propositions and careful of
U. S. Navy Photo
Battle Report to all Hands
I', • ERY seaman and officer aboard our Navy's fighting ships
instantly hears the call to action, follows the battle's progress
over a special type of announcing system made by Western
On carriers the entire crew, topside and below deck to
oilers and ammunition passers, can hear first-hand accounts
direct from the pilots themselves on how it went "upstairs.”
Meeting the communication needs of our armed forces re
quires all available manpower and manufacturing facilities.
That's why telephone equipment cannot now be built for
civilian use. After the war, Bell Laboratories’ scientists
and workers at Western Electric will turn again to their
peacetime jobs of designing and making telephone equipment
for the Bell System.
"Service to the Nation in Peace and War ”
exploiters. With the aid of the
banker, who is schooled in such
matters, veterans should investi
gate very carefully all propositions
presented to them. There are many
pitfalls, difficulties, and hard work
ir. operating one's own business,^
10th Ave. at Pearl
Rev. Norman K. Tully, Pastor
Soldiers, Students ad Visitors
Cordially Welcome at Divine
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Broadway and High
Dr. Vance H. Webster, Pastor
University Group, 9:45 a.m.
and 6:00 p.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Service 7:3Q p.m.
13th and Pearl
Rev. E. S. Bartlam, Rector
Services at 8 and 11 a.m.
Canterbury Club, 6 p.m.
Service, Wednesday in Gerlinger,
7:50 a.m.
1166 Oak Street
Walter J. Fiscus, Pastor
University Classes, 9:45 a.m.
Dr. Victor P. Morris, teacher
Youth Discussion Groups, 6 :15 p.m.
Fireside Meetings, 8 :45 p.m.
Worship Services, 11 :00 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m.
490 13th Ave. East
Telephone 4192
Wesley Goodson Nicholson, Minister
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
University Group 7 :00 p.m.
6th and Pearl—Phone 4623
Harold Aalbue, Pastor
Morning Service 11 :00 a.m.
Holy Communion last Sunday
each month
L.S.A. Sundays, 7 :00
1165 Willamette St.
Llewellyn O. Griffith, Minister
University Group
9:45 a.m., 7 :00 p.m.
Morning Worship, 11 :00 a.m.
Wesley House, 1258 Kincaid,
Miss Mary Beth Carpenter
Student Director
'Mask of Dimitrios'
with Sidney Greenstreet
Peter Lorre
'Greenwich Village'
with Carmen Miranda
Don Ameche
'She Gets Her Man'
with Joan Davis
— and —
Rod Cameron in
"The Old Texas