Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 12, 1945, Page 4, Image 4

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    Politically-Minded Freshmen
To Vote on Constitution Jan. 17
Freshman embryo politicians will get their first taste of
campus politics Wednesday, January 17, when they vote on a
class constitution and nominate officers for the 1945 term.
The constitution to be submitted for their approval contains
primarily the same provisions found in the immediately pre
vious class constitutions; and, as
directed in the ASUO constitution,
is in accordance with ASUO rul
Under this constitution, officers
of the class of 1948 would consist
of a president, vice-president, sec
retary, and treasurer. With the ex
ception of the presidential office,
all vacancies are to be filled by
decision of the remaining officers.
Other appointments also are made
by the officers.
All members of the class of 1948
are eligible to vote and to hold
offices, according to the suggested
constitution. At one time each
class required the purchase of a
class card as a prerequisite for
voting or holding office but the
executive council outlawed the
practice spring term, 1942, making
it illegal for any class to include
a class card provision in its con
As with all class constitutions,
nominations are to be held at least
seven days before elections, al
j though the nominating assembly
| winter term the first year is held
two days before elections. Certifi
cation of eligibility and declaration
of intention to run must be sub
mitted to the ASUO president at
or before the nomination assembly.
Differing from previous consti
tutions, no provision is made for
dark horse candidates who might
decide to run for office after the
nominating assembly is held. Only
persons whose petitions are sub
mitted previous to the nominating
assembly or at that meeting are
eligible for election.
A ballot recount may be request
ed by a petition containing names
of 25 members of the class and pre
sented to the president up until
two weeks after elections.
The constitution provides that a
quorum consists of one-fifth of the
members of the class. Amendments
and by-laws are subject to a two
third vote, plus approval by the
ASUO executive council.
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Friday Advertising Staff:
Jean Bauer, day manager
Lorraine Berkins
Layout Staff:
Marty Lance
Office Staff:
Norma Gigone
Barbara Hendrickson
All committee chairmen plan
ning the Dad’s Day weekend pro
gram will meet this afternoon at 4
in the men’s lounge in Gerlinger
with Weekend Chairman John
John Craig Tells
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follows: dance, Marguerite Witt
wer, sophomore in journalism; pub
licity, Flora Furrow, sophomore in
journalism; program, Ervin Webb,
sophomore in liberal arts; housing,
Joe Grimm, senior in business ad
ministration; mothers, Mary Mar
garet Ellsworth, sophomore in
journalism; contest, Robert Schott,
senior in art; campus tour, Dean
Bond, freshman in liberal arts; re
search, Jeanne Simmonds, fresh
man in journalism, and Donna
Knight, freshman in liberal arts;
registration, Lois Evans, junior in
journalism, and Jean Jones, fresh
man in liberal arts.
Seventeen Committees
Decorations, Virginia Harris,
sophomore in journalism; corres
pondence, Beverly Carroll, sopho
more in liberal arts, and Donna
Sullivan, freshman in liberal arts;
special ceremonies, Jill Leachman,
freshman in journalism; entertain
ment, Del McKay, freshman in lib
eral arts; and state publicity, Doro
thy Godknecht, junior in journal
These committee chairmen will
meet with Craig and the faculty
Dads’ Day committee in the men's
lounge of Gerlinger this afternoon
at 4 to discuss plans for the event.
ISA, Greeks
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class election completely handled
by the freshmen themselves and
excluding the possibility of polit
ical pressure groups as experienced
in former years.
The original plan was amended
to follow the outline described in
the second paragraph.
Ducks Give Hollywood
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and peekaboo bang" of film fame
were portrayed by Janet and Helen
Hicks and Nancy Knight, who
were enthusiastically received by
the audience. Bob Moran played
and sang his version of “Little Red
Riding Hood,” and “Brother Bill,"
a Louis Armstrong novelty tune.
The rally squad introduced three
new yells and Bill O'Hearn an
nounced that the Beaver-Duck
game will be this Saturday night
at Corvallis, with a rally dance
following, the game. Calls were
made for band members and peti
tions for rally squad positions.
Audrey Holliday, ASUO presi
dent, announced that there are two
positions on the executive council
open and asked that petitions and
eligibility slips be turned in to
her. She also said the freshman
nominations for class officers will
be Wednesday night, January 17,
and stated that she hoped there
would be no direction from blocs
concerning these nominations.
Boris Karloff
— in —
Symposium Slated
In Portland Soon
Two University faculty members
will participate in a symposium on
early man to be conducted Satur
day, January 13, at the Academy
of Science in Portland.
Dr. L. S. Cressman, head of
the anthropology department, and
Dr. W. D. Smith, head of the geol
ogy and geography departments,
will represent the University. Ore
gon State college is sending Dr.
Ira S. Allison of the geology de
partment, and Dr. H. P. Hansen
of the botany department, to the
These four men have cooperated
in archeological work in eastern
Oregon and will participate in the
Right After Buell
(Continued jrom page two)
cratic governments of western Eu
rope now fighting for their lives
or are we going to pursue a hands
off policy as Mr. Stettinius seems
to think we should?
Eighty thousand determined
Bolsheviks took over Russia from
the liberal Kerensky government.
Should we allow the same thing to
happen again? We believe a last
ing peace can only be won by fol
lowing the Atlantic Charter and
not by dividing Europe into two
spheres of influence—one British
and one Russian.
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