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    Alder Hall
Nets Win
A 35-yard touchdown pass from
Don Fulgham to Chuck Butler
Tuesday afternoon extended Alder
hall’s victorious gridiron march to
two straight wins in as many
starts. The game was close
throughout but the Alder boys
eked out a 7-0 victory over the
tough Boyd's squad. >
Butler set up the scoring play
by intercepting a .pass thrown by
Bill Uhle and intended for Ray
Carter in the third quarter of play.
Two downs later Butler scored on
a pass from Fulgham and Gil Rob
erts booted the pigskin through the
uprights for the extra point.
The lineup:
Alder Hall (7) (0) Boyd’s
Roberts .C Ma
Johnston RE.. McGregor
Stamper .LE_.. Bolts
Butler.F Gills
Van Allen Q . Dyer
Fulgham .RH. Carter
Hasson.LH. Uhle
Substitutions: Alder — Martin,
Boyken, Smith, Wright.
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government,” commented Elmer
Sahlstrom, chairman of the Young
Democrats group.
"It is rarely that University stu
dents, or any group of citizens, re
ceive the chance to hear and com
pare several candidates on one
platform at the same time,” Harry
Skerry, chairman of the Young
Republicans said. “We should all
attend, if possible, in order to hear
the views of all the candidates.”
Questions which the speakers
will discuss are:
1. Do you favor a world union of
all nations or a plan whereby the
major powers accept responsibility
for preserving the peace in given
sections of the world ?
2. What is your attitude toward
an international police force? Only
an air force? Recruitment?
3. Should the president have the
authority to call out troops for
international police service without
an act of congress?
A. Do you advocate the present
method of ratifying treaties? If
not, how ?
5. Would you change the two
thirds rule to majority on limiting
debate in order to prevent fili
(5. If your best judgment did not
agree with the opinion of your con
stituents, which should prevail?
National Poetry
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tion will be published in the Annual
Anthology of College Poetry and
will afford the writer an oppor
tunity to compare his work with
that being done in other colleges
and universities throughout the
There are no charges or fees for
the inclusion of verse. Each effort
must be typewritten on one side of
a single sheet of standard size
paper. Space is limited and more
favorable consideration given by
the judges to shorter poems.
Each piece of original work
must carry the following state
ment: “The verse entitled “.”
is my own personal effort.” and
must be signed by the author. The
name of the university and the
writer’s home address must be
Manuscripts must be submitted
before November 5, 1944, to the
National Poetry association, 3210
Selby avenue, Los Angeles 34, Cali
Oregon7# Emerald
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chairman of the Oregon post-war
readjustment and development pro
The creation of a market for the
finished products was also dis
cussed by the group. An answer
to this reconversion problem may
be found in the plans for the de
velopment of trade and commerce
in the Pacific areas. Another possi
bility is the immense tourist traffic
expected after the war.
Due to the fact that the Euro
pean theater of war is likely to
close before the Japanese are de
feated, there is a strong fear that
the time element will create a
problem on this coast.
“In view of this fear for our
economic future the conference
recommended that a continuing
committee, including one represen
tative from each of the eleven
states, be appointed to present the
problem to our congressional dele
gation and other government agen
cies to see that the west is not
penalized in the conversion pro
cess,” Dr. Morris said.
He pointed out that the propor
tion of war workers and veterans
for whom peace jobs must be found
are about the same as in the other
states represented at the confer
ence. Our preparations to meet this
problem seem to be in line with
those developed elsewhere.
Oregon is ahead of the other
western states in regard to the
attitudes and efforts of local com
munities who have been making
plans to handle their own individ
ual problems, Morris said.
The eleven states represented at
the conference were Washington,
Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado,
Wyoming, Nevada, California, Ari
zona, Utah and New Mexico.
What about those
Elliotts Grocery
Corner 13th & Patterson
Ball Games
As a result of the demand for
football this fall, the following
gridiron schedule has been posted:
Sigma Nu vs. Kappa Sigma, 5
p.m., Oct. 12.
Alder hall vs. Purity boys, 3
p.m., Oct. 14.
Boyd’s vs. Kappa Sigma, 4 p.m.,
Oct. 14.
Campbell club vs. Sigma Nu, 4
p.m., Oct. 17.
Alder hall vs. Kappa Sigma, 5
p.m., Oct. 17.
Boyd’s vs. Campbell club, 5 p.m.,
Oct. 19.
Purity boys vs. Boyd’s, 3 p.m.,
Oct. 21.
Alder hall vs. Sigma Nu, 4 p.m.,
Oct. 21.
Kappa Sigma vs. Campbell club,
4 p.m., Oct. 24.
Purity boys vs. Sigma Nu, 5
p.m., Oct. 24.
Pet Dinosaur
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the Forties have seen in many
Fight to Live
Essentially ‘‘The Skin of Our
Teeth” portrays man’s struggle
for existence, from Adam to Post
War II. It is crazy and true; non
sensical and deeply sensible; vaude
ville corn and splendid theater.
Man is Mr. Antrobus. He invents
the alphabet, sails Noah’s ark, and
propounds postwar plans for peace.
He is crudeness and culture, and
he survives by the skin of his
Sabina, the Antrobus’ maid, is
the voice of the people, the com
mon people, who must have a
movie to go to on Saturday nights
or they give two weeks’ notice.
Mi’s. Antrobus is the family, the
honored institutions, good common
sense. She’s interested in silk
worms and tomatoes, and most of
all in her children, Gladys and Hen
ry, with the brand of Gain on his
forehead. E. T. and M. Muse,
Moses in Hebrew and Homer recit
ing Greek, and the telegraph boy
singing ‘‘Happy Wedding Anniver
sary to You” are all part of the
kaleidoscopic view of this history
are starting
l>e sure you have
the latest records
“Is You or Is You Ain’t’’
“Hot Time in the Town
of Berlin’’
TGS E. lltli
Hogan's Grocery and Cook's Market
544 E. 13th
Phone 2066
Faculty Adds
Seven to Staff
Increased enrollment in Ro
mance language, music, women’s
physical education, and English
courses has necessitated the ap
pointment of seven new instruc
tors, Orlando J. Hollis, acting
president, said Tuesday. Although
some of the new faculty is on the
campus now, final approval of
most of the appointments will be
made at the meeting of the state
board' of higher education on Octo
ber 24.
Although the increase in the stu
dent body is only ten per cent, the
acting president pointed out, there
are 19 per cent more freshmen
this year—902 as compared to 757
at the same time last year. This
accounts for increased enrollment
in required English composition
and physical education courses,
and beginning Spanish and French
of Man which Mr. Wilder has
All-Student Cast
In the University Theater pro
duction Lewis Vogler, sophomore
in music; Dorothy Weygandt, jun
ior in music, and Bev Brunton, a
newcomer to the University Thea
ter, will play Mr. and Mrs. Antro
bug and Sabina, respectively. Oth
ers included in the cast are: Mari
lyn Rowling, Gladys; Shubert
Fendricks, Henry; Del McKay, Mr.
Fitzpatrick; Betty Jean Miller, the
fortune teller; Ruthe Foreman, the
dinosaur; Roberta Quigley, the
mammoth; Sam Benveniste, tele
graph boy; Paul Lum, the doctor;
Bill Ireland, professor and broad
cast official; Del Jones and Vir
ginia Woods, Hester and Ivy; Lee
Petrasek, Fred Bailey; Elizabeth
Dean, Libby Helen Spiruta, and
Dedo Misley as the Three Muses.
The University of Buffalo has
established a course in military
. --
ivva’i <£eive/6 cn
long-lasting nail lacquer
made in U.S.A.
Dress your nails with Chen Yu
in a gleaming luster and color
charm one expects to find only
in jewels. The exquisite shades
(all original) of this real lac
quer have "something for your
hands.” Lacquero* Base with
each shade.
- , p'«« lax
SSO East 13th
A meeting of the war hoard has
been called for this afternoon at
4 in the war board office in Mc
Arthur court. All committee chair
men are expected to be present.
There will be a pot-luck dinner
at Westminster house for all stu
dents. Everyone is invited to come
at 6, bringing their contribution of
Make that
Serviceman proud
of you
“The 20th-Century
and his
Famous Orchestra
Stags permitted
Dancing 8:30 to 12
Doors open 8 p.m.