Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 08, 1944, Page 3, Image 3

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Ramanee fynteUio-ned:
RitUfi, Rice Abo-und
\\ ith the Military Ball over and the memory of one huge
success behind us, we sort of hoped there would be lots of ro
mantic news. We can tell you this much:
ADPi \ \ onne Rdwarcis has an eastern fraternity pin, from
what we can find out, but is not ready to divulge the fellow’s
name. Xow is that fair? Pi Phi Audrey Cardell recent! v tnnt- n
SAE pin which belongs to Bob
Mills, formerly of Nevada.
Hearts and Fliers
As soon as things can be arrang
"53 Marge Cordon, Pi Phi, will fly
to California to marry Lt. Plin
Laurence of the army air corps
which gives a “they-lived-happily
ever-after” ending to a high school
Alums are still getting married:
Nelda Rohrback, Alpha Chi and
ex-little colonel, to Lee Spitzer,
Phi Sig, in New Orleans this month.
Another Alpha Chi and another big
event in New Orleans was the mar
Fur-Collar Coat with the
quiet, rich lines that speak
of high quality and good
taste. Warmly beautiful,
this can be a coat for day
or night wear.
111 W. 7th
riage of Clint Childs, SAE, and
Fran Johnston, on January 6.
King Parade
Even more engagements:—Gerry
Stowell and Mick Maddren, Alpha
Chi and SAE announced theirs last
For the UO coed: Do you have
at least one or two extra hours
a week (left over after classes,
furious studying ? ? ? and such es
sential things as eating and sleep
ing) which you fill by pouring
down cokes, playing bridge, gos
siping, or moaning about life in
general ?
Ked Cross
Ah—you have ? Then why not
trip over to the Red Cross center
to fill those hours profitably for
the war effort. They do need more
girls and perhaps it would help
make amends for the accusations
of such persons as Damon Runyon
whose unpublished article “I beg
your pardon, girls” seems to have
practically ‘‘torn the girls of Amer
ica apart”—telling of women’s
failure to answer the nation’s call
to uniform. But since many of us
want our educations and are lucky
enough to be able to get them now,
one way of helping almost as much
IS to HELP—in just such things
as Red Cross.
More about women—and college
girls, too—Mrs. Stuart Strong,
past dean of Mills college, will be
the principle speaker at the AWS
assembly next Tuesday, February
15, at 4 p. m., speaking on “Women
and Democracy.” Two marine staff
sergeants, Adaline Franks and L.
L. Pittenger will tell of opportun
ities for women and training re
quired in the marine corps. Several
AWS cabinet members from O.S.C.
v- iH also be present to give us an
idea of our “rival’s” activities to
And don’t forget, Thursday,
February 17, are annual AWS elec
tions. This is the last assembly or
affair in general conducted by pres
ent AWS officers—after that it’s
up to the new officers.
President Robert M. Hutchins of
Chicago won the De Forest orator
ical prize at Yale as had his father
before him.
• Suits
• Coats
• Dresses
• Accessories
1080 Willamette
Women’s Page's taff
Co-Editors: Betty Ann Steven:
Carol Greening
Staff: Mary Margaret Ellsworth
Martha Thorsland
Margery Skordahl
Betty Lu Siegman
Ophelia snuffled. She was read
ing a tender message on a Grade
A cabbage leaf, from Gordon, the
garbage man. She knew it was
from Gordon because it was sign
ed, “Your loving door-to-door
bore.” He was on important man
euvers . . . including- a mission
which covered half of Eugene. So,
no Military Ball.
Ophelia formed a stag line of
one . . . looking her usual lovely
self garbed in a papier-mache form
al. Someone tried to lean . . . Ophe
lia rustled haughtily. “Pahdon
me?” he awsked and mumbled
something about the scenery. To
keep the conversation going she
gestured at him ... too quick, he
ducked and feinted ... or fainted
. . . with a right . . . good will.
Floor burns! Ophelia squared
away and set her course, (note:
nautical terms) . . . for Major
Averill. Had some military secrets
to whisper about. Couldn’t find
him . . . when he wasn’t with his
Ipana Grin
Party getting- a bit dull . . .
climbed the balcony, took over the
spotlight. Ophelia shone. Chased
a certain man all over the floor
with it. He smiled up at her ... or
around there ... his teeth shone
like pearls. Thought of her pawn
shop and smiled back. Dropped the
spot”. Glass all over the place.
Creaked to a sitting position. Ophe
lia was thinking. Made up a speech
about accepting the Cover Girl
title . . . was candidate for her
house, Staggers Inn. Words just
wouldn’t come to her ... no one
else would either. Winked ’til pop
eyed at a Government Issue over
in a corner ... he was pop-eyed
to begin with. He started toward
her . . , tears did a hundred-yard
squish in her baby pink eyes. She
stepped daintly forward . . . ob
served speed limit ... slowed down
to 30 mph. Put up her stop sign
loo late ... he coasted right past
Sadly Ophelia checked out . . .
Coed, aj ttte hVeeh . . .
'Real' Pea filer
Jliked by P>i&xy
Dark, soft-spoken Beverly Goetz
; grinned disarmingly, "You know,
I just detest things like this.'1 We
! muttered darkly, and she hastened
to explain, ducking her head, “Well,
| you know what I mean. It's em
; barrassing!”
Following promises to make the
interview as painless as possible,
the WAA proxy continued, 11 What
T like? Oh, dear! Well, for the last
three summers I've been a counsel
or at Camp Namanu . . . the ranch.
I like animals and the out-of-doors,
and I learned to shoe a horse. It
was fun . . . the hills around . . .
and we used to tease the horses
and make them run and buck."
What “Bev” likes about people,
she "just can't explain. Well, it's
just a feeling.” She appreciates
Youth-hostelling was another
weil-developod like prior to col
lege, and she has bicycled from
her home in Grants Pass to New
York. "When the war’s over I'm
cruel life. “No love, no nothin'.”
Decided to take in the "Love and
Marriage” lecture Sunday . . . had
a question for the box, doc. "Ophe
lia, should you change your name
to Celia, so men won't double deal
Advices Answer
Very proud of the question . . .
j stumped speakers. Finally suggest
i ed that she just call herself . . .
' Ophelia crawled. Never so insulted
J... in front of so many people.
Stumbled into Professor So 'n So
who mouthed an “A ha!” and be
jgan to beat on her . . . verbally.
| “Why,” he shouted quietly, “did
I you have to camp in the middle
I of the floor at the Military Ball?”
Ophelia murmured, "I’m a scout,
clout, for the Mademoiselle. Just
copying a few gowns to get the
shape of things.”
Twenty-six members of the Farm
Victory Cadet corps during the
month of July stayed on the Keuka
college campus, Keuka, N. Y., to
pick red and black raspberries on
nearby farms.
at $14.95
for something’ that’s clever and cute,
see these Jumpers which come in red,
green, yellow, brown, and turquoise.
1004 Willamette Phone 633
Salon on Balcony Budget Accounts Accepted
going back to that for one thing.
The people you meet are so swell.”
Westminster house and its: at
mosphere reminds her of hostell
ing. "I'm not a very religious tier
son," she hesitated, "so I didn’t
see that side of it. but the people
are so real."
To a question concerning WAA’s
successful venture, fun night, she
replied, "Well, the main idea was
in trying to fulfill the need! oi
si nothing to do on Friday night,
and that's about all on that point.”
Besides being a Mortar Board,
a past member of Phi Theta lip
silon, and a "senior majoring phys
ical education and minoring in sci
ence," she is an Only Child, for
which "I've never forgiven my oar
About her dislikes . . , "Oh good
ness! It must be people who never
do anything for anyone else, and
1 like having things done for me,”
sue stated with a mischievous giuit.
' Oh, you might put in that I'm
a. nurses’ aide. I'm proud of that.
I worked myself to death over the
For your
(Genuine leather
w a I 1 c ts $2.00
and up
America's best
loved lipstick
. . . RKVXON
—World fam
ous for its “ Stay
on’’ quality,
Leather cigar
ette cases $2.50
to $2.95
Hand embroidered corded
and pearled edges, made
in Portugal.
You may have1 them initi
aled. Prints 59c - 68c;
White 65c - $1.00
I Earings $1.00
Sterling silver
U$2.96 a n d up
•j Gold
V $5.95 - $11,95.