Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 20, 1944, Page 3, Image 3

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    Oregon Quintet Leads
Th Civilian League
Northern Division Standings
W. L. Pet. Pf. Pa.
Washington 2 0 1.000 107 63
Wash. State 2 1 .667 137 125
Oregon State 2 3 .400 187 213
Oregon . 1 2 .333 114 141
Idaho . 1 2 .333 117 110
Civilian League Standings
W. L. Pet. Pf. Pa.
Oregon . 1 0 1.000 52 33
Wash. State 2 1 .667 137 125
Oregon State 2 3 .400 187 213
Idaho . 1 2 .333 117 110
In the conference games Wash
ington State was knocked from
the ranks of the undefeated by
Idaho as they broke into the win
column with a 49-43 victory over
the Staters. Washington still holds
the lead as they drew a bye over
the weekend. In other games Ore
gon defeated Oregon State, 52-33,
to score their first victory of the
current conference season.
In the civilian league Oregon
holds the lead with 1 win as
against 0 defeats, being follow
ed by Washington State, Oregon
State and Idaho respectively.
If A Buddy
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cidentally, Willy is doing rather
well on the Ryan Field first string
b^iketball team.
Jackson Cramer is finishing
basic flying training at Garner
Field, California, while brother
Bill is in AMGOT training at
Princeton. Phi Delt’s Howdy Hall,
'46, is now learning the "cut throat
business’’ of the U. S. Rangers
somewhere in Tennessee. (Thanks
lots, for the tip, Gordon.)
John Windall Gilfry, ’49, major
in business administration, re
ceived his commission from Am
arillo, Texas, last month. He is
now safety inspection officer in
the 302nd technical school at
Keesler field, Mississippi.
A very unusual V-mail letter
w£g received at the Emerald
from Pfc. John J. Mathews, now
serving with the Air Transport
Command. His whereabouts was
revealed in a very interesting way.
In banner lines at the top,
while underneath read, "John J.
• Lost
LOST — Dominican ring with
words 1943 Veritas. Blue stone in
gold setting. Reward. Call Bar
dava Puccinelli 1024.
•j ■ ■
JfcCOO CCD >40
Until the
There’s spring in the air,
hut don't be deceived!
There’s many a cool day
of rain and frosty night
left before it's really
summer. So refuel that
diminishing supply of
coal, wood or fuel oil and
keep warm and toasty!
Call 651
997 Oak
Mathews, onetime associate edi
tor, reveals self in Australia".
Rather novel, don’t you think!
Tau pledge Pete Miller is sta
tioned at Ryan Field, Hamet, Cal
ifornia. Pete will graduate from
pre-flight training in two weeks
and from there he will go on into
There was a regular homecom
ing in the Side yesterday. Don
Xreadgold, Phi Beta Kappa, and
a member of last year's Senior
Six, sports a gold bar now. He
was seen sipping coke with Edie
Onthank. Also in on furlough
and appearing at the old hang
out was 2nd Lt. Don Campbell of
the Marines. Just out of school
in California, he will go from
here to South Carolina. And, too,
looking very neat and trim was
1st Lt. Paul Bocci. He’s been sta
tioned at Camp Shelby, Mississip
Weekend Tilts May
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take the floor against the Huskies.
The team that will be travelling
with Hee Edmundson will be a
civilian team, and not one that
is reinforced by navy-marine
Washington boasts a strong
starting team with Haug and
Mallory at forward, Mar and O'
Neil as guards, and Nichols in the
pivot position.
Five out of every six members
of the 1943 graduating class in the
agriculture at Washington State
college are in the armed service.
Of those who are not in uniform
three are working for state gov
ernments or institutions, one is
teaching vocational agriculture
and two are farming.
Houses to Compete
For Badminton Title
The annual badminton tourna
ment between houses will begin
Tuesday, January 25, at 4 p. m.
Entry blanks are being delivered
now to all houses and should be
returned as quickly as possible.
The deadline for entering is Jan
uary 21 at 5 p. m.
Teams may start practicing
Wednesday. Other practice times
will be Wednesday evening at 7:30,
Tnursday at 4 p. m. or Saturday
at 9 a. m.
Schedule of matches will be
posted on the bulletin board at
the entrance to the women’s dress
ing room in Geriinger, Monday,
January 24.
Each team will consist of four
players. The top two ranking will
play on the number one doubles
team, while the last two will play
on the number two doubles team.
All four players will be scheduled
to play singles. Equipment must
be furnished by each team, includ
ing rackets and one shuttle for
each match.
First Oregon Chinese
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Portland. For eight years she was
accompanist for professional and
amateur soloists in Portland and
San Francisco and at the Univers
ity of California, Stanford uni
versity and University of Oregon.
She has traveled in both China
and Japan. And with her knowl
edge of Chinese, which she speaks
fluently, she is scheduled for a
vital job for the U. S. Navy.
Before joining the waves, she
was a stenographer-bookkeeper
for the Professional Credit Serv
ice at Eugene.
Proposed Freshman Class Constitution
(Editor's Note: Following is the proposed class constitution for
the Class of 1947, published at the request of the ASUO executive
We, the students of the Class of 1947, to the end that educational
development and social well-being of the Class of 1947, of the Uni
versity of Oregon, be maintained and perpetuated and in order tc
establish greater uniformity of purpose and administration of class
activities, do ordain and establish this Constitution.
Article 1
The name of the association of students under this constitutior
shall be the CLASS OF 1947 of the University of Oregon.
Article II
All registered students in the Class of 1947 of the University ol
Oregon shall be members.
Article III
Officers and Duties
Section 1.
The officers of the Class of 1947 of the University of Oregor
shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Section 2.
Officers of the Class of 1947 of the University of Oregon shal
assume their duties immediately following elections.
Section 3. Vacancies:
Clause 1.-—The order of succession to the office of President shal
be the Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Clause 2.—All vacancies except in the case of the office of Presi
dent shall be filled by an appointment to be made by the incumbent
officers of the Class of 1947 of the University of Oregon.
Section 4. Duties:
Is the Food Mom
Sent All Gone?
On your way back to the
campus drop in and stock up.
709 11th Phone 3164-R
Clause 1.—The President shall be the presiding officer of Ur
class, shall schedule class meetings, shall appoint such committee
as are deemed necessary to the best interests of the class.
Clause 2.—The Vice-President shall assume the duties of th:
President in his absence or inability to act.
Clause 3.—The Secretary shall keep a- record of the proceeding -
of each class meeting and shall file the same in the office of th -
Educational Activities Department of the Associated Students at tin
close of the school year.
Clause 4.—The Treasurer of the class shall be in charge of an i
responsible for the class finances ns provided for in Article VII of thi*
Article IV
Privileges and Eligibility
Section 1.
All regularly enrolled students in the Class of 1947 of the Uni-*
versify of Oregon shall be entitled to any and all privileges of the
Section. 2.
Any member of the Class of 1947 of the University of Oregon
who is in good standing in the University as determined by the Schol
arship Committee of the University of Oregon shall be eligible be
hold an elective class office or an appointment necessary for the
best interests of the Class of 1947 of the University of Oregon if ho
can identify himself as a member of the Class of 1947 as provided in
Article II of this cohstitution. All Appointees and candidates for n
class office must, however, hold membership in the Class ef 1947 am;
the A.S.U.O. prior to his appointment or nomination.
Article V ,
Nominations and Elections
Section 1. Nominations:
Clause 1.—Nominations shall be made at a nominating assembly
called by the President of the class except, for the incoming Freshman
Class, in which case, the A.S.U.O. 1st. Vice-President shall call ami
conduct the meeting at such time as the A.S.U.O. Executive Committee
sees fit. Certification of eligibility and declaration to run must be
submitted to the President of the class, or in the case of the in
coming Freshman class, to the 1st. Vice-President of the A.S.U.O.
before the nomination assembly.
Clause 2.—Notice of nomination assembly shall be given in two.
issues of the Oregon Emerald.
Section 2. Date of election shall he set by the President:
Clause 1.—The 1st. Vice-President of the A.S.U.O. Executive
Committee shall supervise the elections and shall be known as th>:
Director of Elections. He shall be assisted by an election board of the
Class of 1947 comprised of the Vice-President of the class, the Clas'*
Advisor, and one representative of the A.S.U.O. Executive Committee.
This election board shall have immediate charge of the class election
and the counting of the ballots.
Clause 2.—The Director of Election shall specify the exact loca
tion of the elections.
Clause 3.—Each person who fulfills the requirements of mem
bership set forth in Article IV of this Constitution shall be entitled
to one ballot.
Clause 4.—The preferential Australian balloting system shall
used for voting.
Clause 5.—There shall be no voting by proxy.
Clause 6—Final results of the balloting shall be posted upon com
pletion of the counting.
Clause 7.—The ballots cast in the elections shall be turned ove r
to the Dean of Men of the University of Oregon and shall be held for
a period of two weeks during which time a recount may be called fee
by a petition presented to the Class President containing the names
of twenty-five (25) members of the class.
Article VI
Section 1.
Clause 1.—Meetings shall be called by the President of the Clae'i
or upon the presentation to the President of a petition signed X'J
twenty-five (25) members of the class.
Clause 2.—Notice of all meetings other than those named in
Article V, Section 1, Clause 3 of the Constitution shall be given by an
announcement in the Oregon Emerald one clay prior to said meeting.
Clause 3.—A quorum shall consist of one-fifth (1.5) of tbe
members of the class.
Clause 4.—Gregg’s Parliamentary Procedure shall govern tiro
procedure of meetings and shall apply to any parliamentary question
which is not covered by the Constitution or any by-laws which may
be established under it.
Clause 5.—The Class President shall designate the exact time
and location of class meetings.
Section 2.
All appointments shall be made as they arise by the President t. f
the Class.
Article VII
Section 1.
It shall be the duty of the Class Treasurer to act as Finance
Chairman of all class activities; to keep the class informed at a t
times of the financial condition of the organization; to see that,
permanent records of all financial transactions arc kept and to carry
out all other duties pertaining to his office.
Section 2.
A financial statement of the Class of 1947 shall be published jo;
the Oregon Emerald at the beginning of each term.
Section 3.
All purchases made in the name of the class must bo requisition
ed through the Treasurer and the Educational Activities Office and
the said requisitions must he signed by the Treasurer.
Article VIII
Section 1.
The Judiciary Committee of the A.S.U.O. shall have supreme st.d
final authority in any matter of interpretation arising under this
Constitution or by-laws.
Section 2.
Said amendments and by-laws shall be adopted to (his Consti
tution upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2y3) of the member
present and the approval of the Executive Committee of the A.S.t O.