Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 15, 1943, Page 4, Image 4

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    GRANTS OIX MAN , . .
. . . of Oregon track ami field Janie, Colonel Bill Hayward squares
off with Oregon State at llavward Stadium this afternoon in thrill
packed dual meet.
. . . Iloud coach of the pigskin art,
stint prominent fizzed camtilinn
er, .Mr. Warren lias turned in his
usually competent job this year.
(See Duck Tracks for review.)
. . . John Bubalo will load his
team-mates against the Corval
lis enemy today in the first of a
two-game series that will spell
championship for either club.
. . . ol the DiieUs is XicU Hosieries, senior right hander, who may get
llie call today against the Reavers,
Upon the result of this simple statement rests the hopes
of Colonel Bill Hayward and his reportedly “green Webfoots,"
who have at arm’s length the northern division Pacific Coast
conference dual meet championship.
In the 36th annual meeting between the two schools, the
Beavers under Grant (Doc) Swann are favored to take their
second decision in ten years ana
their 13th in the long- rivalry be
tween the two schools.
Duck meets Beaver here today
on Hayward field at 1:30.
The Staters have beaten Coach
Hayward's lads, 6-2 in the annual
Oregon State relays at Corvallis
at the beginning of the season.
Troubles Galore
Colonel Bill has his share of
moans as well as his rival Swann.
Don Wilson the flashy miler will
probably not run for the Ducks.
The black-haired Wilson has been
ailing- of late and his performances
haave not been up to par.
Kay Dickson, double winner
against the Cougars, went into
the marines last Sunday and is
sorely missed. He ran both the
low and high hurdles, broad jump
ed and pole vaulted.
Another sad note is that Chuck
Beckner, versatile quarter-miler,
is also uncertain of running- since
he has come up with a cold like
Wilson. Beckner is the anchor
man on the mile relay team and
runs number one in the 440. His
best time of the season has been
Coach Hayward has had to
take his high jump men and en
ter them in the javelin. Blond Bob
Mueller will not only pole vault
but will run the 220-yard low
hurdles for the first time. Ralph
Kramer is entered in the 100-yard
dash. All in all his usual runners
have been shifted to spots entire
ly foreign to them in order that
he might best fill up his holes
and prepart the best front he
knows how.
According to reports that have
filtered out of the Beaver’s track
office, Coach Swann will be forc
ed lo leave behind, because of
army regulations, four sure point
winners. They are: Captain Don
Findley, broad jump and high
jump; Len Moyer, quarter-miler
and relay; Bill Waterman, mile;
.and A1 Fiake, two mile.
Besides these boys, the OSC
mentor will travel without the
services of Bob' Graf, high jump
er; Jesse Truax, sprinter; Dean
Olson and Don Malmberg, javelin
men; Boyd Clement, discus; and
Lew' Beck, broad jumper.
Crack Timber Toppers
The Beavers will have three
ace hurdlers in Fred Winter, Jim
Findlay, and Bob Phelps, while
Haywaid has but one topnotcher.
In the weights Bob Reiman
and Bob Stevens have the edge
Dregon-Oregon State Track
and Field Meet
May 15, 1943
Starter: Love A. McGee.
Judge of Finish: Gordon Childs.
Assistants: Reuben Ross and
Stanley Skiiiicorn.
Timers: Dr. George Guldager,
Arthur Morris, duck Luckey.
Head Field Judge: George Wil
Pole Vault: Thomas I. Chap
man and Vernon Ward.
High Jump: Earl Davis, Ken
Shot Put: Leonard S u r I e s,
Howard Steers and Henry
Javelin: Larry Stoeven.
Discus: Merton Jones.
Broad Jump: P. O. Sigerseth
and Ken Oliphant.
Announcer: E. R. Knollin.
Clerk of Course: Clifford
“Skeet” Manerud.
Marshalls: William Bartels and
Charles Stewart.
Scorer: Dick K. Strife.
over Chuck Elliott and Fred Fos
ter of Oregon. Reiman in previ
ous performances has proven bet
ter than Don Campbell in the dis
The show that Jim Porter gave
against the Cougars pleased the
Webfoot mentor no end. Porter
threw the jaavelin 183 feet which
was 17 feet better than he had
ever thrown before. Beaver John
Kilguck is a shade better than the
stocky Porter.
A feature event will be the pole
vault. Jack Dudrey and Fred Win
ter of Oregon State have gone 13
feet. Winter, who hails from a
California junior college is listed
as having gone 1*3 feet 9 incf^
down there.
Thomas Shines
Captain Homer Thomas has
vaulted 13 feet 6 inches against
Washington and WSC. Eston Way
cleared the 13 foot mark for the
first time last Saturday. Bob
Mueller is the other entrant.
Another feature event is the
mile relay. Coach Swann lias three
very strong 440-men in Biil Shinn,
Stu Norene, and Art Hobart.
Against Washington the Web
foots ran the fast race in 3:37.6.
The Ducks are favored to win
only four events—the 100 and 220
yard dashes, the pole vault, and
the high jump. The quarter-mile
and the relay are a tossup. Ore
gon State figures to win both
hurdles, the 880, mile, two mile,
and broad jump. They bold
slight edge in the shot, jave®f
and discus.
Best Effort
Colonel Bill remarked that he
has done his best with the green
material that he had. He added
that the rest is now up to the
boys themselves.
Although he didn’t quite call
the Beaver report that they would
be forced to leave behind their
best men a “bear story,’’ he did
say that he would expect Coach
Swann to have these men along
with him when he checks in at
Hayward field.
Mrs. Alexander Thomson, Sr.,
recently was elected president of
Western college, Oxford, Ohio.
Entry List
100 — Oregon: Allen, Hoffman,
Kramer, OSC: Gearhart, Hughes.
Meet record—Robinson (0-1938)
11.7. Track record—Robinson (O
1938), Shoemaker (0-1934 ) 9.G.
-70—Oregon: Allen, Beekner.
OSC: Gearhart, Hughes. Meet
record — Starr (0- 1933) 20.9.
Track record — Starr (0-1933),
Haley (WSO-194I) 20.9.
440 — Oregon: Ray, Beekner.
OSC: Hobart. Meet record—Bron
son (OSC-I934) 49.3. Track rec
ord—Benke (W SC-1936) 48.7.
880—Oregon: Wisdom, Boylen.
OSO: Norene, Shinn. Meet record
—Storli (0-1940) 1:55.8. Track
record—Scharpf (0-1935) 1:56.9.
Alile — Oregon: Wilson, Kelly.
OSC': Runyan. Meet record—Wil
son (0-1942) 4:19.2. Track rec
ord—Hill (0-1930) 4:12.4.
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Doping The Meet 1
Going out on the proverbial limb, the Emerald sports staff in
an adieu performance comes up with a listng of in-advance pre
dictions for this afternoon’s dual track and field meet between Colonel
Bill Hayward s spikesters and *‘Doc” Swan's athletes.
Mile run —
100-yd. dash—
120 HH—
440-yd. dash—
Shot put—
High Jump—
2 Miles—
220-yd. dash
220 LH—
S80-yd. dash—
Broad Jump—
Javelin Throw
Point Summary
.OSC-5. 0-4
...OSC-3. 0-6
...OS'C-8, 0-1
..OSC-3, 0-6
...OSC-5, 0-4
.. OSC-3, 0-6
..OSC 3, 0-6
Finishing- Order
Runyan OSC, Wilson O, Kelly O.
Allen O. Gearhart OSC, Kramer O.
Samuel OSC. Phelps OSC, Simpson O.
Beckner O, Hobart OSC, Ray O.
Reimen OSC, Fester O. Elliot O.
Newland O, Dudrey OSC, Drenkel O...
Wilson O, Brown OSC, Page O... - -
Allen O, Hughes OSC, Beckner O.OSC-3, 0-6
Winter OSC, Findlay OSC, Simpson O....OSC 8, 0-1
Norene OSC, Boylen O, Shinn OSC.OSC-6, 0-3
Stevens OSC, Campbell O, Elliot O.OSC-5, O-W
Hoffman O, Samuel OSC, Shanahan O .OSC-3, OA#
Kilbuck OSC. Porter O, Samuel OSC.OSC-6, 0-3
Pole Vault— Thomas O, Winter OSC, Way O,
Dudry OSC (tie) .OSC-3ta, 0-5Vi
Relay— Oregon (Beckner, Ray, Simpson, Allen)..’..0-5
Total: .Oregon 68M>, OSC 62U