Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 29, 1943, Women's Edition, Page 8, Image 8

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    Weekend Catches Spotlight
— Photo by Kcmiell-Ellis
Ull.l. MACY . . .
. . . who is planning Junior Week
end, April 30, and May 1 . . . and
who hopes it doesn’t rain.
Hacks Face
61 Offenders
Traditional “hacking” on the
steps of Fenton hall this noon
will face 61 offenders against
Junior Weekend traditions, Mer
ritt Kufferman, Order of the O
presi^mt, revealed , Wednesday.
For failure to wear rooters’
caps or frosh pants, aw} for walk
ing on campus lawns, students
will receive one hack apiece,
starting at 12:30 today. All “sin
ners” failing to appear will re
ceive double punishment Friday
plus “something special” pre
pared by Order of O members.
Offenders asked to report this
noon are: Rod Dilling, Aaron
Jones, Ted McMuran, Glen Ken
nedy, Bill Lindley, Jim Ronson,
Oge Young, Don Treadgold, Bill
Macy, Mart MacPherson, Bob
Santee, K. S. Wood, Jim Thayer,
Ted Bush, Russ Sabin, James Mc
Collum, Les Anderson, James
Peterson, Don Haptberg, Linton
Elvvcll, Blain Vincent, Olaf Sola,
Mark Chapman, Leighton Platt,
Pat Cloud, Jim Mann, Dick
Humphreys, Bruce Boyd, Jim
Hardy, Jack Hannam, Kim Mc
Kinr, John Emerson, Don Fox,
Bill Loud, Ray Leonard, George
Chechester, Keith McGillway,
Bunny Potts, Curtis Spangler,
Doug Donahu, Doc Yocum, Baldy
MaoKevit, Roger Tetlow, Roy
Carlson, Bob Simpson, Jim Rick
secker, Cal Lehman, Jeff Kitchen,
Dick Shultz, Dwain Wiedkin,
Maurice Drenkle, Norman Mann
heimer, Bud Putnam, Tom Bom
gardner, Bill arrell, Russ Hudson,
Lee Ghormley, Frank Sardam,
Bud Vandeneynde. Receivers of
the double penalty for failure to
report yesterday will be A1 Lar
sen and Ted Loud. All students
included in this list are asked to
appear for hacking not later than
12:30 today.
Lower and upper classmen
wishing to participate in the
“tug-cf-war” seheeduled Satur
day morning are being recruited
today and Friday by Les Ander
son, leader of upper classmen;
and Ted Loud, lower classmen
leader. Teams will consist of 35
men each.
Knox college and the Galesburg
(Til.) Cottage Hospital School of
Nu: sing are jointly offering a
five-year combined course lead
ins to the degree of bachelor of
science in nursing and the grad
uate nurse certificate.
Festivities will swing into high gear Friday when guests from all
parts of the state come to attend Oregon's 16th annual Junior Weekend.
Registration headquarters located in the first floor lobby of John
son hall willbe open from 1 to 5 p.m. Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 5:30
p.m. on Saturday.
The complete program for the weekend follows:
Friday, April 30
12 noon—Campus luncheon, under the firs on the old campus.
1:30 to 3—Terrace dance in front of the library.
3 to 4—Baseball game, Oregon vs. Camp Adair.
4:30 to 5:30—Master Dance recital. Dance studio, Gerlinger hall.
6 to 8—Dinner at living organizations.
8 to 11 All Campus Sing, McArthur court.
Saturday, May 1
9:30 to 10:30—Interclass competition.
10—Oregon Mothers executive board meeting, A.W.S. room, Gerlinger
12 noon- Luncheon at living organizations.
1:30 to 3—Oregon Mothers annual business meeting, Guild hall.
3 to 4:30—Mothers’ tea, Gerlinger hall.
A baseball game between Oregon and Portland university will be
played during the afternoon starting at 3.
4:30 to 5:30—Sunlight Serenade at the open-air auditorium back of
the music school.
6:30 to 8—Dinner at living organizations.
9 to 12—Junior Prom, McArthur court. A section will be reserved for
the mothers.
Open house will be observed all day Saturday by the various Uni
versity departments with guides to attend guests.
Sunday, May 2
8:30 a.m.--No-host breakfast for new and old Mothers executive board.
Regents Room, Gerlinger.
11 a.m.—Special Mothers day services at Eugene churches.
1 p.m.- Mother’s Day dinners at living organizations.
Rising Living Costs Result
In Higher Faculty Salary
(Continued from page one)
$200,000 in the operating- level of
Oregon institutions of higher edu
cation through non-replacement
of staff members called to war
work, reduction in staffs in de
partments having greatly reduc
ed student loads, and reducing
materials and supplies budgets in
proportion to student enrollment.
New Members
Leif S. Finseth, new member of
the board, was appointed chair
man of the grounds and capital
outlays committee. Finseth was
recently appointed by Governor
Snell and replaces C. A. Brand.
He is the mayor of Dallas and has
been a member of the house of
The board accepted gifts ag
gregating approximately $4,000
to the University for the museum
of art library and student loan
Leaves of absence to enter mili
tary service were granted to Dr.
Paul E. Anderson, associate pro
fessor of physical education; Dr.
Paul B. Means, professor of relig
ion; Wayne W. Massey, assistant
professor of physical education;
and Lloyd M. Faust, assistant
professor of business administra
Ur. js. H. Moore, professor or
sociology, was appointed to fill
the vacancy as head of the de
partment of sociology. He takes
the position of Dr. Phillip A. Par
sons who died recently.
Dr. W. E. Baird, acting dean
of rile University medical school
in Portland, was appointed dean
of the institution. He replaces Dr.
R. B. Dillehunt, dean of the school
since 1920. Dr. Dillehunt has re
signed due to ill health and will
now become dean emeritus on
June 30, when his resignation be
comes effective.
Fiesta Opens
I Continued from payc scion)
should know, tell us to expect
great things. Gerlinger and Koyl
cups will be presented during in
Sunday schedules includes spe
cial church services, dinners,
movies, a drive t we're kidding,
of course) or, if it's sunny, a pic
Exchanges for the week in
Legal Advisers
(Continued from pain' one)
declined to say. They gave as an
other explanation of the forcible
entrance of the infirmary the
possibility that they may have
been freshmen trying to elude the
Order of the O men patrolling
the old campus.
After these rather vague sup
positions, lawyers Moshofsky and
Williams issued the following
“The accusations of The Em
erald are based on the word of a
delirious patient and a blurred
picture showing two figures,
neither of whom can be definitely
“Until such time as the so
clude Kappa Alpha Theta-Delta
Tau Delta; Pi Beta Phi-Sigma
Chi; Kirkwood co-op-Highland
house; Phi Sigma Kappa-Kappa
Kappa Gamma; Delta Upsilon
Sigma Kappa; Canard club-Uni
versity house; Alpha Chi Omega
Sigma Nu; Beta Theta Pi-Alpha
Delta Pi; Gamma Phi Beta-Phi
Delta Theta; Alpha Tau Omega
Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Phi
Epsilon-Alpha Omicron Pi; Chi
Omega-Theta Chi and Kappa Sig
ma-Delta Gamma. Alpha Phi and
Sigma Alpha Epsilon desserts
Wednesday were preference.
-—By Lois Hulser,,
Society Editor.
Caps, gowns and
should be
ordered at the
Co-op at once.
All orders must
be in by
next Friday,
April 30th
'U/amand.' Walld...
The Oregon campus is barren of 5
males, |
The buildings are empty of men,
The life, so-called social, will |
hereafter be |
Made of parties exclusively hen. |
Uncle Sam has the power to call f.
up the boys • ?
And it seems that he wants to \
employ it, |
So Oregon now is the women’s
own world,
And I hope that the women en
joy it.
—By Betsy Wootton.
called reporter can advance more
specific evidence we feel tha.t
there is no reason for the Askle
piads to be held answerable to
the charges as stated in the Em
—Photo by Kennell-Ellis
. . . who is working as co-chair
man of Junior Weekend and with
Macy is fervently praying for
Shopping the Town
With L. I. Z.
Is the girl friend keeping in line? Try pleas-(
ing her—and Mom—this weekend by look
ing extra special nice in a new white coat
from DeXeffe's. You're sure to
99.99% with the feminine world.
These fresh and cool spring dresses at
Miller’s are washable, tho they look like
i silk crepe. A clever casual is the white
coin dotted skirt and the sharkskin
blouse. The navy stitching matches
the background of the skirt.
Something- new for the feminine fancies
is the Pink Coral at Penney \s. Wris
ley’s new line has beautiful sets of co
logne and bath powder, or bath soap.
Two bottles of this pink cologne, and
a dux ()T powcier, come in an attractively designed box,
just right for Mother on Her Dav.
Go South American native, with a bright
, colored shirt in the Latin mood. Long
'* and short sleeves, in rayon shirts, with
tropical plants and figures. Get in stvle
for Junior Weekend .... at the Style
Imported for the occasion. Embroidered dot
ted Swiss with a lace flounce on the skirl
and around the low round neck line. Yoi
couldn’t be prettier at the Prom than in this
adorable dance dress —- you can get it at
El adley’s.
Roses, cherries, apples on a pale green back
ground that is absolutely yummy. In fact,
good enough to eat! These Freshy Play
clothes are really tops—at Russell’s. The
skirt is sheered in front, with pockets. Both
the skirt and shorts bottom down the side.
The top is a shirt waist.
' r■ v.
A fragrance to suit every whim. Lucien Le
long''s Flower Caddy is suggestive of mem
ories—of the days before Mother used blend
ed fragrances in perfume. Petunia, White
Lilac, Mignonette, Honeysuckle, in a clever
gift box—at Tiffanv Davis.
II Nylon fleece—
l|in new trotter
“The Enchanting
length coats. A
creation, a product of science,
fabric of today, in today’s stvle :
short length for spring. At Beard's they
have gobs of them ... . in beautiful colors.
Truly a
the new
Times ain't what they used to he. with all
the men gone, but slacks are better than
e'er. Peasant embroidery decorates the
jumper - slacks at the Broadway. Green,
blue, rust, brown, navy—and $5.95.