Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 29, 1943, Women's Edition, Page 3, Image 3

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    parching Masked Men
Enact Traditional Roles
(Continued from f'acie one)
didates will be required to have .3 points above the women's all-campus
average accumulative for their three years of University life.
^ '» Activities
Outstanding junior activity men will match, with at least a little
anxiety, as the Friars, complete with serious expression and folded
arms, wend through the crowd—on the prowl for the top three-year
men of the campus. Hoods, traditionally NOT worn up, and the corded
monkish belt will distinguish members of the men’s senior service
honorary. Lead man in the centipede line will carry the customary
Friar scroll. A tap on the shoulder will indicate Friar pledging.
Playing a slightly different role this year, will be the surgically
gowned and ominously-masked members of Asklepiads, pre-medic
honorary. New pledges, in past years, have been ornamented with a
«|ne suspended from a green ribbon. This year, due to the speeded
mpo of medical training, new members were selected in the fall.
However, in order that custom will be carried on—and new campus
luncheoners will not be cheated of the annual skeleton caravan—the
entire Asklepiad membership will be represented.
It was suggested that snap formation routines might be worked
out, utilizing the long ques of the marching honoraries. However, the
latest reports from the organizations indicate solemnity, as usual, will
be the keynote to pledging.
Singers to Vie
In 28 Choruses
(Continued from page one)
by organization and their lead
Women: Alpha Xi Delta, Ruth
Van Buskirk; Hendricks hall,
Ap,rbara Crisp; Kappa Alpha The
ta, Marge Dibble; Pi Beta Phi,
Mary Gene Bohnenkamp; Alpha
Omicron Pi, June Marie Wilson;
Gamma Phi Beta, Maxine Cady;
Alpha Phi, Toni Sutton; Alaph
Gamma Delta, Jane Partipilo;
Delta Delta Delta, Zoe Littlefield;
and Chi Omega, Betty Mackall.
Men: Alpha Tau Omega, Eu
gene Cecchini; Delta Tau Delta.
Charles Larsen; Campbell-Kirk
vvood Co-op, ,Bee Ghormley; Phi
Gamma Delta, Bill Frank; Phi
Delta Theta^ Preston Phipps;
Theta Chi, Jim Ricksecker; Delta
Upsilon, Ray Leonard; Beta The
ta Pi, Bruce feoyd; Sigma Alpha
Epsilon, Jerry Vawter; Sigma
Nu, Stan Skillicorn; Sigma Chi,
Bill Johnson; and Kappa Sigma,,
Malcolm McEvvan.
w At the latest count, 1,199 al
umni of Leihigh university' were
in the armed forces.
Red Cross Schedule
Alpha Chi Omega and Delta
Delta Delta are scheduled to
work today at the Red Cross
from 3 to 5:30.
Oregon ©'Emerald
City Desk Staff:
B. A. Stevens, City Editor.
Lorene Flower
Marcia Allen
Lois Winsley
Jeanne Mills
Margaret Schon
Night Staff:
Marian Schaefer, Night Editor
Ruth Matthews
Marge Fulton
Shirley Dillard
Barbara McClung
<§»ET the urge
Yes Indeed!
We do have a
comprehensive a s -
sortment of
Just as appealing and attrac
tive as you could imagine. It
will gi*ve you a lift just to
try them on.
Delightfully fresh and just
right for the summer days
ahead — right around the
corner, you might say !
So try to sec them soon and get your choice of these
ultra-smart creations.
Priced $2.95 to $10.95.
20 and 30 East Broadway
f Good Taste (
1 I
I Misplaced
Only FIVE more weeks to va
cation . . . YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!
Only one more flock of finals
to struggle through This Year.
And then everybody can trot
home and spend the summer
either (a) at the shipyards, or
(b) in the Victory Garden. . . .
Curious Mental Pictures Dept.
Remarked a brown-eyed soph
omore to her best friend: “I was
practicing inhaling this morning
and I burned a perfectly enor
mous hole in my new sweater.”
* * *
Isn't it FUN being a college
student ?
You can wander along the
street downtown licking at an
ice-cream cone or munching pop
corn and' no one is amazed . . .
In fact, they rather expect it.
Or you can dress yourself in
curious costumes and peculiar
accessories, but nobody turns
around, partly because you are a
college student, and partly be
cause all other college students
are doing the same thing.
The long hours of perching in
some coffee house with your
only worry whether or not you’re
really going to arrive at class on
time is a privilege that is ex
clusively collegiate.
At what other point of your
career can you sleep late on Sat
urday mornings ... go to con
certs free . . . spend all of a
spring afternoon in the middle
of the week acquiring a tan . . .
or be part of a group which has
the same ideals, interests, and
attitudes as yours . . . Exactly
. . . you can’t and don’t.
Ho hum, it’s wonderful to be
a college student. No wonder
the seniors are getting more and
more wistful as the year comes
closer to its end. . . .
* * #
Age of Chivalry Note from
Two absent-minded coeds pot
tered off the curb into the mid
dle of Thirteenth yesterday morn
ing, placidly unaware of the car
that was about to run them down.
The driver peered over the top
of the steering wheel and shook
his finger at them in a “Naughty,
Naughty!” manner, then sailed
loftily up the street.
My Daze
(Continued from page two)
nivorous as they look. Take me,
for instance. You can imagine?
Listen, big, stuffed, and snooty,
who do you think you are, the
ghost of J. P. Morgan ? . . . .
What’s my draft number? Would
n’t you like to know! Sure I'd
like to go out. Do you think I
crochet afghans for the fun of it ?
What time’ll I pick you up ?
Eight, okay. Sure I got a C-card.
I didn’t take printing two terms
for nothing.”
Gee, girls, I got a date. All I
have to supply is the car, cokes,
radio, heater, shew, and the
proper attitude. Oh and what a
man. Big, brawny. How do I
know? We’ve been tracking him
for days. A pin and uniform
both. Heaven in a Manhattan
shirt, that’s him.
Who is he? Oh he's the state
game warden.
‘‘Corona Corona Kappa, our
dancing leads to special an
announcements. . . .”
Jacqueline White, 19, UCLA
coed who claims to be a niece of
Navy Secretary Frank Knox, has
received a $750 weekly screen
contract with Metro-Goldwyn
Mayer studios.
Libe Entries
Close Friday
“Find out what's behind your
bookends and enter them in the
student library contest before
Friday, the closing date of the
contest,” urge contest officials.
All entries must be made by 6
p.m. at the circulation desk of the
library. Displays must be arrang
ed in space allotted by 10 a.m.
Saturday, May 1.
Prizes of $15, $10, and a copy
of Webster’s Dictionary of Syno
nyms are offered, and the winning
libraries will be displayed at the
Co-op following the contest.
Entry blanks and rules of the
contest are available at the cir
culation desk of the library.
Books will be judged mainly on
the usefulness of the collection
to the owner and its value as a
nucleus of an interesting library
for future years. Neither the to
AH girls are invited to the
meeting this afternoon at 4 at
the Pi Beta Phi house when Miss
Brownell Frasier will speak on
how to decorate an apartment.
The YWCA is sponsoring the
tal number of books nor their
money value will be a determin
ing factor. Required text books
are excluded and all entries must
bear a definite mark of owner
Eighteen entries, including &
seniors, 2 juniors, 4 sophomores,
and 3 freshmen, have been re
ceived, announces Miss Rise, cir
culation librarian.
Judges of the contest are: Dr.
Hoyt Trowbridge, chairman; Dr.
Gordon Wright, Dr. Chandler Be
all, Dr. Pierre Van Rysselberghe,
and O. K. Burrell.
The annual meeting
of members of the Uni
versity of Oregon Co
operative Store will
be held in room 207
Chapman at 4:00 p.m.,
Thursday.. April 29. All
University students
are eligible to attend.
Bud Vandeneynde,
A sophisticated, delicately subtle perfume —
the perfect expression of flattering Christmas
tribute. Brilliantly, festively wrapped in four
convenient sizes at
$2 50 . $4.50 . $8-50 and $13-50
Yardley products for America are created In England and flnlshod In the U.8.A.
from the Original English Formulae, combining imported and domestic Ingredients.