Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 13, 1943, Page 5, Image 5

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    Ihey vc whipped up a feature sport attraction for the Dads’
Day gathering tonight . It's chapter two of the Oregon-Ore
gon State basketball feud, and all advance notices indicate that
the SRO sign will be flagged along about eight p in.
Here's Durdan
Donald Durdan's return to the Beaver fold increases the
strength of the Corvallis cagers no end. The gifted athlete
£kho threaded his way through the Duke University football
in the Durham, North Carolina, transplanted Rose Bowl
game, was given a medical okay by the OSC team physician.
At first, it was thought that Brother Durdan would spend his
remaining basketball eligibility gathering splinters on the
Beaver bench, or watching the action of his teammates from
the vantage point of the bleachers. But the miraculous way
that Oregon State athletes have of pulling through even when
pronounced 87.5 per cent dead, prevailed again.
And thus dangerous Durdan prowls the pinewoods to
night. During the early weeks of this season, he was high
up in the scoring race, having dropped more than his quota
of baskets through the enemy net. Injury, in the way of
chicken pox, cut him down, when the Beavers needed him
most. The absence of Durdan in the Corvallis lineup may
or may not have accounted for the Beavers’ loss to Idaho
'in the upset of the year.
“Hobby” Hobson has had so much luck with his freshmen
triumvirate, it might be possible that he will lure a pair of Eu
^pie high'school cagers into the Igloo at some future occasion,
tu liave'-theinUsling melons through the basket for Oregon.
And Meek
Yesterday’s column stated that Grover Klemmer was the
first athlete at California to win three letters in the past fifteen
York University holds sway in the east. . . . They’re still
is well on the way to doing- so, as he is currently holding down
a starting forward position on the Bear basketball club. What
we may have overlooked, however, \Yas the fact that some ten
or eleven years ago, one of the famous California Meek boys,
this One was Dave, snared three letters while attending the
Berkeley, institution. No credit taken away from Klemmer, a
great athlete and competitor, but just recognition to Dave
Have you talked to the high school athletes in‘your home
town lately? Maybe you saw ’em at Christmas time, or even
later than that, if you’ve been home. Some of your pals and
buddies may be finishing high school this year, and whether
WHl know it or not, what they decide to do after graduation is
mighty important to OREGON.
It's Worth Your Time
Yes, we said Oregon. Here’s the angle. Those high school
kids may not be aware of the fact that they can get into some
reserve program while they are still in high school, if they are
accepted for enrollment at Oregon. A lot of ’em have got the
idea that they will grab a diploma, step off the graduation plat
form and into the waiting arms of the local draft board. But
it’s important to them, and it’s important to you, that you set
them right. Tell them the straight dope. And talk OREGON
up. Tell them why its the finest school in the northwest. Find
out what their major interests are, look up the courses they
would like to take. Start building the OREGON reserve man
power list right now. You juniors and seniors and even soph
omores may be checking into active duty lately, but if vou
would like to come back to school after the war, you better get
the boat now, and get these high school men lined up. Ore
gon has got to be insured of a supply of incoming students. The
turnover may be great, but the cause is even greater. That’s
the job—let’s get to work.
ODDS AND ENDS: The all-intramural basketball selec
tions will be made next week by the Emerald sports staff. A
first and second string of both A and B league men will be
chosen. . . . Hank Luisetti has evidently shaken his slump.
(Take notice, Dr. Gregory of the Oregonian, please.) In the
Naval Pre-Flight's last game. Luisetti played but ten minutes
of the contest, but bagged 16 points, to walk away with high
scoring honors for the night. . . . The University of Illinois
^B-still the toast of the midwestern basketball race, while New
Day gathering tonight. It's chapter two of the Oregon-Ore
talking about center Fred Quinn of Idaho and his act of wetting
his thumb and then gentlv tapping his nose with .
WSC, UO Mermen Set
For Today’s Big Splash
Oregon Ducks, for the first
time this season will face the
Washington Cougars in a
dual swimming meet that will
take place this morning at
10:30 in the men’s pool.
So far this season the Oregon
squad has had two meets with
the Oregon State squad and has
won both. Washington State has
tipped the Idaho swimming club
two times and has suffered one
loss to the University of Wash
Probable Oregon entries and
schedule of events:
300 yard medley relay: Prow
ell, backstroke; Huestis, breast
stroke; and either Fox, Houston,
or Gautier, freestyle.
220 yard freestyle: Nelson,
Smith, Allen, and Hoffman.
50 yard freestyle: Gautier and
Allen, or Nelson, and Fox.
100 yard freestyle: Nelson, Al
len, Smith, Gautier, and Hoff
150 yard backstroke: Nelson,
Prowell, and Tugman.
200 yard breaststroke: Smith,
Huestis, and McAuliffe.
440 yard freestyle: Nelson,
Hoffman, Allen, Smith, and Hous
400 yard freestyle relay: Nel
son, Smith, Gautier, (Hoffman,
and Allen.
Gautier Baack
Jim Gautier, freshman swim
mer, who just left the infirmary
yesterday from a case of influ
enza, will be able to compete in
today’s meet. Coach Mike Hoy
man is swimming him probably
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Cage Play-Offs Start Wed.;
Phi Delts Blazing Hot Trail
Wednesday afternoon will witness the opening; play-offs for the
intramural basketball elianipionships of 1948. This was decided at
yesterday afternoon’s meeting; of athletie managers, along with the
drawing of the leagues set to oppose each other.
The last regularly scheduled games are still-to be played Mon
day and Tuesday, so a few of the individual title winners have vet
to be selected. However, the be
low listed leagues will send their
eventual champions against each
other: In the “A" ranks, 1 vs. 5,
2 vs. 4, and 3 vs. 6; in the “B”
ranks, 1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 5, and 3-vs. 6.
Tuesday morning's Emerald
will contain the playing times
and teams concerned giving ev
erybody fair notice.
Evidently some quintets have
already given up hope, or they
considered the referees due for a
rest, for out of the three games
planned for the day only one ac
tually came off.
By failing to put in an appear
ance, Sigma hall forfeited to Sig
ma Nu in the “A” league (notice
any connection?), and the Gam
ma Bees automatically lost to
another hall team, Omega.
The only contest left resulted
in Phi Delt triumph over -Gam
ma hall’s "A” squad, 28-8. The
whole game can really be summed
up in a few words. The Phi Delts
were definitely “on,” while the
Gamma hoopsters were just as
definitely “off" their usual
In the first half, checking was
.1. -'ivniii-ii- - -
Division Standings
W. U Pet.
Washington State ..5 2 .714
Washington .5 3
Oregon'State ..5 4
Oregon .6 5
.1 8 .111
close on both sides, and with
Gamma unable to find the hoop at
all, the score at the end of this
period read 8-0.
Coach Bob Vernon then some
what inspired his proteges to the
extent that the initial thirty sec
onds of the second session they
had tallied one basket and had a
“rim-roller” on another shot. But
the big Phi Delts soon took the
wind out of the Gamma sails as
they settled down to work and
more than tripled their own
Phi Delts Gamma hall
Wright; 8..:,;.J.1F...-. Craig
Wimberly, 6 F. 2, French
Skade, 8.C. 2, Crocker
Hewitt, 6.G. Ray
Burns....G... Tyler
Taylor.S.4, George
Ask the Team!
Ask ’em what goes best after the game and they’ll tell you
sandwiches. Sandwiches made with delicious, energy-build
ing Williams Bread! 'Course you gotta slice ’em yourself
since the OPA took our sheer away from us, but that just
means you can make ’em thicker than ever. So when you get
home from the game tonight, drag that pound of cheese out
of the ice box and reach for “that good bread.” Oh boy!
That Good Bread