Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 06, 1943, Page 7, Image 7

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tlte Pulpit
“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with
all thy soul, and with thy mind. This is the first and greatest
commandment.” Ministers in Eugene have planned worship
services for Sunday, to help us obey it.
At the Baptist church, Dr. Vance Webster is speaking at
the 11 o’clock service on “The Supper of Our Lord.” He will
speak at 7:30 on “Is There a Fu
ture Life?’’ Alice Pepion is lead
ing the B.Y. serice at 6:30, the
Rirst of a series of four. The sub
ject is “The Bible and Archeol
Mass at St. Mary’s Catholic
church is at 8, 9:30, and 10:30.
Senior Endeavor Meets
At the First Christian church,
Rev. Walter J. Fiscus’ morning
subject is “Christ Formed in
You.” His 7:30 p.m. subject is “In
the -Fullness of Time.” Senior En
deavor is at 6:15.
The lesson-subject at the First
Church of Christ, Scientist, is
“Spirit” for the 11 a.m. and 8
p.m. services.
“Round Tires”—Exchange Topic
The speaker at the Congrega
tional church will, be Rev. Wil
bur Simmons, an exchange pas
tor from the federated Presby
terian - Congregational church
Kf Corvallis. His subject for the
1 o'clock service is “Round Tires
Taken Away.”
At St. May’s Episcopal
church Rev. H. R. White of Eu
gene is speaking at the 11 o’clock
service on "Marching Forward.”
Canterbury club will meet at 6
L.S.A. Gathers at YW
The Lutheran churches will
have services as usual Sunday.
The Lutheran student association
meets in the YW bungalow at
6:30. Rev. Kie Nygaard is lead
ing a discussion on miracles,
which will be followed with in
formal games.
At the Methodist church, Rev.
Joseph Adams from Everett,
Washington, is the visiting speak
er. At Wesley foundation, 7
o’clock, Mr. Orville Etter is lead
ing a discussion on “Minorities.”
Westminster Features Debate
Dr. Norman K. Tully at the
Central Presbyterian church is
speaking at 11 on “Living 24
Hours a Day.” His 7:30 subject
is "Wake Up and Live.”
At Westminster house, the 9:45
discussion group will share ideas
as usual. In the evening forum at
6:30 A1 Larsen and Jack McCli
ment will give the debate which
has been chosen as University’s
contestants in the national inter
collegiate radio prize debates.
Mildred Wilson Spies
(Continued from /'age tzoo)
pers—and boy was that tough.”
Mks to its difficulties Haycox re
pealed, “In the first place I
wasn’t much of a salesman and
the boys were continually chas
ing me off the best corners. But
I used to make enough for a 10
cent breakfast.”
Before coming to Oregon Hay
cox served in Mexico as part of
the National Guard and was in
France from December 1917 till
February 1919. His patriotism
has carried over in full force to
this war and he is an integral
part of the Portland draft board
Followers of this Oregon writ
er will know that his main field
•f interest is in the western
Haycox is not a wanderer. With
his lovely wife Jill, and two chil
dren Mary Ann and Ernest, his
wanderings are fictional and his
heart is in his home and commun
Ad Lib
(Continued from page two)
way, that Benny is doing those
knocked-out vocals of his once
again. I hope that we have a
chance to hear him via the ether
or wax right soon, because he
has peculiar, little-known talent
for exercising the vocal cords
which more people should be giv
en a chance to enjoy. Listen too
for tramming by an unknown by
the name of Charlie Castaldo.
Peculiar is the fact that Kay
Kyser’s disks last year outsold
those of any of the popularity poll
winners. Admittedly, Kay's banc?
is better than ever before but,
frankly, we can’t see that he
merits this tribute. You'll be
amoozed no doubt to hear that
Brother Kyser is throwing credit
for the “enormous'1 sale of his
waxings to the lads in the armed
The king of the tenor, Cole
man Hawkins, is back in Gotham
nowadays, doing a couple of num
bers per show with Kenny
Clarke's little outfit at Kelly's
Stable. After quite a bit of time
in the Midwest, he didn't exactly
return to the big city as a con
quering hero, but as soon aa the
critic had had time to dig him
the customers began to pour in.
According to report, he is better
than ever, and, son, that's really
going some.
Between the Lines
(Continued front {<anc ttiv)
what happens before Beckwith
says somebody just planted his
pin on someone of the Signa Fv
Nothing clan. In other words, for
every result there must be a
A few of the problems I've
heard lately are. How to get a
man to ask you for the first
date,' 'How to get a man to keep
asking you for dates,’ 'How to
get a man to ask you to his house
dance,’ ’How to get a man to give
you his' pin,' and 'How to get a
Not in 4F
“Just to illustrate the serious
ness of this problem, only yes
terday I saw three girls dashing
madly to buy cokes (the kind
with a flavor) and doughnuts and
all of them rushing for one little
guy lying in an inert heap in one
of the booths. It was sorta sad,
too, when he finally admitted
that he really wasn't a 4-F; he'd
just been doing the Burpee. Then,
of course, there is always the
popular girl who has her p'ob
lcms too. Like 'Shall I go and
see the Errol Flynn show tonight,
or tomorrow night.’
"Gee, I almost forgot. th,.« 53
supposed to he a fan letter, so
I'll tell you what 1 started , ,.t
to say. Don't forget the two bits.
Bye now,
Peaches ’
(probably an a.has)
* *
Louise Montag from Snsie
points out that Tuesday's c-ol :un
was "ail wet” in regard to the
code message. The system of ,:s
ing the Morse code was correct,
but its application was a bit faul
First to actually have the mes
sage worked out before it ap
peared in print were Fat Perry
and Minnie Steens, flanked by
Montag and others, according tr
Mor.tag. Others didn’t have n
to say.
guess it's your turn, Fn d.
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