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    Sport Staff:
Fred TreadgolX
Fred Beckwith,
Co-sports editors
Don Lonie
Mart Pond
RoUie Gabel
A i t Carlson
Stan Pierson
Riding rather easily on their victory over the Oregon State swim
ming team of last Saturday, the Oregon squad will again meet the
aforementioned team in the University of Oregon men’s pool this aft
ernoon at 2:30. The meet promises to lie a fast one, because of the
fact that all week Coach Mike Hoyman has been concentrating, not on
primarily totaling a great number of points against tiie State squ^d.
Reeder Scores 23 Points
For Army Hoopsters
Oregon’s never-say-die Duckling hoop quintet met the 96th divi
sion in a oasainl contest Friday night in McArthur court and matched
t he soldiers blow for blow, finally dunking the hard-fighting Adairs
in an overtime period with a score of 50-48.
With five sets of clipped wings, the Frosh came hack in the last
half of a contest in which they had remained just a little behind, hut
always within a few points during the entire game.
An army squad- with more than
an ordinary team of fine shooting'
players to drop in enough baskets
to k"i'p ahead of the Frosh was
ry much in evidence during the
first half. One "Lanky” Reeder
of the khaki' contingent domin
ated the backboard remarkably
vv ‘11, as he augmented the divis
i m's score by a neat 12 points
dining the initial half, and came
Lack in the second half to shoot
in an additionanl 11 points, to be
come high scorer for the evening
with 23 counters.
Something Xew
Starting an entirely different
combination at the beginning of
the contest, Frosh coach, "Sandy”
Sandness, employed the services
of two of the yearling “speed mer
chants” in the guard positions,
with Bob Hudgins and "Iowa” Bob
Hamilton doing tire running
chores. Big Ron Pupke took Dean
Sempert’s usual position at tiie
pivot spot, and Joe Coenenberg
Commandos Gain
Former Athlete
Second Lieut. Don AY, Gal
lueaith, former University of
Oregon basketball and tennis
star, has been assigned to duty
with a United States marine
corps combat organization.
He was assigned to his present
outfit following his graduation
from reserve officers' school at
■’Quantico, Virginia.
Lieut. Galbreaith enlisted for
a. commission in the reserves last
March, but completed his educa
tion before reporting- to candi
dates' class.
After spending ten weeks in
candidates' class he received his
gold bars and commission and
was then enrolled in reserve offi
cers' school.
Twenty-two-year-old Lieut. Ga
Twenty-two - year - old Lieut.
Galbreaith was a mainstay on
the Oregon basketball team for
two years. He was graduated
with a BS degree in physical edu
cation. He is a member of Phi
I Vita Theta fraternity.
and Ken Hume assumed the for
ward jobs.
Deploying- two men in the re
spective backcourt of the Frosh,
"General” Kelly, paced an army
squad with his arching- howitzers
which swished through the hemp
with the ominous hum of an 83.
The score at the end of the first
half was 21-17 to the good for the
elongated militia.
Coming- back into the contest at
the outset of the second period, a
determined Duckling squad beat
away at the soldiers’ lead, with
Dean Sempert doing some of the
heavy work with some fore-court
swisher shots. Because of their ap
parent inability to go over the
heads of the 96th team, the Frosh
then began to go through them
with a sporadic type of play on
the part of Bob Caviness and
“Hodge” Hodgins.
The shooting eye of Kenny
Hume, of the Frosh, wasn’t off in
the least during the tilt, for this
Portland boy drove in toward the
basket to make lay-in shots or was
content in shooting them from the
In the last few minutes of the
fray, the soldiers were leading',
with Reeder and Jackovvski and
Kelly playing a game of tag with
the speedy Frosh forwards, then
the Yearlings opened their last
minute rally, with Caviness and
Sempert connecting for long shots
to tie the game in a knot as the
regular playing time was complet
ed with the score 40-40.
In a fast five minute overtime,
' Big'' Mr. Reeder “canned” a
whirling shot to put the soldiers
again into the lead, but Ken Hume
and Bob Caviness came through
with counters to win the game for
the Frosh 50-48.
The lineups:
Frosh (50)
Coenenberg 0
Hume 14.
Hamilton 2 ...
Hodgina 9 .
Caviness 8 .....
Sempert 8 .
Simmons 1 ...
96th Army (48)
.1 Sevier
. 23 Reeder
. Lepper
2 Rose
13 Kelly
' Jackowski
Officials: Siegmund and Sum
. . . Jack Dallas, holder of the northwest record in the 100-yard breast
stroke at 1:05:38, will he on hand this afternoon as Ralph Huestis at
tempts to better his mark.
Awful Awfuls, Betas Crush
Intramural Opponents
Intramural basketball competi
tion was at a low ebb yesterday
afternoon as only two games
were played. A third game, the
scheduled contest between Alpha
hall and Sigma hall, was taken
via the forfeit route by the Sig
mas since the Alphas have with
The feature attraction brought
together two hitherto undefeat
ed "A" fives, the Awful Awfuls
and Canard club. After jumping
into an early lead on baskets by
Kelly and Ness, the Awful Aw
ful outfit was never headed and
wound up on the long end of a 24
to 7 count. Canard, who had beat
en Phi Psi the day before, took
a large number of shots from the
floor but were unable to connect.
Glen Kelly, whose work under
the basket was particularly ef
fective, tied with George Bcoras
for high point honors, each ac
counting for 8.
Awfuls (24) (7) Canard
Bannister, 1.F. Wieden
Ness, 7.F.Backstrim
Nelly, 8.C. 1, Simpson
Booras, 8.G. Murphy
Carr.C..*. 2, Kuhl
Barde.S. 2, Bristol
S. 2, Savelich
In a class “B” affair, the Beta
Theta Pis rolled over the Phi
Sigma Kappas to the tune of 50
15. Marty Duden wrote a new
season scoring record into the
books as he tallied 21 points in
leading his team to victory. The
Thetas displayed a fine ball
handling technique and coasted
most of the second half after
leading at one time 30-4. Al
though outplayed completely, the
Phi Sigs were not outfought and
cut on tne possiouiues oi ore^^
ing some existing records. Admit
tance to the meet will be on stud
ent cards.
Record Challenge
The possibilities of breaking
some records are very good as
two of the existing records have
already been broken in unofficial
time trials held recently. The one
good possibility is the 100 yard
breaststroke event in which Ralph
Huestis of the Oregon squad will
be the chief aspirant. The other
very good possibility is in the 440
freestyle event being swum by
Dick Smith. The existing record
is held by Robinson of la^t year's
championship squad with a time
of 5:06. Smith made the time of
5:07 last year, and because of
strenuous workouts and time tri
als over at the pool, there seems
tp be a very good possibility of®
breaking this Oregon held rec
ord. Chuck Nelson wall also try
to break a freestyle record in the
50-yard event.
Sights Raised
The boys are all primed to real
ly make a show this afternoon and
have been working diligently in
an effort to do justice to previous
Oregon swimming standards.
This meet will mark the second
official meet that both squads
have competed in, the first being
the one held last Saturday be
tween each other.
Following is a schedule of the
300 yard medley: Backstroke,
either Nelson or Prowell; breast
stroke, Huestis; freestyle and an
chor man, either Gautier, Hoff
man, or Houston.
220 freestyle: Smith, Allen.W
100 freestyle: Gautier, Smith,
Hoffman, or Nelson.
150 backstroke: Nelson, Prowell
or Tugman.
200 backstroke: Huestis, Mc
Cauliffe, or Smith.
440 freestyle: Houston, Smith
or Allen.
440 freestyle: Houston, Smith,
or Allen.
400 freestyle relay: Nelson, Al
len, Smith, Hoffman, Gautier.
Houston. (Four of these six, each
swimming 100 yards.)
Monday’s Intramural
Basketball Schedule
(All “B” Games on Court 40)
4:00—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
vs. Sigma hall.
4:40—Canard Club vs. Ha#|
shah Hot Shots ^
5:20—Gamma hall vs. Theta
did not give
Betas (50)
Rathbun, 10.....
Fortmiller, 4....
Holier, 7.
Haugsten, 4.
Duden, 21.
Drougas, 2.
Boyd, 2.
in until the final
(15) Phi Sigs
F. Taylor
F. Walters
C. 2, Liebman
G. 2, Dauntlas
G. 7, Cougill
S. 4, Felsheini
Purdue university engineering
students are producing war ma
chine parts for Westingho^
Electric company as part of their
shop practice. Their output equals
that of a 75-man machine shop
working full time.