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    •Canned Goods Rationing Faces
UO Cooks in New Point System
Time marches on, and in a few weeks every kitchen on the
campus along with every kitchen in the United States will face
a definite food rationing program, according to an announce
ment by the OPA designating exactly what will be rationed.
Canned goods are the items hit in the project. The average
is five cans or bottles of rationed items per person, but this
uoesn t include cans containing
less than eight ounces, such as
small cans of baby food. It will
be regarded as a penalty if a
person draws any amount over
this total.
Program Itemized
Main points of the rationing
program are the following:
1. Foods which wall be ra
tioned include all canned or bot
tled fruits, vegetables, soups,
juices, baby foods, frozen fruits
and vegetables, and dried fruits.
Point System
2. Each person will have a
certain share which will be fixed
in total points per rationing pe
riod ( which may be one month or
some other length of time.)
Each item will be assigned a
point value, meaning that scarc
er goods will be worth more
points than others. The points
may be changed from time to
Letters, Numbers
The ration stamps will bear
Lpoint totals (8, 5, 2, and 1) and
setters (A, B, C, etc.) which will
indicate the period in which they
may be used.
As an example, if A, B, and C
stamps are made valid for the
first period, the point total for
that period would be 48. (This
figure has been mentioned fre
quently, but OPA hasn’t an
nounced its decision.)
Stamp No. 19
3. This includes the problem of
obtaining 'a ration book, which
each family must have. Some
member of each family must
take their No. 1 ration books (the
one used for sugar and coffee)
to the local rationing board’s of
The rationing clerk will pencil
an “X” across stamp No. 19 to
indicate that the holder has re
| eived book No. 2. (Then he will
get back book No. 1, which will
continued to be used for sugar
and coffee.) Persons must state
on a family basis how many
cans and bottles of rationed items
they have.
4. Penalties. This was ex
plained by the following exam
ple: If there are four persons in
a family and they have 24 cans,
that would be four over the lim
it; so the clerk would take one
8-point stamp out of each of the
family’s four books.
The size of these extra cans
doesn’t make any difference as
long as they are 8-ounces or
larger. Home-canned goods don’t
Meat Rationing Later
I Each book contains 24 of the
»-point blue-colored stamps. If
a family doesn’t have 'enough of
these to cover the penalties, the
clerk is to make a note of it on
the books, and the reminder of
the penalty will apply to any fu
ture ration books.
Blue stamps will be for canned
and bottled goods, while red
stamps in the same book will be
Delicious meals prepared
especially for you by our
French Chef
used later for rationing meat.
If a person eats in a restau
rant he won’t have to surrender
any ration stamps, under the
present plan.
Since there will be one week
just before rationing stars when
persons won't be able to buy any
canned goods, everyone is ex
pected to have some on hand.
This measure will give the stores
a chance to stock up on the im
portant items.
Date Petition Deadline
At a meeting of the student af
fairs committee Friday afternoon
it was decided that all petitions
for special consideration concern
ing dates for social affairs must
be filed at least one week before
the date the petition concerns.
The committee also extended
the closing hours for Saturday
night after the military ball until
1 a.m.
Ad Lib
(Continued from page two)
prietor Wm. Melander, "How
much ?”
Melander looked at the disk
and said, “A Ted Lewis. That's
worth about a nickel.”
“A nickel?” shot back the cus
tomer indignantly.
The proprietor repeated him
self and held out his palm. The
customer paid him, tucked' the
record under his arm, plunked his
hat on his head, and stumped out
of the shop. Melander rang up
the sale and turned to the next
customer when suddenly his jaw
fell and his eyebrows flew up to
his hairline.
"My God,” he gasped, "do you
know who that was?”
“Yeah,” drawled the other.
‘‘Ted Lewis.”
I Cover the Campus
(Continued from page tivo)
who looked down in the mouth
over the news of the Gordon
Whitmore combination? . . . Bar
bara Bell, blond Alpha Phi, we
mean now brunette Fee, looks
much better with brunette tress
Miss Oregon of the Week: The
ta Jean Morrison.
“High” King
. . . Chuck Chaloupka, Sigma
Chi, has just been named King
of Hearts by the Eugene high
girls , . . And we wonder what
Sigma Chi Art Damschen, Chi
Psi Don Stevens, and ATO Char
lie Powers were doing on the sec
ond floor of the Fee house the
other day? . . . There is now a
"Judy” in Tom Kay's life. . . .
Watch for big' developments on
the Slush Queen of 1943 contest
tonight . . . Spider Dixon has
knocked out a new literary opus
Dixie Time!
"Eyes in the Night"
l r I ^3iM
Move Ice 'n' Snow
which promises to eclipse even
his previous works ... Ho pl.-r.is
to submit it to Esquire magas :o
. . . Now podden me. Lescoc'-o,
while I road the d;..-n thing. . .
. . . That's thoity for today, so
I'll check out like a Harlem w.. t
or in a blackout. . . .
War has put a crimp in hou.- g
at Northwestern university.
Two Thrillers 1
"The Mummy's
Not AWOL, but
With Victor Mature
Lucille Ball and
Freddy Martin's Orchestra.
Jinny Simms
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