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iSkies Annex 46-31
m Over University
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u. OF ORE.
Brown Sock tsfSh Go
On Payroll in Spring
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Welcome in
Jewett Tilt
^ 11 persons planning to enter
the second W. F. Jewett contest
of this school year to be held
February 11, must register their
names by February 3, it was an
nounced Friday by K. E. Mont
gomery, instructor in speech.
The contest is open to the
whole University, according to
Mr. Montgomery.
Prizes will not be given on the
basis of first, second, or third,
but will be awarded according to
ability rating of definitely supe
rior, $18.75; excellent, $10; and
good, $5. Prizes will be in cash,
but the speech and dramatic arts
division recommends that the
money be used to purchase war
bonds and stamps.
According to the speech in
structor, constructive speeches of
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New Artists*
Aid Sought
Would-be cartoonists with an
eye cocked at publication are be
ing paged„by Charles Politz, edi
tor of the Lemon Punch section
of the Oregana. Ten cartoons
will be selected for reproduction
in this year’s Oregana.
Winning drawings will be cho
sen especially for the “idea” pic
tured and not as much emphasis
will be placed on technique, Po
litz said.
Deadline for the contest has
been set for nocn February 6.
Applicants should' make their
i^fcwings in black india ink on
\wnte cardboard, 8 by 11 inches
or larger.
Persons with ideas but no
drawing technique may combine
talents with campus artists, sug
gests the Oregana. Although
most subjects will be acceptable,
the Lemon Punch section is par
ticularly interested in drawings
portraying campus life.
. . . plotting Military Ball action are John Busteriicl, Bob Jones, Clin
ton Childs, Lt. Col. C. E. Knickerbocker, Bob McKinney and Homer
Thomas. Skirmish begins at 9 p.m., taps sound at 1 a.m.
One o ’Clock Taps to End
Lavish Igloo Skirmish
Official Communique
Place: McArthur Court Headquarters
Date: January 30, 1943
To: Campus Webfoot
From: Scabbard and Blade
Through: Oregon Emerald
Subject: Military Ball
1. An official report from Clint _
Childs, Military Ball chairman, to
day announced that all campus
coeds on leave at the Ball till 1
a.m. Sunday morning will not bQ
AWOL. Contrary to a former
report that all leaves ended
promptly at 12:30 it was decided
Friday afternoon at the student
affairs headquarters to extend the
time till 1 a.m.
2. Order of the day: Dark suits
or tuxes for all buck privates and
formals for the feminine detach
ment. Out of military courtesy
corsages will be dispensed with.
3. Dancing will start promptly
at 9 p.m. and all ballots for the
Little Colonel contest must be in
by 3 0. Scabbard and Blade mem
bers will guard the ballot box to
prevent any sabotage.
4. To honor our Commander-in
Chief, President Roosevelt, on his
birthday topography for the skir
mish will be camouflaged in red,
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'St. Mark’ Pays Tribute
To Firsf UO Casualty
Dedicating their last perform
ance to First Lieut. Jens H. Han
one of the first students to
be killed in action, the “Eve of
St. Mark's” cast will give their
last show when the curtain rises
tonight at 8 p.m. in Johnson hall.
Lieut. Hansen, who was “one
of the first to go and first to,
die,” as the dedication states,
was killed in an airplane crash in
Africa on October 29, 1942. He
was a student dramatist, his last
appearance at the University in
the original production of the
Guild hall theater, a musical
comedy, “With Fear and Trem
bling,” in which he did a satiri
cal portrait of Hitler.
While the play handles the
^^>le plot plausibly, from the
jealistic scenes cf a soldier’s Sat
urday night in the Moonglow
restaurant, to the delicately-ex
ecuted scene between Quiz and
his ingenue sweetheart there is
a naive use of over-profanity
. . . Janet in “Eve of St. Mark”
playing at University theater.
throughout the play. This de
tracts from the effectiveness of
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CCourtesv ot the Kee'ster-Guard)
. . . Military ball chief in charge
of skirmish.
Bishop Leads
Vesper Service
Bishop William P. Remington,
visitor cn the campus for the last
week, will lead the meditations
at the first all campus vesper
servlfce of winter term Sunday
afternoon at 4:30 in the auditor
ium of the school of music.
Personal religion will be the
subject of the bishop’s talk at
the service that will last approxi
mately 45 minutes. Helen Lu
vaas, sophomore in music, will
play the organ for the program,
and another musical feature
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Underneath this old barren, cold
Hunk of frozen stone you’ll find
He’s the guy who in winter, we’re
Forgot to close the door behind
ROTC to Wear G.I.;
Draw Full Pay Soon
College seniors enrolled in the enlisted reserve corps will
be called to active duty upon initiation of the new army spec
ialized training corps, in accordance with a new war depart
ment program. They will be promoted to the grade of cor
poral, and remain in school till graduation in an active status,
receiving a corporal’s pay.
Frosh Pants
Get Kicked
By Soph Men
The sophomobb class has its
tights, and executives of the class
rose up Thursday night to
demand those rights, namely,
the tradition that a sophomore
tvears moleskin or blue jean
pants while a lowly fre/.hman
spends his life in tin pants.
The question of underclass
men’s trousers was thoroughly
discussed at the sophomore ex
ecutive committee meeting, and
it was decided that too many
freshmen daily clutter up the
campus in the uniform of sopho
mores—blue jeans or moleskins.
According to the sophomores,
the governor of the state of Ore
gon in a warrant designated
that moleskins and blue jeans
are the official pants of sopho
more men at the University of
“Skull and Dagger, sophomore
men's honorary, has agreed to di
rect enforcement of the tradition.
Starting Monday, offenders will
be dealt with accordingly,” Bob
Henderson, president of the class
of ’45 stated Friday.
Considering that tin pants are
no longer available at all stores,
the sophomores decided that
cruise blues would be permissible
for freshman attire.
Upon completion of school they
will report to officers’ candidate
school for three months, at the
end of which they will be com
missioned second lieutenants.
This was revealed by Col. C. L.
Sampson, officer in command of
Oregon’s military department, in
announcing the new program the.
war department has set up for
college students enrolled in ad
vanced ROTO courses.
Seniors who are not in the ERfJ
but are advanced ROTC students;
will be given the opportunity to
report to the army induction cen
ter in Portland, at their own ex
pense, for voluntary induction..
This induction will take place be
tween April 5 and 9. Upon en
listment these students will be on
the same status as those who had
previously joined the ERC, and
upon graduation will be sent to ;>■
branch service school.
ROTC juniors will be called to
active duty at the same time am
the seniors. They will remain in
school till the end of the current
school year as an enlisted man,
the grade of which has not yet
been made public, and will receive
the pay assigned to their grade.
Upon completion of the school
year they will go to an army re
placement center for a period of
thirteen weeks, where they will
receive training that is equivalent
to second year advanced ROTC.
When they successfully complete
these thirteen weeks they will be
given the opportunity to go to an
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Dads Go on Silver Standard
As Houses Vie forThreeCups
Three cups will grace the mantels of living organization:',
entertaining the most dads Saturday, February 13. Jim Thayer,
Dads’ Day chairman, announced that a committee headed by
Nell Rohrback and Bob Mueller will be in charge of the contest.
Last year's winners were: Phi Delta Theta, the A. W. Nor
blad trophy for the most registered dads of members. Pi Beta
Phi won the Paul T. Shaw cup
for having the second highest reg
istration and also the O. L. Laure
gaard trophy for the most fresh
man fathers.
Cup Rotates
Houses winning a cup three
times will gain permanent pos
session of it. Otherwise, the cups
will rotate each year, according
to Assistant Registrar Clifford L
Constance, cup custodian.
Mr. Constance listed the rules
governing the contest as follows:
The president of each organiza
tion will turn in a list of father.;
who are visiting sons or daugh
ters in that organization. This list
will be submitted to the deans’
offices in Johnson hall Where it
will be computed with the total
number of members in the organ
ization to determine the percent
age of attendance.
Eligible People
Out of town dads of students
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Girls Needed;
In the surgical dressing lab in
the cooking room of Chapman
hall yesterday afternoon almost
ten people were helping roll
bandages. Lane county alone has
a quota of 100,000 bandages a
month to fill, and the state must
hit the 100,000,000 mark, ten peo
ple working for four hours isn’t
going to materially help the men
overseas who are injured and se
riously in need of Red Cross,
Oregon State has been filling
its quota and even more since it
started at the beginning of this
term. Our lab has been open
for three terms.
For months now posters, tele
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