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    Rabbi Explains
Jydaistic Code
Ajthough Judaism is essential
Iy .mystic, its principles are in
separably interwoven into the
pattern of the average Jew’s
daily life, Rabbi Adolph H. Fink
of Temple Etnanu-El, Spokane,
co-itended in his address Wednes
day at 7:30, in the faculty room
of Friendly hall. His speech was
the first of the winter term lec
ture series,
Underlying the whole structure
of Judaism, Rabbi Fink explained,
is ,the belief in the fundamental
sovereignty of man, pointing out
the fact tiiat the “inalienable
rights" of Thomas Jefferson were
Christian doctrines originally de
rived from codes of the Jews a3
defined in the Old Testament of
the Bible.
Soul Captains
“Men make events; events do
not make men. We are ‘captains
of our souls'," he declared.
With man’s divinity goes an
obligation to his fellowmen, Rab
bi .Fink announced, citing the ten
commandments as classic exam
pies of the Jewish sense of moral
Wartime Position
Questions from the floor fol
low *d his formal speech, dealing
with the position of the Jew in
the wartime world of today. The
rabbi said that of the 570,000
Jews in Germany at the time of
Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, not
even 100,000 are left in Germany,
After the Ball
Is Over
Uring >ur "Little Col
jid" down for a luscious
harhecuc sandwich and
a re fie.-hi no- cup of hot
c'hoc< date.
i 000 Block on West 6th
100 Car Parking Space
Early Oregon Graduate
Passes in Evanston, ill.
Another University of Oregon
pioneer has passed away. Dr.
John Nelson Goltra, a member of
one of the first graduating class
es of the University in 1883, died
at Evanston, Illinois, last week.
Dr. Goltra’s parents crossed
the plains in early Oregon days
to Oakland, where he was born.
After graduation from the Uni
versity he went to Columbia uni
versity where lie received his
M.D. degree. When the Spanish
American war broke cut he
joined and was placed in com
mand of the medical corps in a
section of Cuba,
Dr. Goltra is survived by his
wife, two sons, and a daughter.
and “probably only about 50,000."
“Hitler is killing the Jews at
the rate of 3,000 a week in his
so-called Polish Ghetto," the rab
bi explained, speaking of the all
Jew concentration camp in Po
He also told of his experiences
in the Jewish settlements in Pal
estine, where his countrymen are
reclaiming the land of their an
cestors. He stated that while the
settlers were still living in tents,
they were helping to build the
University of Palestine which has
attracted refugee scholars “al
most by the score.”
Salvage Pickup Slated
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Fifteenth and Kincaid:
Pi Phi, Phi Delt, Alpha Chi,
Zeta Tau.
Fifteenth and Alder:
Theta, Kappa, Pi Kap, Chi O,
SAE, Canard club.
Seventeenth and Alder:
Alpha O, ADPi, Alpha Cam.
DC, Sigma Kappa.
Thirteenth and Alder:
Sigma Chi, Alpha Xi Delta,
Fiji, Phi Sig, DU,' Campbell club,
Kirkwood co-op.
E. Eleventh and Alder:
Kappa Sig, Sig Ep, Sigma Nil,
Phi Psi.
Sixteenth and Alder:
Gamma Phi, Chi Psi, Beta, Al
pha Phi, Hilyard house.
Nineteenth and University:
Tri Delt, Theta Chi. Delt, ATO.
Fourteenth and University:
Hendricks, Susan Campbell.
SAM, men’s dorms, University
house, Highland house, Orides,
Nothing Sacred
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■—she of th demureness -and Tom
Whitmore—lie if the Fiji rugged
ness—are looking toward an
early pin-planting date.
Sherry Ross’ Jack, the Lone
Cowhand, Perry has been riding
the range at Susie-Q these days
with Phyliss Loutliold—of the
dreamy eyes . . . Why didn’t any
body mention that Kappa (mem
Gleemen Sing;
Benefit to Adair
Audiences still appreciate mu
sic of quiet and soulful strains
as was evidenced Thursday eve
ning at McArthur court during
the thirty-second semi-annual
home concert of the Eugene
Gleemen that benefit Camp
A negro spiritual and a song of
the West seemed to impress the
vast audience most as the Glee
men joined voices in the lilting
negro spiritual, “I Couldn't Hear
Nobody Pray,” followed later by
the immortal “Home on the
Range.” Both songs were given
added beauty by soloists with the
chorus as a melodic background,
Air-Raid Prayer
The theme of the concert cen
tered around American patriotic
numbers and negro spirituals
mixed with songs of Russian
flavor and South American tango
The song, “British Children’s
Prayer,” in which the composer
tells the prayer of a London child
during an air-raid impressed the
listeners with its stirring patriot
ic lyrics and religiously flavored
patriotic jn limners
A raucous World War I Aus
tralian number, "Waltzing Ma
tilda,” provided the audience with
the war tinge. The concert was
concluded by two patriotic num
bers entitled "America Awake”
and "The Americans Come.”
An accordian solo “On the Trail”
by Ferde Grofe, with Glen Sny
der as the accordionist, brought
the encore of the evening.
Favorite Songs
If one were to view the songs
that were sung and pick his select
few, the reviewer would be safe
in picking the ones most enjoyed
by the audience as “Home on the
Range," the negro spiritual "I
Couldn' Hear Nobody Pray,” the
religious song “British Children’s
Prayer" and the stirring Austra
lian tune "Waltzing Matilda.”
The Eugene Gleemen were led
in concert by John Stark Evans,
with Cora Moore Frey as the pi
ano accompanist.
The concert was held for the
benefit of furnishing day rooms
for soldiers at Camp Adair.
her) Alysone Hales, and their
outstanding PE major, had a DU
pin of Bob "Jesus” Grey? They’re
good kids ....
Tom Koblin is still one of the
biggest fools we know. He should
get off his dime with Roberta
Madden—one of the best heads
to hit this campus in a long time
, . . And so should some of the
so-called snooty sororities. She
A. T. Howard of Hampden
Sydney college is taking marine
officers' training at Quantico.
801 Willamette and 917 Willamette
Dorothy Perkins Cologne.$1.00
Memoirs, Woodspice and Lilac
Chesterfield Pound Stationery .... 29c
Fitch's Quinoil (5 oils)
33c, 51c
Free for All
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sent here for boot camp and they
may be wondering what to ex
pect. To be truthful, they should
n't expect anything because the
indoctrination into marine corps
is an experience no one will ever
There have been a lot of stor
ies about Parris Island, but for
the most part they are exagger
ated. This camp is an ideal place
for the type of effort expected to
be put forth. The OCC’s should
get all they can out of school,
then once here, forget that they
ever had a collegiate background
until boot camp is over.
Truthfully, silence is golden, al
though marine corps sergeants
have a more colorful and more
literal translation.
A marine corps sergeant is an
unusual person; it has been said
that when God made the ser
geants, he threw away the pat
terns. Perhaps, but one must stop
and wonder just what the ser
geants do to maintain the pa
tience they have.
Well, Ray, I’m really well
pleased with the training so far
and have learned to appreciate
regular hours—especially after
collegiate life. We have daily lec
tures and exams here but there’s
not the chance to stay up late
and cram for them. Either you
Tire-Less Dancers
Met With Music'*
Plans to relieve gas rationing
and provide dancing facilities for
townspeople and campus swing
sters will go into effect February
6, when the Eugene hotel begins
a program of Saturday night danc
ing with music furnished by Art
Holman and his band.
Sponsored through the USO
center, dances are planned pri
marily to entertain service men,
but townspeople and University
students are welcome to attend,
C. E. McClain, manager of the
hotel said Tuesday. Service men
wishing to attend dances are ask
ed to apply through the USO.
Dancing will be held from 9-l^P
Saturday evenings in the main
dining rooms of the Eugene hotel.
The new schedule will be one of
the first efforts to provide walk
ing-distance dance facilities for
the city of Eugene.
know' it w'hen you are told, or
you don’t.
Sincerely yours,
Pvt. T. D. Harmon USMC
Platoon 1107 Recruit Depot
Marine Barracks,
Parris Island, S. Car.
The University of Texas ha3
120 students from foreign coun
• pleasure
• relaxation
0 health
Complete foun
tain service . . .
Come down to
Corner West 11th and Willamette
but we are asking you
to keep your faucets
and plumbing in re
pair so that water will
not be wasted r m m
•—and your bills
high. Chan g e
■washers often, to
reduce wear o n
faucet mechanisms
the y ’ r e getting
hard to replace.
Don’t forget to
keep those electri
cal appliances in
repair—they have
to last for the “du
Municipal Electric and Water Utilities