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    U. OF 0. LIBRARY
What Price
Oregon Booms
To First Place
Little Colonel
Dress Parade
Struts Today
^With the Military Ball in ex
actly one week and two days,
January 30, prospective Little
Colonels will parade in review
before members of Scabbard and
Blade and Company L sixth regi
ment at 4 p.m. today.
All coed candidates will meet
in the downstairs lounge in Ger
linger hall. Campus clothes are
in order.
Top Five
The five finalists will be cho
sen without regard to class. Beau
ty, personality, and activities will
top the list of requisites that the
organizations will use to judge
in the search for the Little Colo
All candidates’ names have
been turned in according to Bob
Jones, chairman of the Little
^j^mel selection.
^ House Line-up,
The final selection of Little
Colonel will be by popular vote
of the dance goers at the ball.
Her staff of two majors and two
captains will also be according
to student vote.
Captain Pat Cloud will decor
ate the Little Colonel and her
staff during the intermission of
the dance.
Tickets are now on sale for
SI.25, but after Wednesday, Jan
uary 27 they will be 51.50, an
nounced Bob McKinney, ticket
! chairman.
Military Men to Meet
All members of Scabbard
and Blade must attend a meet
ing at BOTC barracks, 4 p.m.
^^Jay, in uniform.
. . will decorate the Little
Colonel and her staff.”
Yell Petitions
Due Today
Petitions for the position of
yell king must be turned in by
noon today, according to Carolyn
Holmes, second vice-president of
the ASUO. Petitions may be
turned in to Les Anderson, Caro
lyn Holmes, or the educational
activities office in McArthur
The position of yell king has
been empty since Ted Loud, who
was chosen for the post last term,
was declared ineligible.
The new yell king will be cho
sen this afternoon by the execu
tive council, and' the person se
lected will lead yells at the Fri
day and Saturday night basket
ball games in McArthur court.
Petitions must be accompanied
by a certificate of eligibility,
which may be obtained from the
dean of men’s office.
Pacific Correspondent
Tells Midway Details
Perched atop an anti-aircraft fire control station half way
up the foremast of a cruiser escorting the ill-fated carrier York
town, Wendell Webb, AP correspondent who will speak today
at 11 in McArthur court, had a ringside seat during the bat
tle of Midway. 1
In an interview in his hotel
room Wednesday afternoon, Mr.
Webb presented a sweeping ver
bal picture of life before, during
»1 after engagements with the
rny as well as an idea as to
conditions at Pearl Harbor in the
weeks following the fatal 7th.
Sailed for Action
At 11:45 a.m., a few days after
Pearl Harbor the correspondent
received a telephone call at his
Mill Valley, California, home
from AP headquarters; at 12:05
he left for San Francisco to join
the first wartime convoy to sail
for Honolulu. He arrived at Pearl
Harbor within a few days of the
sneak attack and assumed his new
duties as AP bureau head for the
Hawaiian Islands.
' Mr. Webb got his first start in
«' rnalism as a cub reporter for
Waterloo Courier in Water
loo. Iowa. This, however, lasted
but a few weeks. While covering
a flood he got his canoe entangled
in some poison oak weeds, post
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Oregon Scribes
Hold Annual Meet
The twenty-fifth annual Oregon
Press Conference sponsored by
the University school of Journal
ism will begin activities Friday,
January 22.
Piogram for the eventful two
days is being handled by Profes
sor George Turnbull, secretary of
the Oregon press conference.
Expert speakers will be on hand
to discuss war prices and ration
ing. censorship, army public rela
tions, and advertising problems
and their solution.
Every phase of the newspaper
will be covered with special re
gard to the impact of the war cn
the press, and the Oregon News
paper Publishers’ Association.
Host to men attending is Eric
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Old Wax, Nylon
Added To Metal
Salvage Drive
New and old records, stockings,
and tin cans will be among arti
cles gathered by the war board
salvage committee in Friday's
scrap collection, Marge Curtis,
co-chairman of the drive, said
In case of bad weather will the
drive be postponed. In this event,
no collection will be made and
scrap is not to be placed outside.
Beginning at 2:30 p.m. Friday,
all salvage material will be gath
ered under the direction of com
mittee members. Special empha
sis will be placed on the collec
tion of tin cans, Marge stated.
Cans will be stored on the cam
pus until they can be melted down
for use in making war materials.
Both good and broken records
will be gathered in the cam
paign, as damaged pieces can be
melted to make new disks for use
in army campus and service con
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Wendell Webb to Discuss
OwnAccountOf PacificWar
At Igloo Assembly Today
Students will sit in on an account of the battle of Midway
in the 11 o’clock assembly at the Igloo Thursday, while they
listen to Wendell Webb, Associated Press correspondent, re
cently returned from the south-Pacific battle arena. Webb will
give an objective account of the war immediately after Pearl
Harbor from his observations and personal experience
Tickets Now Available
For 'Eve of St. Mark'
Tickets for the University
production, “The Eve of St.
Mark” will be on sale at the
box office today from 10-12
a.nn, and between 1 and 5 this
afternoon, Keith Hoppes, busi
ness manager, announced Wed
Production dates for the play
are January 27, 28, 29, and 30,
with all seats reserved. Price
will be 55 cents, tax included.
No season tickets will be sold.
Kitchen Explains Proposal
To Increase Browsing Hours
Dads' Day Pictures at 5
All committee chairmen of
the Dads’ Day meet at the
..news bureau today at 5 p.m.,
according to Jim Thayer, gen
eral chairman, to discuss fu
ture plans and have pictures
Chairmen will be given lists
outlining their duties for the
remaining time before Dads’
Freshmen Plan
Radio Dance
A no-date radio dance, for
freshmen only, marks the “frosh
mix” to be held' Saturday night,
January 23, after the Oregon
Washington game, according to
Hank Doeneka, freshman class
Plans for the dance, which was
proposed by Doeneka, were sub
mitted to and accepted by the
student affairs committee Wed
It will last until 12 p.m., and
will cost 15 cents per person.
Committee heads for the dance
named' by the new frosh presi
dent are the following:
Buzz Beaudoin, refreshments;
Kurt Olsen, tickets; Inez Potwin,
publicity; Ted Loud, master of
ceremonies; and Holland Gabel,
The reserves are called for 45
Because throughout last term
Their books grew old and dusty
And they caught the social germ.
When the rest will go we do not
So listen here my buddies,
Spend less time a’spreadin’ ru
And more time a’doin’ studies.
In order to give the students
a voice in determining the li
brary’s policy and to keep the
browsing room open in the eve
nings, an informal student li
brary council has been formed
with Jeff Kitchen, Oregana busi
ness manager, it's founder, as
chairman and the presidents of
the various campus organizations
as members, Kitchen said Mon
The main functions of this
council will be to aid the Univer
sity library staff in understand
ing student problems, make re
quests and adjustments, and help
manage the interfraternity fund
and loan library. The interfrater
nity fund is a fund established by
the interfraternity council which
the library can use to purchase
books for the loan library which
loans books to the various houses
for a month at a time.
Kitchen stressed’ the fact that
this council is not attempting to
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Eric W. Allen, journalism school
dean, will introduce Webb to the
assembly. The correspondent 53
attending the Oregon Newspaper
Publishers convention, sponsored
by the journalism school, Janu
ary 22 and 23.
Musical Number
James McMullen, baritone, will
complete the program, singing
“Thine Alone”. His accompanist
will be Betty Jean Taylor.
Webb will also speak at a pub
lic luncheon sponsored by the Ac
tive club and the chamber of com
merce, as well as addressing the
Oregon Newspaper publishers at
the Anchorage, Friday noon.
Formerly of Iowa, Webb ha-t
worked for the AP in Portland,
Marshfield, and San Francisco.
He once was managing editoi oi'
the Coos Bay Times.
Dean Karl W. Ontliank, chair
man of the student-faculty as
sembly committee, commented
that Webb should “certainly in
terest all students, since he hast
been outstanding in covering the
southern Pacific war area.”
Dads Cancel
Dads’ Day Chairman Jim Thay
er announced last night that the
program for February 13 was too
full of planned activity to permit
the proposed smoker that had
been previously scheduled.
The smoker was to have been
held! after the Oregon-Oregon
State basketball game and would
have included a jam session and
•short faculty skit. The Dads’ day
committee and University offi
cials recommended that the smok
er be saved for some date that
was not quite so full.
Since the dads will have to take
full advantage of this opportun
ity for visiting their sons and
daughters in the Dads' week-end
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Frosh Girls To Bug Eye
As Operators’ Expound
SDX to Pledge Scribes
At Meeting Tonight
Sigma Delta Chi, national
men’s journalism fraternity, an
nounced last night at their regu
lar meeting that the 11 men will
meet tonight at 7 in room 104
journalism for pledging.
President Russ Hudson request
ed that all active members be
present for the ceremony. To
qualify for pledging to Sigma
Delta Chi, a man must be a
sophomore or upper class stu
dent in journalism, active on the
campus, and have at least a two
point grade average. In addition,
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Freshman women ana campus
big' shots will give each other the
once over today at 4 o’clock
when they meet at the Phi Theta
Upsilon assembly in Gerlinger
hall. The assembly is one of a
series for freshman orientation
sponsored by the junior women’s
service honorary.
“The men are very anxious to
impress the freshman girls and
to tell them what’s going on in
their various activities,” Miki.
Campbell, assembly chairman,
declared last night. “All our plann
are now completed for an assem
bly that will be lots of fun for
everybody, and we hope all the
freshman women will turn out.”
Helen Holden and Helen John
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