Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 16, 1943, Page 6, Image 6

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    A1 WUcj^ &jj ZtU&i
“Faster than a speeding bullet.” Swish! ‘‘More powerful
than, a locomotive.” Grunt! “Able to leap tall buildings in a
single bound.” Gosh!
‘ Look up in the sky, a bird, it’s a plane, it's SUPERMAN."
“What’s the matter honey, don’t you love Flip any more?”
. . . “No, eet ees the Terry Lee that I loove the bast!”
This and many, many more in
what the unknowing listener will
hear if he tunes in on the radio
these' troubled days. TheXflrst is
of course SUPERMAN and the
second stretch of continuity' that
Both started on January 4, Terry
at f" on KEX and Clark Kent
crasues in on KORE at 6:15.
Joe Gordon
Joe Gordon, Eugene's contri
bution to the second base, has
added a touch of local color for
the "boys overseas" by giving a
pep talk along with Dick Strite,
of the Register Guard, which was
transcribed here to be shortwaved
over there.
‘ HERE'S MORGAN," that
show you’ve all been waiting for
and will continue to wait for . . .
has* beer, off the Mutual' hookup
for over a year. Originally, pro
duced by IVOR, Henry Morgan
left the air because, as he put it
on one of his programs, “I’m do
ing a lot of work and not getting
paid for it" or something to that
effect. His programs made fre
quent reference to "Tommy As
bestos" whose al3o frequent mar
riages made the front page of
many a paper. Occasionally they
would run old records for the
beiiofit and they were really old.
This week saw the start of the
second year of broadcasting for
the BLUE network. It was: in
corporated as ati independent
company January 10 of '42 after
operating far 15 years as one of
the NBC networks. At the time
of the incorporation there were
11Q station outlets with the
BLUE. Today there are 146.
Incidentally it is interesting to
note that only 20 per cent of
BLUE time is sponsored, leaving
the rest of the time to be of sus
taining nature. An average of
two' hours a day in the network
schedule is turned over for pro
motion of government welfare
ard national morale.
“Saw Sob"
Another anniversary that ra
dio does not need to be proud
about, is tire “Good Will Hour's"
seventh birthday. I'm still waiting
to hear the jerk that worked up
a mad on Phil Baker's “Take It
or Leave It" when he missed the
question, and said that he was
going to see Mr. Anthony put in
an. appearance on the infamous
“Saw Soli. Turned Off Same"
program. . . .
Iua ft a; Hutton and her all
hollow the Crowd!
"The Great
Impers ona lion''
Charles Starrett
Anchors Away!
The Navy Comes
gal orchestra will be the first
femme band to play for service
men when the “V Parade of Spot
light Bands” hits Fort Bragg,
Tuesday, KEX, 6:30 ... . Bidu
Sayao is featured in Massenet’s
“Manon” aired today over BLUE.
Sir Thomas ((fuzzy chin) Beech
a mconducting . . .
Record of a radio villain: Shot
to death 14 times, hanged 13
times, electrocuted 10 times,
drowned 5 times, thrown off high
buildings 4 times, blown to bits
by bombs twice, burned in oil
twice, and tortured on the rack
once . . . and so too this satire
of journalism dies.
If a Buddy
(Continued jrom page tivo)
both former University students,
are now stationed at the army
air forces flying school, receiving
basic flying training.
Cadet Chambers was a mem
ber of the University ski team
and obtained two years ROTC
training at Oregon.
Major Donald James French,
former University student, is
now on duty at the South Plains
army flying school as engineer
ing officer of a troop carrier
group. On the campus, he was a
member of Sigma Alpha Epsi
lon. " t.
Wilson Promoted
Corporal Robert K. Wilson was
recently promoted to the rank
of sergeant at the army air base,
Great Falls, Montana, where he
has been stationed for some time.
Called to active duty in the
army medical corps, Dr. Karl W.
Douglas, M.D. '41, a former Port
land physician, has been commis
sioned as a first lieutenant and
assigned to the second air force
at Salt Lake City.
Scott S. Corbett, Jr., '41, a for
mer first lieutenant in the marine
corps reserve, has been trans
ferred to the regular marines and
advanced to the temporary rank
of captain. Captain Corbett has
been serving in the field with the
fleet marine force.
Jay Ambrose, ’41, has been
commissioned a second lieutenant
in the marine corps at Quantico,
Virginia. He enlisted as a private
last January and lias just com
pleted a ten weeks’ basic course
in military operations.
Texas Christian university re
cently dedicated a service flag
with more than 800 stars.
Xow Playing'!
"The Devil With
h r 1 a
Two Big Hits!
"The Pied Piper"
"His Girl Friday"
Honoraries Plan
Open Discussion
Pi Lambda Theta, women's ed
ucational honorary, and Phi Delta
Kappa, men’s educational honor
ary will sponsor an open forum
Wednesday, January 20 at 8
p.m. in University high school.
Topic for the forum is “Does
the War Show a Need to Return
to More Definite and Conserva
tive Standards of Education or
Does It Show a Need to Make
Education Increasingly Function
al and Individualized?” The dis
cussion will,be led by Dr. Charles
G. Howard, professor of law, and
Dr. Robert Deeper, assistant pro
fessor of psychology.
Theta Sigs Pledge
Virginia Bryant and Pat Perry
are now wearing the lavender
and-green pledge ribbons of The
ta Sigma Phi, Women’s journal
istic fraternity, since their infor
mal initiation after editing class
Friday morning, Millie Wilson,
president, announced Friday.
The pledges will be formally
initiated next week into Theta
Sigma Phi, which has 15 mem
bers now. The organization is
open only to juniors or senior
In 1942, 170,000 students were
graduated from colleges in the
Soviet Union,
What Kinda Party?’
How About All-Stag?
Perplexed members of the fairer sex are asking themselves
these days, “What kind of a party shall I throw?” And it’s
about time they cleaned house on their dormant ingenuity.
Faced with an appalling lack of manpower, thanks to the cur
rent selective service programs and army and navy enlistments,
the comely lasses of Oregon must adjust their social functions
As long as it is permissable to
throw in a feasible suggestion,
why not give the “no-date” idea
some due consideration?
No Obligations
This conclusion is practical for
the following reasons:
1. Members of our armed forces,
upon being invited to a party, will
attend said party if they do feel
obligated to escort a young lady;
(2) The soldiers or sailors may
have to leave the party early,
and will be able to excuse them
selves with less embarrassment if
they do not have the responsi
bility of seeing that Jane gets
home safely.
Plain Jane?
If you bring Jane, you might
not get a chance to talk to that
brunette in the corner.
If you do not bring Jane, you
will get a chance to meet new
Socially speaking, from a host
ess’s standpoint, it is far easier
to plan for a mixed party of thir
ty persons than it is for a couple^,
pairing arrangement of like nurr^
her. The whole atmosphere is of
a more informal nature.
The only responsibility in the
whole system is finding a way to
transport the young ladies to and
from the party. If somebody in
the crowd has a station wagon,
all difficulties are immediately
Party-goers are beginning to
use the street car and their own
two feet more and more these
The hostess can conduct her
own survey of ideas among the
crowd; throw the party open to
creative suggestions, let everyone
have a personal hand in the plan
Come Clean!
• Have you carried out
your New Year's resolution
to send the Emerald to your
folks .... to some friend in
the services .... or not now
at school?
• If you haven't, call the
Emerald NOW and make
some one happy with an
Emerald each day.
Oregon^? Emerald
and ask for Connie Fulmer