Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 07, 1943, Page 8, Image 8

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    Pot and Quill Fetes
Writing Women
Pat Farrell, sophomore in lib
eral arts, won first prize in the
annual Pot and Quill membership
contest, it was announced Wed
nesday by Audrey Lynds, presi
dent. Miss Farrell was informed
of her selection as prize-winner at
the initiation of new members
held Tuesday evening.
Writers of four other manu
scripts were accepted into club
membership. Additional new
members of the creative writing
honorary are: Dorothy Hermann,
senior in English; Claudine Biggs,
freshman in liberal arts; Betty
Ann Stevens, sophomore in jour
nalism; and Audrey Beardshear,
sophmore in art. Miss fieardshear
will be initiated at a later meet
Miss Lynds said that those de
siring their manuscripts may get
them by asking Miss Aileen Guy,
journalism school secretary.
Contributions for prospective
membership will be accepted from
graduate or undergraduate wom
en at any time, according to Miss
Lynds. Poetry, short stories,
plays or creative writing of any
type will be acceptable.. Any mem
ber of the honorary will accept
Members include: Barbara
Hampson, Marjorie Major, Helen
Johnson, Emily Tyree, Mary Lou
ise Vincent, Mildred Wilson, Peg
gy Overland, Muriel Stevens, Vir
ginia Bryant, and Audrey Lynds.
Good Taste Misplaced
(Continued from patjc six)
The concerts in the browsing
room seems a step in the gen
eral direction of Deems Taylor’s
definition of the ideal way to
hear music. He wants large, com
fortable chairs set a considerable
distance apart, a beautifully-dec
orated room, and plenty of equip
ment for smoking and drink, very
handy. And, of course, good mu
sic, well-played. The b.room plan
is more practical, somehow, be
cause any apparatus and cigar
ettes are bound to distract from
the music. . . .
* * *
Remember Smintheus, the little
cat who was named Mouse-De
stroyer, in Greek? Well, Smin
theus has grown up and is living
up to his name ... he actually
Caught a Mouse the other day.
Ducks Nip
(Continued from page four)
nabbed one basket as Willam
ette began to whittle away at
the bulky Oregon lead.
From then on in, the Bearcat
point tempo increased while Hob
son’s fellows canned one every so
often just to maintain control of
the affair.
With four minutes remaining,
Runyan, Schmidt and friend Rags
dale, again, all connected to nar
row matters to two points, 35 to
33., Hobby m %n ....(ithe.. -
33, Hobby inserted his starting
In desperation Willamette foul
ed and fouled again, endeavoring
to nab the sphere and close the
gap. Oregon responded by taking
the ball out of bounds and toying
with it much to the consternation
of the clawing bearcat.
Kirsch Cans Foul
With some 20 seconds left, Cap
tain Kirsch calmly cashed in on
one of those fouls, by flicking
through a free toss.
Oregon’s attack-pattern was
broken up many times when Hob
son substituted freely in an effort
to give his entire squad action.
The line-ups:
Willamette (33) (36) Oregon
Kelley (2) .F. (3) Taylor
Saxton (5) .F. (6) Wren
Schmidt (8) .C. (8) Wiley
White .G. (6) Kirsch
Barnick (2).G (6) Newlatid
Substitutes: WUliamette, ruigs
dale (10), Weaver, Runyan (2),
Miller, Perry (4); Oregon, Fuhr
man, Dick, Seeborg, W. Reynolds
(2), Sutherland (2), Borrevik,
Pipock, B. Reynolds, Crowell (1),
Officials: Emil Piluso, Frank
Gordon's Stars
(Continued from l>ac/c five)
men added a final scoring splurge
to end the fray 67-43.
Frosh (67)
Hume, 6.
Coenenberg, 12
Sempert, 8.
Miller, 3.
Caviness, 2.
1 iovany, 4
Simmons, 8.
Hodgins, 7
Crockett, 13.
Gordon, 2..
Pupke, 2.
(43) All-Stars
F. 8, Shisler
..F. .16, Sandness
C. 8, Danner
G. 2, Gordon
G. 5, Mullen
S. 7, Taylor
S.2, Taggett
S. 1, St rite
. s
The Texas Ceramic society has
set its headquarters at Texas U.
Uiiiiiersitij wCO-OP”
Theta Chis
Pick Queen
“Sweetheart of the Theta Chi
Freshmen” is the honor to be be
stowed on some lucky girl Friday
night. The sweetheart will be
picked from the dates the fresh
men bring to the dinner and radio
dance. According to Jack Gibson,
freshman prexy, a large corsage
will be awarded to the girl who,
in the opinion of the five upper
class judges, is blessed with the
greatest amount of pulchritude.
During intermission she will be
presented to the guests, and will
go through ceremonies prescribed
to become the sweetheart. Only
freshmen and pledges will bring
dates to the dinner, but beginning
at 9 all house members will dance
to the music of the “Five Jacks,”
a group composed of fellows in
the house.
Twelve Pledges Sign
With Men's Houses
Pledges announced this week by
the dean of men’s offices include
Arthur Janssen and Don Stan
ford, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rob
ert Evans and William Hales, Sig
ma Nu; Eliot Wirt and Mervin L.
Hanscam, Theta Chi; Wayne Ter
ry, Sigma Chi; Wallace Rodgers,
Phi Delta Theta; Larry Kramer,
John McAuliffe, and Jerry Wolf
shr, Beta Theta Pi; and Mart
Pond, Phi Gamma Delta.
28 Varsity Players
(Continued from page five)
Marion Rushing, Tony Klobas,
Frank Ball, Earl Haynes, Charles
Vanatta, Bill Kramer, Frank
Smith, Dean McKay, Joe Potes
tio, Eugene Landreth, Jack Bur
rell, Ralph Earnewolt, Wayne
Terry, Ray Heidenrich, Ray
Dorroh, Gordon Woodland, Jim
Porter, Eugene Crouch, Ben Hol
comb, Tcm Drougas, Pete Miller,
O'Neil Holloway, Skiles Hoffman,
David Moores, Don David, Arden
Syphers, and Gregory James.
War Digest
(Continued from page two)
against he French positions in
Tunisia, but were thrown back
after suffering considerable loss
es. Bad weather has held fighting
in this area to a small scale in
most cases although a Fighting
French column moving toward
the Mediterranean from Lake
Chac has tangled with Axis
troops near the coast. Should the
column succeed in reaching the
sea Rommel will find his
way into Tunisia seriously im
peded, and any stand he might
make against the eighth army
approaching from the east would
be most uncomfortable with the
French at his rear.
in the racmc
Attention has been called to
the Pacific by an Australian
spokesman's statement that a
huge Jap naval force is on the
move. The source reports that
this new contingent is larger
than any yet amassed by the Nip
ponese and that it is moving in
the direction of the southwest
Pacific islands, the Solomons,
New Guinea, possibly even Aus
tralia. The force is reportedly
moving very cautiously and is
widely dispersed to avoid the type
of disaster dealt them previously
by our navy and the air force.
With the Russians on the ram
page, action in North Africa only
awaiting more favorable weath
er. and a new thrust by the Japs
in the Pacific impending, news
papers may have to figure out a
new front page layout to handle
all the news of the next few
Mrs. Alexander Thomson. Sr.,
recently was elected president of
Western college, Oxford, Ohio.
Singing, War, Interest
(Continued from pane seven)
gill and Micki Mitchell announc
ing theirs recently. She com
mented, “I think the most unique
way of announcing an engage
ment . . . and this is the way I
plan to do it if I’m ever engaged
... is to ring the fire bell in
the middle of the night and give
everyone little firemen’s hats.”
The war marriage problem
then came up, and M.A. com
mented emphatically, "I don't
approve of them at all . . . you
have so little time together.”
About Hannah
When she first came to school,
she thought Eugene was "much
too small,” having lived in Chi
cago, Dallas, and Houston, Texas,
not counting Portland. “Then I
bought my Model T and began to
enjoy life. That was Hannah . . .
I don’t know where she is now.”
She added that it was “wicked
fallacy . . . pure malicious fal
lacy” that Hannah ever had to
be pushed, because “She had a
self-starter that worked. We had
to crank it sometimes, though.”
Working down at the Oregon
Lumber Sales, where “I do bill
ing, filing, and am a general pack
of-all-tracses,” M.A. thinks it’s!
wonderful. “I got a $10 bonus for
Christmas, and I hadn’t been
working there very long, either.”
She hates housework.
(joed jNeignuor.
She also hates Spanish. She
commented^ briefly, expressively
screwing up her face, “Ugh.”
“Hot in here, isn’t it?” she
said, moving her feet quickly
from the top of the radiator.
“My courses through school
are absolutely the wierdest jum
ble you’ve ever seen . . . pre-law,
math, French, music, drama . . .
and I don’t know what all.”
Next Year
Next year's Panhellenic presi
dent “is going to have a very dif
ficult problem to face,” in M.A.'s
opinion. She believes that there’s
going to be a complete reorgani
zation of housing next year, with
no personnel for houses, not so
many upperclassmen, lots of
freshman girls, and, of course, no
Concluded M.A., “I'm waiting
for spring term politics. I just
love it. I love to see the boys
come over and try to talk the
girls into this bloc and that one.
I just adore it. I love to be stub
If you are out for
warmth and beau
ty at a price, just
look at these coats
—then look at the
price — and come
in today.
Soft, fine wools in
red, blue, beige
and kelly. Ches
terfields have a fly
front, with a smart
velveteen color in
contrasting shade.
1004 Willamette
. . former University man
Espied on” in featured articllj
Mr. Ellsworth is now a congresi
(Continued from page six)
of paper, on which they shall in
scribe the name of their living
organization. The slips must be
taken to the Side and counted
following the Hop. The house
with the most slips gets the title
and the records. Get it ?
Remember, “Hug a pickle . . .”
—By Betty Ann Stevens
AWS Notes
Hadley’s have a
new line of win
ter wools in
beautiful past
els — just the
thing for the in- $
between season. I saw one
with a two-piece effect that
has a wool top and silk
printed skirt. You’d love to
wear it to dessert next Wed
nesday night. $14.95 and
.. . r.
will save
good clo
, and wash^
. Penney’s^
them in
faded blue denim, santoriz*'
ed. They are only $1.98 ancr
will stand up under
amount of dirty work.
Are you a fancy
bottle collector? I
Do you know
someone who’d ^
like to have a^
genuine Lav- J
ette bottle? At
Tiffany - Davis
you can uuy luupume rer
fume in a bottle bought es
pecially for the product by
Harriet Hubbard Ayer. . .
This is the only wav you
can get a genuine Layette
bottle today, and is encased
in a lovely powder blue ta’ >
feta box.
I know these striped dick
eys will look just darling
with your new white cable
stitch sweater. They a "V
made by Sportseraft from
the material that goes into
men’s shirts, and Montgom
ery Ward has them in blue
and white stripes.