Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 07, 1943, Page 6, Image 6

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    Good Taste j
Misplaced |
One blonde coed put in a real
ly efferent New Year’s eve. She
lives on the highway into town,
and was all alone on the evening
of tide last day of December. She
wc-.'i idly gazing out of the win
dow and suddenly saw two elderly
people get knocked down by a
speeding car. She rushed out of
the house, and found that the
woman had a hole in the back
of her head which was bleeding
considerably. The man was very
badly cut, too, so she dashed back
and called an ambulance.
•Xhe ambulance departed, and
she settled down again to her
bod-:. This time she looked up
in -time to see two cars meet
headlong. Again she called the
ambulance, and the man on the
other end of the phone asked if
she wasn’t the person who had
called before.
Tive tim'd accident was a mue
late A car, whose driver seemed
slightly confused about the dif
ference between the street and
the .sidewalk, knocked down a
sign reading “Speed Limit, 35
Well, you can’t say the eve
meg was monotonous!
* * *
O -e morning a gal was wish
ing she had some beads that
would look well on her beige
sweater . . . and, SURPRISE!
iter roommate’s looked marvel
ous! When she saw the room
mate at breakfast, she was sur
prised to hear her say, “What do
you know! I've got some beads
exactly like that!"
L i.ter, the roommate was ac
costed by a sister who observed,
“At last I know whom you're
living with. I recognized her by
yoi v beads.”
'Then there was the girl who
bad two b' k-'S of powder . . . one
labeled “Dawn’’ and the other
“Dusk." She was delighted at
first, but now feels they are
slightly confusing. She put on
“Dusk" when she went to her S
o’clock, naturally, and had a hor
rible scramble after her 0 o’clock,
' 1 • , ----
Manly B. Gtutjjzdi&l.
'9 Hove. My Hoorn.’
’S not a closet . . . ’s not a
Coco Cola plant ... 's not a psy
chopathic ward. Just Wit’s End.
That's what we call our room.
Stumble in. Wait a minute and
I'll kick those coke bottles out
of the way. Roommate number 1
has been practicing bowling.
She’s quite athletic, y’know, so
don’t be alarmed at the dents in
the wall; she uses it for a back
board to practice her tennis shots.
Why don’t we have a rug? Well,
she says the bare hardwood is
much better to practice basket
ball on . . . and she shoots the
balls into lamp shades. Clever,
isn’t she.
Too Loud?
Ts the phonograph too loud for
you? That record is “Quiet
Please.” Roommate number 2
sits in a trance for hours and we
bring her meals to her. She’s mad
about drums. Sometimes we think
she’s having an epileptic fit, but
that’s just the way drum records
affect her. Her favorite record is
“That Local Yokel Done
Drummed Up My Jitter-Bugs.”
Do sit down. But you’ll have
to pick up the chair that Room
mate number 3 knocked over last
time she flew out of the room. An
activity girl be she, and she
thrives on power pills. Every
morning she does her homework
for track trying to make her 8
Don’t Be Scared
Don’t be frightened when you
see her. She always collapses
just before she gets to the door,
and then we drag her in and put
her under the bed. We respect her
talent, though because she’s the
first person we’ve ever seen who
can comb her hair, brush her
teeth, tjipe a theme and take a
no-doze tablet all at the same
time. Be careful what you say to
when she had to dash home and
put on “Dawn” before she went
to her 10 o’clock!
The grapevine has it that Ray
Dickson and the whole cast of
the drama department’s next
play, "The Whole Town’s Talk
ing,” are composing a new song,
especially for the show.
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of Spring
Black and White
for early
1943 fashions
i i
You're invited to see these first arrivals!
Ml Wool
White Checks
in Wool
$19.95 to $26.50
Two Piece and One Piece Frocks
" I )EBl'TANTE" and
"20TH CENTURY” stvlos ! !
$16.95 to $22.50
20 and 80 Fast Broadway
her . . . she thinks her activity
stride is becoming.
That record? Oh, it's still
“Quiet Please.”
Our other roommate Is a Char
acter. We get worried about her
at times but try to keep on help
ing her. As I always say, don’t
give up the ship and you’ll never
be overboard (over-bored). Some
times she thinks she’s an anti
aircraft gun and goes around
ack-ack-acking. And then she
thinks she’s an air-raid siren be
cause she feels badly about not
being any other kind of siren.
She spends all her spare time
working on some kind of a new
formula for making bootleg gaso
line out of rubber, sugar, and
Her Face . . .
We’ve forgotten what her face
looks like because her bangs have
gotten so long; every time she
takes a step we all hold our
breath for fear she’ll trip over
them. All those pictures of zoot
suiters on the wall belong to her.
She's mad for a glad plaid. And
her vocabulary consists of “How
about that?”
That record? It’s STILL
“Quiet Please.”
Couldn’t I interest you in a
chummy game of tiddly-winks or
Hell? Oh, you have to leave. Do
come visit us again. We are ap
pearing at the Museum of Natur
al History next Friday, Saturday
and Sunday from 3 o’clock ’til 6
Yes, “Quiet Please.”
| Marjorie Major, editor
Betty Ann Stevens, 1
1 Barbara Lamb, |
| assistant editors
[ Staff: 1
| Lois Hulser
| Velita Estey |
1 Marty Beard
| Mary Ann Campbell
| Betsy Wootton
Social tf-bont
JllocUi 2.uiet
Society Editor
It promises to be a quiet week
end! with two dances and a skat
ing party marooned on an other
wise blank social calendar. Theta
Chi is honoring its pledges with
an informal dinner and dance at
the house Friday night. The in
ter-co-op skating party is slated
for Friday- eve at the ice rink.
Saturday, Fiji will entertain its
freshmen at an informal dance.
The first dessert list of the
term is shorter than usual with
nine houses scheduled to enter
tain with exchanges. They in
clude Kappa Alpha Theta-Beta
Theta Pi; Delta Tau Delta-Alpha
Omicron Pi; Delta Gamma-Kap
pa Sigma; Highland house-Can
ard club; Phi Kappa Psi-Kappa
Kappa Gamma; Alpha Gamma
Delta-Phi Kappa Alpha; Chi
Omega-Sigma Phi Epsilon; Theta
Chi-Alpha Phi and Alpha Chi
Omega-Sigma Chi.
Univ. of Boston symmer session
offered more than 250 courses.
£,x,pA&ll the diG/im& and
<yi&&iauA*teAA of yon/i y<Mo44Ae,r
in the <j4^t yau p/ie&ent qonSi
COLOGNES in Bottles
that will later . grace
your “What Not" shelf!
“KRILLE" by Wrisley
quaint milk glass
-$1, SL75
Eighth and Willamette
AWS Hotel
“Hug a pickle for a nickel.” She
may turn out to be your dill-:^
(ha.) That’s the way Jo Dolph,
co-chairman of the Nickel Hop
interprets their slogan, “Tho
Last Call to Arms.” Further
more, she defines “Dilly” as a
smooth cookie ... a sweet little
sack, or something exceedingly
similar. O yes, it’s Friday night
after next, from 7-9 (the night
before the Senior Ball, lovelies.)
Mary Corrigan, the other co
chairman cf the 5-cent bounce,
is in there w'ith four gold stars,
. . . Peggy Wright is chairman
in there championing another
“rain-or-shine” auction that will
be postponed if it rains. We sha^
wish her lots of luck and pra„
for “clement” weather, which
isn't grammatical at all.
No doubt the MEN left on thi3
campus won’t read this, becauso
it's the women’s page, and for
obvious other reasons, but NO
TICE, ALL MEN! (with a comma
after the “notice”). Would you
and your brothers like to be
known as “KINGS OF THE
WOLF-PACK” and receive $5 in
records besides ? At the Hop each
girl will be given numerous little
pink slips of paper, on which she
shall inscribe her name. The
wolves at the door will be given
one of the aforementioned slips
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Laugh at Cold and Heat
in . . .
Two Complete Coats in
$45 - $49.90
and upward
You’ll be delighted with
o u r versatile Season
Skipper . . . easily adapt
ed to an}" temperature.
It’s the only hand-tailor
ed coat with a removable
lining . . . sleeves and
yoke of lambskin leather!
All our Season Skippers
are 100% virgin wool fin
est men’s wear fabrics in
up-to-the-minute colors!
34. CJ & Ce