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. . Warren Taylor, who was grabbing rebounds all over the place
) ist night, to show Willamette a bad time under the hoop.
Intramural Hoop Slate
For '42 Drawn Up, Mailed
Complete intramural basket
ball schedules have been drawn
up by the intramural office and
will be put in the mail, possibly
•Saturday, in order that all in
tramural managers of teams in
the league will have them by at
least Monday, January 11.
Alpha hall has dropped their
A” team from the league, and
consequently all games that the
"A’' team has scheduled will be
listed as forfeits. However, the
Alpha hall "B" team will contin
ue operations as scheduled.
Monday, January 11, 1943
4:00 court 40, Alpha hall "A"
•vs. Gamma hall "A.”
4:40 court 40, Alpha Tau Ome
ga "A” vs. Sigma Nu “A."
0:20 court 40, Zeta hall ' B" vs.
Sigma Alpha Mil “B.”
Tuesday, January 12
4:00 court 40, Sigma Phi Ep
. iloti "B'' vs. Sigma Chi “B.”
4:00 court 43. Delta Upsilon
* B” vs. Canard club “B."
4 :40 court 40, Sigma Alpha Ep
rilon "A" vs. Sigma Alpha Mu.
4:10 court 43, Campbell club
“A” vs. Phi Kappa Psi.
0:20 court 40, Phi Gamma Del
ta "B" vs. Gamma Hall “B."
0:20 court 13, Beta Theta Pi
‘ B" vs. Phi Kappa Pm.
Wednesday, Jan. 13
4:00 court 40, Kirkwood co-op
"A" vs. Sherry Ross hall.
4:10 court 40, Delta Tau Del
ta “A" vs, Sigma Chi.
5:20 court 40, Alpha hall “B”
vs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
Thursday, January 14
4:00 court 40, Yeomen "B” vs.
Kappa Sigma.
4:00 court 43, Pi Kappa Alpha
"A" vs. Kappa Sigma.
4:40, Delta Upsilon “A" vs. Al
pha hall.
4:40, Pi Kappa Alpha “B” vs.
Kirkwood co-op.
5:20, Sherry Ross hall “B" vs.
Phi Delta Theta.
5:20, Alpha Tan Omega “B" vs.
Theta Chi.
Friday, January 15
4:00 court 40, Phi Sigma Kap
pa “A” ys. Theta Chi.
4:40 court 40, Chi Psi “A” vs.
Canard club.
5:20 court 40. Sigma Nu “B"
vs. Phi Sigma Kappa.
Women's Land Army
The student war board at the
University of California has
started a service for women, or
ganized along the same lines as
the WAACS. The duties of the
UCWLA (University of Califor
nia Women’s Land Army) will
be to supply a better equipped
group of workers, who will re
ceive preliminary training before
harvesting the crops.
—The Daily Californian.
WSC Looms As
Title Contender
Washington State’s Cougar
cagers, whom Oregon faces next
week in Pullman, received a
boost for the northern division
hoop race when Jack Friel’s men
conquered Bradley Tech last week
by a sizable margin.
The Cougars possess a veteran
outfit led by such veterans as
Owen Hunt, Gale Bishop, and
Bob Sheridan.
Bearcat Rally Folds
In Closing Minutes
Co-Sports Editor, The Emerald
Oregon's dashing Ducks took a firmer hold on the steering wheel
of the victory wagon Wednesday eve when they aced out Willamette’s
small but fiery Bearcats on the Igloo maple boards, 36 to 33, in one of
their last tune-up games before plunging into the northern division
slate. It was a case of the Webfoots seizing a small lead, pumping
it up twelve points, and then coasting in while the frantic Salemites
tried to close the gap with a desperate spurt. ' J
Season Saturday at Idaho
“Go west young man, go west.” Those were the silver words of
wisdom coming from the tongue of the ancient sage, Horace Greeley.
He denoted a land of opportunity and fortune.
Oregon’s VVebfoots will be traveling come Saturday, seeking a
land of opportunity and fortune, only they will forsake that dog-eared
westwardly direction for one to the northeast. For over the hills and
dales of the famed Palouse coun
try, lies the Inland Empire where
t w o formidable hoop squads
champ at the bit, restlessly await
ing- the invading Webfoot horde.
It’s the opening of the North
ern division hoop struggle be
tween five of the coast’s best
casaba-hoisting clubs.
The Ducks will shove off from
Eugene Saturday and stake a
temporary residence at Moscow,
there to await the league curtain
raiser Tuesday, January 12. Ida
ho’s Vandals, hot after a concen
trated winning streak, is the foe.
Both teams go at it again Wed
nesday evening.
Go to Pullman
Oregon’s galloping Ducks then
hop a locomotive and ramble nine
miles across the Washington bor
der and into Pullman, hot-bed of
the surging Washintgon State
Cougars. First test with the men
of Jack Friel is booked for Janu
ary 15, Friday, with a supple
mentary contest the following
Then it’s back to home stamp
ing grounds to lie in wait, map
out plans, and a reception for the
pennant - favored Washington
Huskies, January 22 and 23.
Oregon’s northern division bas
ketball schedule:
January 12—Idaho at Moscow.
January 13 Idaho at Moscow.
January 15—Washington State
at Pullman.
January 16—Washington State
at Pullman.
January 22 — Washington at
January 23 — Washington at
January 29 — Washington at
January 30 — Washington at
February 3—Idaho at Eugene.
February 9 Idaho at Eugene.
February 12—-Oregon State at
February 13—Oregon State at
February 19—Oregon State at
February 20—Oregon State at
February 26 — Washington
State at Eugene.
February 27 — Washington
State at Eugene.
Sports Staff:
Fred Treadgold,
Fred Beckwith,
Co-sports Editors
Doug Donahue
Rollie Gable
Mart Pond
Mary Alderson
. . . \1 Popick, about as bio as the ne\t minute, who saw considerable
service against Willamette last night.
INIone ot the Ducks could indi
vidually find the hoop for any size
able amount, but a shot here and
a shot there mounted up, to carve
out Oregon’s second successive
win and the sixth in nine pre-con
ference starts.
Wiley High
Roger (Big Boy) Wiley, Ore
gon’s stellar frosh pivotman, was
chief point-capturer for the win
ners with eight markers register
ed behind his name. But it was a
substitute Bearcat forward, Rags
dale, slight of stature, who topped
all on the floor with 10. Bearcat
Ragsdale was the main cog in the
Willamette machine which staged
the futile rally in the dying min
utes of the game.
Captain Donnie Kirsch broke
the ice when he flipped in a two-,
hander from the key. SaxtoiJl
of the visitors, knotted matters
at 2-all with a lay-in. Things
see-sawed for a spell, with Wil
lamette tieing up the count at
10-10, before the “Spec” Keene’s
gang dropped behind for good.
Big Wiley holed out a running
shot from the key, Bob Newland
snapped in a set howitzer from
mid floor, Warren Taylor bagged
a lay-in on a follow-up shot, and
Kirsch canned a gift toss to force
Hobby’s boys ahead 17 to 10.
Halftime Lead Oregon’s
Taylor, Wren, and Wiley each
made one for Oregon while Rags
dale and Caxton of the Bearcat
clan, creased the hemp to bring
the score to 23 to 17, Oregon, at
the mid-game rest period.
A spin shot from the kay by
stripling Wiley and two Wren-ba^y
kets zoomed the Ducks total
29, a full dozen points on the good
side of Willamette. That was Ore
gon’s biggest margin.
Perry hit for two and Rags
dale, trying to fan the blaze,
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Humph! O.S.C.
Spurns Ducks
Oregon’s Webfoots were com
pletely ignored by Oregon State
when the Beavers picked their
all-opponent eleven for the 1942
season. Not an Oregon player
was was selected for either of the
first two teams. Three Stanford
men were unimously selected i>
line positions. ^
Ends — Susoeff, Washington
State, and Ferguson, California;
tackles—Stamm, Stanford, and
Friedman, Washington; guards—
Taylor and Young, both Stan
ford; center—Harrison, Washing
ton; backs—Waterfield. UCLA;
Freitas, Santa Clara, Solari,
UCLA, and Kennedy, Washing
ton State.
UCLA dominated the second
team with five positions.
Ends—Smith and Wiener, both
UCLA; tackles —■ Christensen,
California, and Fears, UCLA;
guards—Herrero, California, and
Lescoulie, UCLA; center—SaJ^|
tucci, Santa Clara; backs—Ham
mett, Stanford; Steves, Washing
ton State; Erickson, Washington,
and Snelling, UCLA,