Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 06, 1943, Page 5, Image 5

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    Just as if they resented being counted out of the pre-season
favorite’s circle, the Washington State Cougars pulled a nice
basketball upset, by knocking over Bradley Tech of Illinois.
The Cougars, like the Oregon State Beavers, are currently
winding up their barnstorming eastern and mid-western road
trip. Now here’s the interesting angle—the Beavers, tabbed by
some as the club to beltt in the northern division race this year
have lost but one game on their little cross-country jaunt. That
game, friends, went by the boards to this same Bradley Tech
l^am that bowed to WSC. Catch on? It looks as though the
Tmugars are in for a slice of championship pie. Could be.
Ke versa!
. The Idaho Vandals who face our own court cagers in the
near future have, been boasting about their unbeaten status to
date. Seems as if the Montana State Bobcats caught wind of
the set-up, because they put a toboggan underneath the Idaho
victory wagon and snatched a quick victory. So finis to the
Vandals’ wild claims.
Tonight our own fair-haired boys collide with the Willam
ette Bearcats. Frankly, its a bit early in the season to make
any sure-fire predictions. Best thing to do is grab a seat in
the bleachers and watch the fun.
And now we have a new rumor from the intramural
authorities. It is this ... as many as six games may be
played on a single afternoon. Which should afford Mr.
Basketball Fan with plenty of entertainment. However,
this is merely of a rumor nature, and by the time our next
official communique arrives from the physical ed offices,
k. the entire situation may be entirely different.
Washington Not So Much
We see by the papers that those basket-mad Trojans are
on their victorious ways again. Tike the Beavers and Cougars,
they too have been winning a few on the road. Their latest
victim proved to be Washington University of St. Louis, Mis
souri. We don't like to throw cold water on this victory, but
it was our good fortune to watch this same Washington U.
quintet in action last year along about this time, and frankly,
Jack, they didn’t show.
Nevertheless, the Trojans are being hailed as future vic
tors of the southern division by the California sportsmen.
On paper, it looks as though the northern division has a
good chance of lording the show this year.
Local Talent
St. Mary’s college’s starting quintet is made up of five San
Francisco ex-all-city high school players. The California Bears
have three all-city bay region boys on their squad, and Stan
^Yrd has one. All of which doesn't mean too much except this
fP-the California colleges, are not giving the comc-on to the
Indiana crop this year. Maybe it’s the war, or transportation,
or Atherton or something.
Odds and Ends at Random: Bud Vandenynde came
through with the answer to yesterday’s quiz question. Joe
Schmaltz is the name of the Spearfish Normal lineman who
played in 1932. And for this brilliant bit of research on
Bud’s part, we have decided to award him not only his
promised cup of hot steaming cawfee, but two lumps of
sugar to boot! . . . California’s sky-high cagers average
six feet four inches per man this season . . . But so did
Hank Luisetti’s Stanford quintet a few years back. . . .
Tommy Roblin received a beautiful gold watch with his
name and university engraved on the back cover, as a special
gift for playing in the East-West Shriners benefit game at
Kezar Stadium New Year’s Day.
College Tennis
How about the future of college tennis? That's something
we can’t talk much about in this cold month of January. But
it is a certainty that the net game will be as much affected as
other sports by the war curtailment. The days of national col
legiate tennis championships may be over for a while. As far
as the local angle is considered, a further emphasis on intra
mural tennis seems like a good idea.
War Effort?
Ex-scribe Bill Stratton buzzed in last night to chew the fat.
Fie came up with food for thought regarding the transportation
costs, etc., involved in the traveling-hoopmen contingents of
WSC, OSC, and USC. Seems to me that a certain Corvallis
institution was moaning not so long- ago about the Eugene
citadel of higher learning not conforming to the best wishes of
the war effort. Ho-hum! The Beaver basketball express is
^jrrently more than a few hundred miles from home, rolling
wound the country way-side.
That’s the end of the sports log for now. See you short
ly and I’ll tell you all about that marvelous Palm Beach
sunshine—if the travel folder holds out.
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Frosh Cagers Meet
J. Gordon's Hoopmen
Entire Squad
Sees Action
Striking' a chord in a victory
tune which they hope to play dur
ing their 1943 hoop tourney, the
Duckling casaba five worked in
smooth unity Tuesday night in
preparation for their tilt with Joe
Gordon’s All-Stars tonight on
MacArthur court. The Frosh
game is slated for 7:30, preceding
the varsity game, which matches
Oregon with Willamette.
This foray is the first official
contest the freshmen have on
their forecast. It also is the last
contest over which the amiable
athletic mentor, Rolpli Fuhr
man, will be able to direct for
his adopted younger basketball
brothers. Coach Fuhrman pass
es his directive duties to an
other Webfoot great, Earl Sand
Worked in a combination which
in the past has seemed favorable
because of its showing as a com
bination, five freshmen, including
John Miller of Roosevelt high
school in Portland, Bob Caviness
of McMinnville, Dean Sempert of
Benson in Portland, Joe Copnen
berg of Sutherline, and Kenneth
Hume, another Portland grown
ball player from Jefferson. Every
practice for the last few days,
these same boys could have been
seen weaving and pivoting on the
rhythmic “Igloo” floor, watching
for new opportunities to* show
Difficult to Select
their value in the group of fresh
men whose playing ability has
been augmented by more than one
all-state high school basketball
player of last season. So difficult
was it for their departing coach,
Rolpli Fuhrman, to pick the start
ing line-up, that he is having the
entire squad suit up against their
Wednesday p.m. opponents.
Mexican Stand-off
The last time the Gordon All
Stars were guests at McArthur
court, the game was interrupted
at the half-way point because of
a scheduled game that was to be
played between two high school
teams. The score at the end of
the half was 25-25, and failed to
satisfy either opponent, least of
all, the fighting frosh squad, who,
according to reports, are waiting
for an opportunity to settle a num
ber of things with the group of
ex-Oregonians. This group in
cludes versatile Joe Gordon him
self along with Mullen, Ford Dan
ner, who was the high point man
of the last frosh meeting, with 12
points, Doc Taylor, Bob Shisler,
Lieut. Bob Taggett, Ed Weinitz,
Juel Faubion, Merv Vater and
Dick Strite.
Gordon’s aggregation which
he leads on the floor, represents
a group of fine fellows who find
a lot of fun doing something in
every sport. The last time these
two teams met, both of them
had difficulty keeping any sort
of attack going on the floor, hut
according to reports from the
headquarters of the quintets,
they now have developed fast
breaking rugged “Soldier” ball.
This is the type of basketball the
“Tall Firs” used in their past
barnstorming tours.
Today, the freshmen have an
entirely different situation facing
them. It was only a year ago that
the trend of thought was centered
on the war’s effect on all sports.
Now, however, the situation has
improved to the point that some
. . . on those tip-in shots, Mr. Seeborg really jumps for the rafters.
Girls Basketball
Timers Meet Friday
Alysone Hales, girls’ head of
basketball yesterday announced
that a special meeting of all tim
ers and scorers will be held Fri
day afternoon at 4:00 in the so
cial room cf Gerlinger hall.
It is essential that every house
be represented by two girls who
will be taught to time and score
and will act in this capacity in
outstanding freshman boys are
allowed to play on the varsity
squad, even though they do not
actually play in the conference
games, at least that is the report
ed situation of some of them. They
will have an opportunity to prac
tice with the older teams and per
haps fill in when the time comes
for the varsity players to go into
the service.
Probable line-ups:
Frosh Stars
Hume . F. Gordon
Sempert.C.F. Danner
Miller.G.F. Mullen
the games this season, Miss Hales
Practice Started
The plans for girls’ intramural
competition are well on the way
to completion. Houses have be
gun to practice and interest is
keen. Two new baskets have been
installed in the indoor gymna
sium making it possible for four
teams to practice at one time.
The floor has been varnished
and is in better condition now
than it has been at any previous
time for the past season.
Officials are practicing and re
viewing their rules, while Miss
Hales is supervising the job.
June Walker has been appointed
to work with Alysone. Every
participant must have her heart
checked by Friday at 6:00 p.m.
There will be persons detailed to
check hearts in the indoor gym
nasium from 5 to G on Friday,
and from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thurs
The procedure takes about two
minutes and should be completed
before commencing to practice.