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    Spdets' Leaders
et Appointments—
See Column 1
L I 3 R A R Y
Fred Beckwith
Covers Campus—
See Column 8
Col. Sampson Names UO Cadet Officers
Winter Term Salvage Drive
Slates Cans, Fats, Greases
As First Items for Pick-Up
First campus pick-up of vital tin cans, included in a series
of winter term defense drives, is scheduled for Friday after
noon, it was announced Monday by Bill Lilly, University sal
vage committee co-chairman.
Living organizations should not turn in cans until they
have been flattened and their ends have been removed and in
cluded, according to Lilly.
Student Talents
Due for Exhibit
^ralented students will be given
a chance to show what they can
do in a campus talent show to
be given at the end of winter
term, according to W. A. Dahl
berg, assistant professor of
speech and dramatic arts. Stu
dents interested in the show are
urged to meet in Friendly 107 at
4 p.m. on Tuesday.
The show will include work in
art, creative writing of poems,
short stories, plays, essays, mu
sic, editorial, news, and feature
writing, dress designing, stage
designing and science.
Committee Members
A committee headed by Mr.
Dahlberg and consisting of Dr.
Robert D. Horn, Mrs. Edna Lan
dros, Mr. Horace Robinson, Miss
Victoria Avakian, Mr. George
«>pkins, Mrs. Ottilie Seyboit,
d Dean Eric W. Allen, is or
ganizing and directing the new
movement on the campus.
Students with an active inter
est in one or more of the crea
tive forms mentioned should
contact a member of the faculty
committee for further details as
to submitting material. Mr. Dahl
berg said that visiting critics
will be invited to the show from
all over Oregon to see the dem
onstrations and to read material
and offer criticisms and encour
agement to the embryo artists.
“As yet this project is in the
first stages of development,’’ Mr.
Dahlberg declared. “We urge ev
ery student with creative ability
to contact a member of the fac
ulty committee at once.”
^he Rains Came
Pardon me, please, if I pause for
a smile,
At the way the dear faculty wor
ried and grieved
As they thought of the students
out venting their guile
In boisterous merriment o'er New
Year’s Eve.
But all their precautions and wor
ries naive
Of a Duck emigration
®out of style,
were way
For old Mother Nature had a
trick up her sleeve,
So pardon me, please, if I pause
for a smile.
Important Meeting
Scraps from the kitchen, in
eluding fats and greases, will
also he collected at this time.
An important meeting of all
salvage committee house rep
representatives will be held
Wednesday at 4 p.m. in 105
Commerce, it was announced
by the salvage co-chairman.
Campus Support
“War production officials of
the northwest anticipate wide
campus support in filling quotas
of vital scrap materials needed
for the war effort,” said Lilly.
“Students should give this
drive, as well as succeeding ones,
their whole-hearted support,” he
Collection Places
The following locations have
been designated as places where
scrap will he gathered:
Fifteenth and' Kincaid:
Pi Phi, Phi Delt, Alpha Chi,
Zeta Tau.
Fifteenth and Alder:
Theta, Kappa, Pi Kap, Chi O,
SAE, Canard club.
Seventeenth and Alder:
OAPi, AD?i, Alpha Gam, DG,
Sigma Kappa.
Thirteenth and Alder:
Sigma Chi, Alpha Xi Delta,
Fiji, Phi Sig, DU, Campbell club,
Kirkwood co-op.
E. Eleventh and Alder:
Kappa Sig, Sig Ep, Sigma Nu,
Phi Psi.
Sixteenth and Alder:
Gamma Phi, Chi Psi, Beta, Al
pha Phi, Hilyard house.
Nineteenth and University:
Tri Delt, Theta Chi, Delt, ATO.
Fourteenth and University:
Hendricks, Susan Campbell,
Sammy, men's dorms, University
house, Highland house, Orides,
Board Approves
Emerald Position
Appointment of Marjorie Young,
sophomore in journalism, as news
editor of the Emerald for winter
term was approved by the educa
tional activities board Monday
night at a meeting in Friendly
The board also granted permis
sion to Wes Sullivan, Oregana
editor; Betty Biggs Schrick, Em
erald business manager, and Ray
Schrick, Emerald editor, to work
on Old Oregon, alumni magazine,
as assistant editors winter term.
Members discussed plans fox
sale of season artist series tickets
in downtown Eugene by Phi Beta,
music honorary.
Lost Money
Waits Claim
An undisclosed amount of
money which was lost on the
campus over the weekeend will
be returned to its owner if the
latter will call at the Kappa Kap
pa Gamma house, according to
Marge Sawyer, senior in history.
She added that the owner
should be prepared to tell how
much money he lost and where
he lost it.
Picture Change
Deadline Given
All housing changes that will
affect the placement of pictures
in the Oregana must be reported
to Wes Sullivan, Oregana editor,
in the Oregana office before 5 p.m.
Students who have become
members of honoraries since they
had their pictures taken may have
last year’s Oregana pictures used
if they want to appear in the
honorary group. A charge of 35
cents will be made for this.
No Proofs To Leave
New members of honoraries
who have never had an Oregana
picture taken may have their pic
ture taken Thursday at the Ken
nell-Ellis studio.
Proofs from pictures may not
be taken from the studio.
Any seniors who have not had
their pictures taken in cap and
gown must see Wes Sullivan to
MalcolmAlmack’43 Colonel;
Complete Roster Announced
Business Staff
Meets Tonight
An Emerald business staff
meeting for both old and new
members will be held at 7:30 in
room 104 journalism tonight, ac
cording to Betty Jane Schrick,
business manager. All old mem
bers and those who wish to work
on the business staff are request
ed to be present.
Elizabeth Edmunds, new adver
tising manager, and John Jensen,
new national advertising mana
ger, will be introduced at the
Positions for workers are open
on both office and advertising
staffs. Several day's advertising
managerial positions are open,
according to the business mana
Reporters' Meeting
Set for Wednesday
Emerald news reporters will
meet Wednesday night at 8
in journalism 105, according- to
Marjorie Young-, news editor.
All old and new reporters are
requested to be present.
Reporters are also requested
to bring- their style books with
Vandeneynde Chosen
To Head Senior Formal
Bud Vandeneynde, senior in business administration, was
appointed Monday to handle the second senior ball of World
War II by Ray Packouz, class president. January 16 has been
tentatively set as the date for the dance, subject to approval
of the student affairs committee.
Except for freshmen, who are traditionally forbidden to
wear tuxes, the dance will be formal. As a concession to war
. . . senior in business administra
tion, who was yesterday named
to the Senior Ball chairmanship
by Bay Packouz, senior class
The Senior Ball has been ten
tatively set for January 16, the
date being subject to approval of
the "student affairs committee.
economy, no corsages will be al
lowed. The senior ball committee
will meet tomorrow to decide on
the theme and decorations.
Gave Dance Away
Before accepting his present
post, Vandeneynde had been soph
omore class president, chairman
of the co-op board, a member of
Skull and Dagger, sophomore
men's honorary, a charter mem
ber of Druids, junior honorary,
and belongs to Friars, senior hon
Fresh from December 7 and
Pearl Harbor, seniors last year
literally “gave their dance away,’’
according to Vandeneynde. In
stead of keeping the admission
fee, they returned it to each couple
in a trick program, containing a
stamp book and $1 worth of de
fense stamps.
“Last year’s dance was success
ful, regardless of the simple dec
orations, because of the original
theme,” he remarked. “I hope we
can do as well this year. The stud
ents have been starved for a good
formal dance, and we intend to
give them just that now.”
Malcolm D. Almack, senior in
architecture and allied arts, was
named cadet colonel of the Uni
versity ROTC unit Monday by
Col. C. L. Sampson, commandant.
Chosen as cadet majors were John
A. Busterud, Marion D. Cloud, Lee
F. Ghormley, Thomas R. Hudson,
Bill Maltman, Thomas E. Terry,
and Donald W. Trcadgold.
Commissioned officers are
chosen from second year advanced
students, sergeants from the first
year advanced class, and corporals
are appointed from the second
year basic class.
A complete list of the appoint
ments made Monday follows:
Second Vear Advanced Class
Captains: Lester E. Anderson,
Philip M. Brady, James H. Elgin,
Delbert B. Hill, Jeffrey C. Kitch
en, Walter H. Korell, Richard C.
Lind, Jacob Maddox, John F. Mc
Hugh B. Muir, James A. Nelson,
Jerry A. O'Callaghan, Harrison
Peck, Richard A. Ralston, William
F. Scharpf, Ernest L. Short, Tren
ton J. Wann, Carl E. Wimberly,
First Lieutenants: Albert R. Al
len, Frank R. Baker, Robert D.
Blickenstaff, James L. Bronson,
Cecil K. Cl ay comb, Harry A. Cool,
Robert C. Cromwell, Robert W.
Duden, Fred E. Foster, Philip C.
Gilmore, L. Robert Gilson, Chas.
L. Johnson, Robert E. Kendall,
Don H. Kirsch, Don G. Lewis, Ar
thur B. Lind, Harold A. Lingle.
John R. McKinney, Edward W.
Moshofsky, George I. Olson, Clin
ton E. Paine, Edward T. Parry,
Carl F. Peets, Clark E. Ross,
Charles B. Rowe, Jr., Richard T.
Smith, Erwin L. Snyder, W. Lee
Spitzer, Len A. Surles, Donald R.
Warren, Marion E. White.
Second Lieutenants: Richard
W. Barger, Donald G. Bozorth,
Dale W. Canaday, Clinton L.
Childs, William J. Cotter, Greg
ory It. Decker, Ronald D. Dilling,
Charles J. Elliott, Leslie J. Endi
cott, Horace B. Fenton, Reid D.
Ferrall, Warren W. Finke, Millaril
F. Hamilton, Marshall C. Hays,
E. Clay Jones, Robert C. Jones.
Harold E. Oman, Jack D. Per
ry, Wayne E. Phillips, William
F. Rapson, Thomas R. Roblin,
John A. Ryel, Fritz V. Sandner,
Milton H. Schulz, Oliver K. Smith,
Homer M. Thomas, Jerry J.
Thompson, William F. Thomson,
Paul L. Thurston, Dean VanLyde
graf, Robert G. Williams.
First Year Advanced Class
First Sergeants: Leonard H.
Barde, Paul D. Beard, James Jen
nison, Willis H. Caples, Wayne E.
Coffee, Robert E. Ellinwood, Jr.,
John W. Harms, Peter B. Howard,
Richard F. Igl, Glendower P. Por
Sergeants: Robert H. Bacon,
Earl E. Beck, Richard D. Bennett,
Robert H. Bloom, Richard W.
Burns, Allen V. Cellars, Warren
H. Charleston, Charles G. Childs,
Warren G. Christenson, Owen B.
Day, Roger L. Dick, Victor W.
Doherty, James A. Evers, Ray
mond L. Farmer, William E. Far
rell, Bruce B. Frye, James E. Gib
son, Theodore Goodwin, James P.
Harrison, Thomas A. Houston,
Willis B. Johnson, Aaron U. Jones,
(Please turn to /’age eight)