Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, December 03, 1942, Page 7, Image 7

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    “Eenie, meenie, minie, mo . . . catch a nigger by the toe
. . . Think we’re crazy? Maybe so.
But how else, dear reader, can you select the outfit to rep
resent these old Pacific slopes come Rose Bowl day before
a yowling throng of 96,000 hysterical grid addicts on the
lush emerald velvet of the Pasadena football arena against
the “hotter-than-a-firecracker” Georgia touchdown corpora
£ Up to last Saturday, Washington State, with its record
almost unsullied, appeared to hold four aces, assuring the
crafty Cougars the pile of R. Bowl chips which were heap
ing fastastically high in the center of the table,. Then lo,
Washington's rowdy Huskies stormed into the PCC “gam
bling den,” arid swept onto the floor with a surprising score
less stalemate in Seattle, the chips which the over-anxious
Cougar was already starting to pocket.
It's a Mess Again!
J hat one stroke on the part of the inconsiderate Huskies
completely threw the up-till-then orderly conference race into
another muddled bedlam. Now we’re back where we started,
with still no western representative to step forward boldlv,
hut with knees a-quaking, and then “put up his dukes” against
the feared forces of Frankie Sinkwich, Inc. from Athens,
The Pacific coast from the foggy, clammy northern
boundaries of Washington to the humid, sun-scorched
southern boundaries of California, rocks with fervor and
- unrest. Each local representative is trying his best to fi
9 nagle his pet eleven into the arms of Lady Bountiful at
her Pasadena hostel.
From the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles comes the
heun cry to choose either UCLA or Southern California, de
pending on which one can out-maim the other December 12.
Just One UCLA Reversal
This logic holds water pretty well.
Baby Bruin has pedalled along the conference avenue in
his ”OT' kiddie car,” dodging the traffic with the unerring
ness of a New York newsboy. Only once has a big' truck
bashed Baby Bruin from behind. That truck, incidentally, was
chock-full of Oregon grid laddies, a;id was driven by T. Rob
lin and B. Reynolds.
Since then Baby Bruin’s kiddie car has been pasted
together. “Poppa” Horrell saw to that. And it’s been
churning on down the avenue with the axle only bent a
bit. The kiddie car since then ran well enough to elude the
mountainous Washington express-cart which had they
crashed, certainly would have smashed it for keeps.
“ Across the expanse of buildings, traffic, and thoroughfares
from the Beam's Westwood hangout, pastures the wooden
horse of Troy. This Southern Cal warhorse has seen better
days, definitely. He has been kicked in the ribs by Tiflane
27 to 13, flogged with a cruel, black buggy-whip by Ohio
State 28 to 12, and had his tail tied in knots and then un
ceremoniously clipped off by Stanford 14 to 6. On top of all
this Jockey Jeff Cravath’s despondent nag threw a shoe
against Washington and finished in a dead (scoreless) heat.
Tulane, Ohio State Games Forgotten
Now strain out the Tulane and Ohio State fiascos, you
sports mongers, and you have the runnings of the creaky Troy
horse in the conference race—where wins and losses actually
count. To the post five times hobbled Barry’s plug. Three
times was the flowered horseshoe, which is the token of a
winner, draped about the Troyhorse neck. As mentioned above,
once it was a “photo-finish," no winner, and the other time
he failed to place.
^ As the L. A. cross-town rivals bicker back and forth, you
attempt to just loll back in your favorite easy chair and wait
till the December 12 meeting. That should decide things, you
contend. But you better not mention that above a whisper
around any cluster of WSC fans. They still savagely main
tain that the Cougars’ record sheet is the most pleasing to
the eye with five triumphs, one loss, one tie.
Stanford Puts in Her Two-Bits
And while we're hopelessly trying to size up the situation
with head-spinning accusations and counter-accusations com
pletely bewildering us, there emanates a hoarse but vocifer
ous "Hold it!" from an Indian tepee along the mighty blue
waters of San Francisco Bav.
Those white hot Redmen, drunk with “Kick-a-poo"
victory joy juice, have lately been on one of the bloodiest
^ warpath frolics in years. They have lifted scalplocks
from the startled heads of Idaho, USC, Washington, OSC,
California, and last Saturday, the previously untouched
St. Marys Pre-Flighters.
Hobson Brews Point
Potion For Boiler ‘5’
Howard Hobson, guiding- light
of Oregon’s basketball fortunes,
will turn “barkeep” for a night
Saturday. He will attempt to mix
up a “boilermaker,” ingredients:
one souped-up offense and one
“cool-’em-down defense, capable
of setting an opponent on his
heels, when he throws his hoop
unit against the Portland Boiler
makers on the Igloo hardwood.
Following a division in the
Bruno Studio-Vancouver Ram
bler series last week, the Duck
strategian has been drilling his
casaba corps with determination.
Tuesday night another intra
squad, freshman-varsity practice
scuffle was staged. Reports waft
ing down from McArthur indi
cate that the senior group began
to produce the kind of playing re
sults which Hobson was trying to
Subs Show
Maybe the cause of this re
juvenated spirit can be attribut
ed to the manner in which the
seccnd-stringers are pressing the
so-called “regulars.” Three soph
omore youngsters, Sammy Crow
ell, A1 Popick, and Roy Seeborg,
have been hounding the heels of
the first-stringers in no uncer
tain fashion.
One regular who has been
particularly impressive is the
lithe, blond, quick-as-a-cat jun
ior, Bob Newland. A leading ex
ponent of the two-harided
“snap” shot, Bountiful Bob
plunked in 16 counters against
Who the “quintuplets,” the
opening Oregon five, will be
when the Boilermakers crash
McArthur pavilion is a matter of
conjecture. Most observers lock
for Hobby to be partial to the
following fivesome, Bob Wren
and Rolph Fuhrman, forwards;
Warren Taylor, center; and Cap
tain Don Kirsch and Newland,
Wintermute Back
Fronting the pack of Boiler
maker scoring wolves, will be
the former Duck All-American
string bean center, Urgel (Slim!
Wintermute. Cloud-scraping Slim,
“Mr. 6 feet 8,” figured promi
nently in the NCAA title which
Oregon lifted in 1939.
In the background, but almost
equally potent in their own
height bracket are three Oregon
Staters from past years, Roy
Pflugrad, Merle Krueger and Jay
Hollingsworth. Jack Stafford,
one-time Ohio State flash, fills
out the Portland hoop array.
Sixty students from Mexico at
tend the University of Texas.
We may not be able to
sell you all the gasoline
vou want
W "
We can service your car
to your entire satisfac
Sailor Suit for John?
Warren After Navy Post
uregcn s ravaged tootball
coaching staff, still not on its
feet after a severe mauling this
spring, may be hit again and hit
hard. A news release with a Seat
tle dateline indicated that John
Warren, varsity head grid men
tor, had put in application for a
commission in the naval aviation
athletic program Tuesday.
This is identical to the com
mission which Gerald A. (Tex)
Oliver and Vaughn Corley, 1941
assistant, received, are at pres
ent stationed at St. Mary's na
val pre-flight school at Mora
ga, California.
A Warren exodus would throw
the Oregon football coaching sit
uation once again into a turmoil.
The portly Oregon chief was ele
vated to the top tutoring slot this
fall from his ranking as fresh
man coach by the rapid-fire chain
of events which took both Oliver
and Corley from the Eugene cam
If Warren leaves, his success
sor? You make a guess.
Ice skating is part of the PE
program for girls at Texas Chris
tian university.
Cash is a dangerous companion. It tempts thieves or it
may be lost.
It is both wise and inexpensive to turn this cash into
if these Cheques are misplaced or stolen (before you have
affixed your identification signature) their value is re
funded to you.
You spend them as you do cash. They remain good so
long as you carry them around unspent.
You can buy them at Banks and Railway Express offices.
They cost 75<f for each $100.00.
Bowl a Game
1 hese next two weeks, the last of the term, are
bound to keep you studying hard—but there comes
a time when, in order to do your best work, you
must take off a little time to relax. So when you've
studied—until you’re fairly bursting with knowl
edge—call time out and come down to howl a line,
and go hack to your studies relaxed and ready to
dig in once more.