Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 30, 1942, Page 3, Image 3

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Braw Interest
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Coupling the number enlisted
to date, 522, and the number
who took application material,
473, gives a total reserve popu
lation of 995.
Unattached Men
There are 1300 lower division
men on the campus, and 350 up
per division male students for a
total of 1650 men at the Uni
According to these figures sub
traction leaves 650 men who are
!not in reserve classes of any
fnd, a percentage of 37 who
a still “unattached.”
Board to Return
The board left Thursday aft
ernoon for Ashland, where they
will visit Southern Oregon Col
lege of Education. Next week
they stop at Monmouth for a day
at Oregon College of Education,
and back to the University on
November 5, a day later than pre
viously announced, where they
will meet the medical board and
remain through the 14th to make
final enlistments.
Men who failed to see the pro
curement board when it was on
the campus may still obtain pre
liminary enlistment material
from Dr. Kossack’s office, 107
Any further information about
the method of filling out the
questionnaire may be obtained
Dr. Kossack also.
Responding to a call at Em
poria, Kan., Teachers college, the
fire laddies found an optical illu
’ sion instead. Floodlights striking
millions of nsects gave them the
appearance of sparks jumpng
from the roof.
Sports Epic
i r > mam
Rosalind Russell
Fred McMurray
Take a Letter,
'It Happened in
Johnny Mack Brown in
j The Silver Bullet'
Jinx Falkenburg in
'Lucky Legs'
in the
Friendly Enemies
e Charles Winnegar
• Charley Ruggles
“The Sentimental Gentle
man of Swing-,’’ whose gold
en trombone will be heard
and danced to by most ot
the ASUO when he brings
his “boys” to the Igloo for
the Homecoming dance a
week from Saturday night.
With the attire optional
for 'the individual student,
the $2.20 per couple charge
is expected to keep few cam
pus couples from attending.
Dorsey’s worid-famous or
chestra will have just fin
ished an engagement at San
.Jose when he arrives in Eu
gene, and plans to play a
dance in Tacoma the next
Propeller Club
Elects Officers
Election of officers for this
year heralded the initial Propeller
club meeting held Wednesday
evening. The new officers are:
Paul F. Lee, president; Ray
Packouz, vice president; and Mil
ton Rabin, secretary-treasurer.
Alfred Lomax, faculty adviser,
gave a brief summary of his trip
back East to attend the Propel
ler club conference in New York.
While there he succeeded in so
liciting a promise of aid from the
main organization in the purchase
of new textbooks on shipping and
foreign trade for his classes.
As national vice president of
student ports, he suggested to
student club members to work
out a program which would en
able at least one student delegate
to attend the annual conferences.
In spite of the difficulties ne
cessitated by the war, the Pro
peller club intends to make this
year one of outstanding achieve
ments, according to Lee.
Underwood Receives
National Appointment
Mr. Rex Underwood, director of
the University orchestra, has re
cently been appointed Western
representative to the orchestral
committee of the National Band
and Orchestra Honor society.
Others on this committee are
Dr. Howard Hanson, head of the
Eastman Conservatory of Music,
Mr. George Dasch of Northwest
ern university, and Professor
Maddy of the University of Michi
gan. Mr. Frederick Stock, con
ductor of the Chicago symphony
orchestra, who died last week,
was also a member.
Seventeen-year-old Shirley
Haines is NOT attending the Uni
versity of Maine. She had intend
ed to enroll, but when her brother
enlisted in the service she volun
teered to drive a tractor on her
father’s farm.
A group of graduate and under
graduate students has formed a
historical society at the Univer
sity of Wisconsin.
cMella Qn.adi>!
Have you made yonr g...
reservations for Home
coming, November 6, 7.
8, at the E UGEN E
Make them early and get set to forget your
cares during this big weekend.
See you soon at the
Eugene Hotel
222 E. Broadway. Phone 2000.
Pot, Quill Date
Gets Extention
Feature event of the next meet
ing of Pot and Quill, women's cre
ative writing honorary, will be the
reading of contributions in the
annual club membership contest
sponsored by Pot and Quill. Al
though the deadline for the con
test has been extended to Novem
ber 17, reading and judging of
the entries will begin at the next
meeting, November 3.
All contributions to the con
test must be either stories, plays,
poetry, or any type of creative
writing suitable. Prizes include
a $5 first prize and other prizes
of club membership. Names of
contestants must not appear on
the manuscripts. They must be
typed on a slip of paper, placed
inside an envelope bearing the
title of the story, and attached
to the manuscript.
Contestants may place their
contributions in a box which has
been placed in the news room of
the Emerald, or they may hand
them to any active member of
Pot and Quill. They are Barbara
Hampson, Helen Johnson, Audrey
Lynds, Marjorie Major, Peggy
Overland, Ann Reynolds, Muriel
Stevens, Norma Trevorrow, Em
ily Tyree, Mary Louise Vincent,
Jane Ward, and Mildred Wilson.
Next meeting of Pot and Quill
has been slated for Coral Knee
land’s home, 1635 East Twenty
Second, and all members must
be there at 6 p.m.
Widow Presents Books
Mrs. Herbert Crombie Howe,
widow of the late poet-professor
who taught English literature at
the University of Oregon for
nearly 40 years, presented two
copies of “What Other Beauty,”
posthumously published collection
of his poetry, to the University
of Oregon library, Willis C. War
ren, head librarian, announced
Mr. Howe taught until his
death, July 28, 1940.
Roller Skating Every
Night, 7:30 to 10:30
Eor Party Reservation
Phone 3250-J
Skating Rink
25 W. 7th St.
Eugene, Ore.
iiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiifiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilililllllli: .iiililllllllilllltlllilillliifinil
There is a compulsory meeting’
of all USO representatives at tho
Side today at 4 o’clock.
Wesley house is holding an
old-fashioned Halloween hayride
Friday night. The rack will head
for a farm in the country where
refreshments will be served. AH
those interested should be at the
Wesley house by 6:30 in old,
warm clothes. Bring a blanket if
Westminster’s costume Hal
loween party tonight at 8. Plenty
of food, fun, and dancing, plus a
super treasure hunt.
Alpha Delta Sigma will have
its pledge luncheon today at
12:05 noon at the Anchorage
Condon club members will meet,
at 12 o’clock today in the geology
Approximately one out of every
three students at Hamilton col
lege is taking special college
work intended to prepare him for
military service.
Harry says—
J JT y°u’re hur>gry for a
really good sand
wich and French fries—
or if you’re thirsty for a
shake, coffee, chocolate
or coke. I’ll put it up and
arrange delivery by mes
senger service.
WHFN its t0°late
” to go out
for a snack, I’ll have it
delivered, while it’s still
hot, to your door.
pCK you haven’t
* * already, do try
our cheeseburger su
860 Olive. Ph. 380-M
Your Photograph
In a Genuine Leather Case
“The Soldier’s Gift”
Artist Photographer^