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Hold Election
Today, 12:30
Every independent student on
the campus will have an opportu
I nity to vote in the ISA election this
afternoon when the freshman rep
resentative on the independent
students' association cabinet will
be chosen by ballot.
The candidates are Jack Mal
colm, Jack Olin, Doris Horton,
Phyllis Miller, and Warren Braun.
The election, from 12:30 to 5:30,
^ 1 take place in the men’s lounge
at the northeast entrance of Ger
linger hall.
All independent freshmen,
sophomore, junior, and senior stu
dents are eligible to vote. Library
cards will be used for identifica
tion, according to Leighton Platt,
president of the ISA senate, and
chairman of the election.
Nation Honors
Modern Navy
Today the nation honors Pres
ident Theodore Roosevelt, father
of the modern U.S. navy in the
twenty-first observance of Navy
day. This is the first such cele
^ ition America has held in war
time. It marks the birth of “Ter
dy,” to whom the strong naval
policies of today are a monu
It was 167 years ago today
that the continental congress
first authorized the building of
a navy. During 1907-8, when
American and Japanese relations
were strained, President R.oose
velt sent the fleet around the
world in a bold' gesture showing
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Coed Horseplay Plans
Roll TowardCompletion
Coed Capers are rolling- rapidly
along according to schedule, say
all committee heads of the closely
guarded event. To open the doors
of Gerlinger the evening of No
vember 12, from 7:00 to 10:30
AWS will “welcome all Eugene
townswomen, Eugene and Uni
versity high girls, and all Univer
sity women’ to the feminine frolic,
according to Janet Ross, general
Under the chairmanship of
Phyllis Evans, the freshmen will
start practice today on their skit,
“The USO ... Or Never Say Die.’’
The cast includes: Betty Hodecker,
Sally Twohy, Mary Ann Lynch,
Mary Sherman, Gloria Newall, Pat
Warren, Pat Aldrich, and prop
erties, Barbara Bock.
“Goon-Girl” Theme
Sophomores under the direction
of Joan Dolph are working fe
verishly on a “goon-girl blossoms
out” theme, with committee mem
bers as follows: stage designers,
Hollis Johnson, Veleta Estley,
Ruth Van Buskirk, and Edith
Newton; vocalists, M a r g e
Knowes, Zo Littlefield. Marge Por
tales, Mary Jane Simmons, Grace
Lillard, and Marian Anderson; mu
sical arrangements, Betsy Woot
Other participants in the skit
include: Jane Baker, Arliss Boone,
Barbara Bean, Kathy Dunn, Mona
MacAuley, Connie Fullmer, Betty
Ann Stevens, Margaret Church
wright, Gerd Hansen, Betty Rodg
ers, and Hildegard Roselund. Parts
will be definitely assigned by the
end of the week, announced Joan
Can-Cans, Cake-Walks
Rohda Harkson, directing the
juniors, reports that their general
theme will be a minstrel show
traveling through France during
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Keep ’em burning...
Pat Palmesi Proved. Patriotic G&ed
Home fires will be brightly
burning for all loyal alums who
will be on hand to participate in
this year’s ^activities, said at
tractive blond Homecoming Hos
pitality Chairman Pat Palmer
in an interview at the Side Fri
Definitely an activity girl, but
without the so-called activity
stride, the polished and charm
ing “Patsy" is an ideal example
of the perfect hostess.
Live Wire
Drinking a coke and reading
the Emerald while deeply en
grossed in a conversation with
Leona LaDuke and titian-haired
Shirley Gravely, this Alpha Phi
“live wire” who is constantly on
the go doing many things at
Nava! Reserve Programs Let Oregon Men
Remain In College ’til Education Completed
^ Ed. note: This is the third
and final article of a series
dealing with reserve classes of
the armed services. Today’s ar
ticle describes the navy’s defer
ment classifications.
V-l is designed to enable fresh
man and sophomore college stu
dents to remain in college until
the completion of their sopho
more year, at which time they
are given a comprehensive ex
amination which, if passed, quali
fies them for retention in college
for the remaining two years.
Upon graduation, they are or
dered directly to active duty at
a naval officer’s training school.
Candidates for enlistment must
be male citizens of the United
States, not less than 17 or more
than 26 years of age; be of good
character and possess potential
officer-like qualities. They must
be unmarried and remain unmar
ried until transfer to another
class of the naval reserve, at
which time regulations of the
class to which they transferred
will apply.
Tropical Isle Charms
Scheduled for Alumni
Think of an island with swaying palm trees, soft green grass, and
bronzed Hawaiian hula girls undulating in the background.
Sounds like a dream, but will become somewhat of a reality when
members of the Hawaiian club, Hui-O-Kamaaina entertain for Home
coming alums at the rally November 6, according to Clinton Childs,
Opening with their theme “Song of the Islands,” the program will
get into full swing with tantalizing hulas by Roberta Madden, Lulu
Pali, and Elizabeth Cooper.
Pre-War Hawaii
Hawaii as it was in pre-war days will be pictured in the songs of
the chorus and dances of the girls as thoughts of the war are waved into
the background as alums and students take a temporary mental trip
to the islands. Happy thought.
With the soft singing of "Aloha,” followed immediately by the "Star
pangled Banner,” everyone will be brought back to reality and the
Aso on the program will be the following cub members: Barbara
Jean Tuttle, Carol Wicke, Dawn Trask, Helen Crites, Ben Elders, Jack
Simpson, Terry Watson, Ruth Monroe, Betty Crabbe, Lois Winsley,
and A1 Howard.
Physical requirements which
must he met are those for even
tual commission in the naval re
Recommendations Needed
Students who enlist must
agree to take, on or must have
taken, one year of college phy
sics, one year of college mathe
matics, including trigonometry.
They must also have letters of
recommendation from responsible
citizens who are in a position to
testify as to the applicant's char
V-l students have the oppor
tunity of transferring to the na
val air corps, class V-5, at any
time they desire, providing they
can pass the required physical
and mental tests. Failure to qual
ify for cadet flight training does
not prejudice one’s opportunity
to qualify for any other officer
training class.
Pre-Med and Dental' Students
Students enlisted in this pro
gram and following pre-medical,
or pre-dental courses will, at
their own request, be retained in
class V-l for not to exceed four
years while they complete the re
quirements for entrance into an
accredited medical or dental
Candidates who fail to qualify
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Russian Football
American football may be great,
Their teams may well be laurel
But the greatest goal-line stand
yet made
Is being staged at Stalingrad.
once and doing them all well, re
laxed for a minute.
A transfer from Stephen col
lege she was wardrobe chairman
for Junior weekend last year and
is now president of the Alpha
Phi house plus hospitality chair
man for Homecoming.
USO Hostess
“Engaged?” she grinned as
she unconsciously looked' down
at the Beta pin on her sweater,
"His name is Don Turner and
he's stationed at Fort Riley, Kan
sas”—another smile, “we’re not
engaged though.”
Besides working as a recep
tionist in her father’s office, pa
triotic Pat was a hostess for the
USO and also a Red Cross work
er this summer. She knits, skiis,
swims, plays volleyball, bridge,
and loves to dance. In fact there
is very little she can’t do.
Serice Flag
Having a service flag in the
Alpha Phi house with a star for
each of the girls’ sweethearts,
brothers, or fathers in some
branch of the service was just
another one of the many ideas,
which she conjures and then pro
ceeds to put into effect.
“I like work,” she said. “My
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Military Men
For Reserves
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One of the most important as
semblies of the year will be held
today in McArthur court when tho
Joint Procurement board of the
army-navy-marine corps sponsors
a meeting for all campus men.
Members of the College Procure
ment committee will speak to the
men about the reserve classes, and
following the assembly the com
mittee will take offices on the
campus where they will be avail
able for interviews by men who
are interested in the several
For All Men
The assembly is for all men, re
gardless of their present status
with the reserves. Those men who
are already in the reserves will
receive clarification of their sta
tus, and men who are not enlist
ed will be informed as to their
status following enlistment.
Tuesday 11 o’clock classes will
meet at the regular assembly
hour. It o’clock, Thursday, to
permit all men to attend today’s
The assembly is of special im
port because of the threatened
closure of all reserve classes to en
listment with the exception of
freshman students.
“The reserves are no haven for
draft dodgers," said Dr. Carl F.
Kossack, campus armed forces
Here Three Days
The board will be here for three
days, October 27 through 29, and
it will return with a medical ex
amining board on November 4
through 14 to make final enlist
ment of interested men.
While here the board will dis
tribute preliminary enlistment
material. The interim of time is
provided so that all students may
have the necessary* papers here
when the medical board arrives to
give the physical examinations. No
enlistments will be made prior to
More Convenient
Presence of the board on tho
campus is a boon to men who are
not enlisted because it eliminates
the necessity of a trip to Portland
for enlistment and can be complet
ed without the loss of time from
classes, not to mention the incon
venience of being enlisted in an al
ready overcrowded recruiting of
Information may be obtained
about the army, navy, marine
corps, and the coast guard from
the board.
Press Contest Closes;
Franklin First In State
For the fourth time in five years, the Franklin high Post, Portland,
was judged the best all-around high school newspaper in the state and
was awarded the coveted Arnold Bennett Hall trophy, as the Oregon
High School Press association closed its 18th conference on the campus
Saturday. Main topic of discussion by student and faculty leaders was
the wartime effect upon high school papers.
Other awards presented to the winning news-sheets included the
Guard cup for best paper in schools of more than 500 students, High-O
Scope, Corvallis; honorable mention, Klamath Krater, Klamath Falls,
and Lincoln Cardinal, Portland; Register cup for best paper in schools
of less than 500 students, The Lantern, Pendleton; Eric W. Allen cup
for best mimeographed weekly or bi-weekly, Carlton Hi-Life, Carlton;
honorable mention, Timberline, Vernonia; OHSPA cup for best mimeo
graphed monthly, Yamhill Ink-Drops, Yamhill; honorable mention,
Dundee Wee Hi, Dundee; Harris Ellsworth cup for best news notes in
local paper, Forest Grove.
Officers for the 1943 conference were elected Friday and announced
at the annual bancpiet Friday night in the Osburn hotel. Moshe Lenske,
Cardinal, Lincoln high, Portland, was elected president; Doris Spearow,
Washingtonian, Washington high, Portland, vice-president, and Dorothy,.
Smith, Ranger, Roosevelt high, Portland, secretary.
Delegates numbering 132, representing 00 high schools from all
parts of the state, attended the conference.