Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 16, 1942, Page 8, Image 8

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    Webfoot diggers’ Outline’ Presented.
In New Streamlined Campus Calendar
Victory Bell Considered
For Victory Scrap Pile
Big noise and little noise added together make bigger noise.
Bells, don’t you hear them bells ... if the vote goes right
today the Oregon victory bell may be consigned to the scrap
heap according to the Sigma Nus. The Tri Delts will bring
along the cowbells they collected in their travels in the rural
districts of the county ... the only thing the farmer wouldn’t
_let them take was the watering
Sig Kaps, Alpha Hall
Photos Billed Today
Alpha hall and Sigma Kap- '
pa are slated for Oregana pho
tos today, according to Editor
J. Wes Sullivan.
Signs Conform
To War Effort
Oregon’s men and women liv
ing organizations will have a new
requirement to win the Home
coming sign contest this year. Bill
Lilly, chairman, announced Thurs
day that signs should promote
America’s all-out war effort as
well as the official 1942 slogan.
Also in keeping with the na
tional war effort is the limiting
of funds to be spent on this year’s
signs. As yet, the exact amount,
has not been designated, but the
announcement will appear in a
later issue of the Emerald.
Because of the difficulty in ob
taining materials, it is going to
take more planning, more work,
and more originality than ever
before, to make this year’s signs
as successful as those of preced
ing years, the chairman pointed
For this reason Lilly would
like each house to appoint its
sign chairman, and be ready to
start work as soon as the slogan
is chosen.
Last year’s sign contest win
ners were Kappa Alpha Theta
and Sigma Chi.
AAA Faculty Member
Directs Housing Plan
Another facility member an
swering' the demands of national
defense is Harlow E. Hudson, in
structor in architecture, who is
directing a defense housing pro
ject in Seattle.
Mr. Hudson has been given a
six-weeks’ leave of absence in or
der to work on the project.
Similar construction in Port
land occupied his attention dur
ing the summer months.
Radio Workshop
Broadcasts Drama
The Radio Workshop will pre
sent at 7:45 tonight on KOAC,
a drama entitled “The Key,” di
rected by Kenneth S. Wood.
Members of the cast are: Ar
liss Boone, Pat Howard, Louise
Rossman, Mary Plowman, Rose
Mary Sloane, and Jane Baker.
Sound effects are handled by Bob
Mundt, Jean Taylor, Wilma Fos
ter, and Elaine Jackson.
The story concerns the adven
tures of a new nurse at a private
hospital for the insane.
The University of Texas has
opened new engineering buildings
this semester.
Automobiles of ancient vintage
are being supplied from all
sources but the Phi Sigma Kappa
lads have a wrecking lot in their
back yard. The Sigma Chis re
leased a story about their scrap
heap. They say that nine girls in
three cars attempted to borrow a
portion of their hoard. We won’t
mention any names, but it is
spelled with three Ds.
The ADPis made the supreme
sacrifice by giving up their and
irons . . . their first scrap pile was
given to the downtown scrap
drive by their housemother. The
Chi Psi pledges claim to have a
locomotive cornered on the top of
a hill ... all they have to do is
figure out how to bring it home.
A locomotive whistle would liven
up the noise parade. Theta Chi
sent out a crew of black boys
at 2 a.m. in driving rain to gather
the mortal remains of an automo
bile . . . what price glory?
The housing projects should
contact Len Barde . . . the plumb
ing shortage could be remedied
by the collections of bathtubs
about the campus . . . Fiji claims
to have the corner on the mar
ket . . . Canard club has one
which came over on the ark . . .
as yet no bathtub has been occu
pied when collected.
Prep Papers Arrive
For Contest Judgment
Entries in the annual high
school press contest are arriving
at the school of journalism and
a faculty-student committee has
begun judging them, according
to Eric W. Allen, dean of the
school of journalism.
Each paper is analyzed from
the standpoint of news coverage,
news writing, editorials, features,
balance, and typography. The
committee furnishes each school
with an evaluation of its entry,
outlining its good and bad points.
Best all around paper will be
presented a cup, as will also the
best pai |1 in schools with less
than 500 students, over 500 stu
dents, best monthly or bi-monthly
mimeographed sheet, best week
ly mimeographed paper, and
best news stories in local papers.
Dr. Clarence E. Ayres, Univer
sity of Texas, says a sales tax is
bad at all times.
• Lost
PROBABLY taken as souvenirs
were 2 "Duck” signs from Clay
Pomeroy’s service station at
11th and Hilyard. Clay wants
’em back, please, and says to
say “No questions asked.”
SMALL, bright blue cigarette
lighter, in vicinity of art school.
Dunhill Bros. Insignia on bot
tom. Reward. Finder please re
turn to Barbara McClung, Pi
Phi. Phone 947.
'When And Where’ Schedule
Promises Ample Social Life
Latest report on “who’s doing what when” among the Webfoots
was issued Thursday by Mrs. Alice MacDuff, assistant dean of women.
The social calendar follows:
October 16, Friday
October 17, Saturday
October 20, Tuesday
October, 22 and 23, Thursday
and Friday
October 23, Friday
October 24, Saturday
October 25, Sunday
October 27, Tuesday
October 28 and 29
October 29
October 30
October 31, Saturday
November 2, Monday
November 6, Friday
November 7, Saturday
November 10, Tuesday
November 12, Thursday
November 13, Friday
November 14, Saturday
November 16, Monday
November 20, Friday
November 21, Saturday
November 23, Monday
November 26, Thursday
November 30 to December IS
December 4
December 18 to December 2S
December 29
Tri-Delt radio dance
Sigma Nu fireside '
DU radio dance
Kappa Sigma
Phi Sig radio
Phi Theta Assembly, 4 o’clock
YWCA house doughnut sale
Phi Sigma Kappa
Pi Beta Phi
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Delta Gamma
Idaho at Eugene
Whiskerino (Bryce Sidesinger)
All co-op tea
Alpha Chi Omega tea
Kwama assembly—4 p.m.
YWCA campus doughnut sale
Send-off rally
All co-op informal
Campbell club fireside
Phi Delta Theta
Sigma Kappa
Oregon at Berkeley
Delta Tau Delta
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Zeta Tau Alpha radio dance
Alpha Delta Pi
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Alpha Mu
Alpha Omicron Pi
Orides Pledge dance
Parade 4:50 p.m.
Homecoming' week-end
UCLA ilt Eugene
Homecoming dance
Frosh Mix (Kwarnaa, Phi Theta)
Co-ed Capers
Sigma Chi
Gamma Phi
Theta Chi
Delta Upsilon
Sigma Alpha Epsilon radio dance
Chi Psi radio dance
Phi Gamma Delta
Campbell club
Alpha Gamma Delta
Alpha Phi
Oregon at Los Angeles
Chi Omega
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Tri Delt
Kappa Alpha Theta
Alpha Chi Omega
Susan Campbell hall
Sigma Nu
Phi Kappa Psi
Orides fireside
Draper and Adler concert
Rally dance
Oregon at OSC
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Zeta Tau Alpha
Rally dance—4 o'clock
Y Christmas program
Christmas vacation
3:15 to 5:30-7:45 to 10:00
Sat. and Sun. Morning
10:15 to 12:30
A n y organization may
rent tire arena for a pri
vate party any evening
between 10-12 p.m. for
only $20.
West 6th Ave., Eugene
ISA Budget
Met By Levy#
Every independent on the cam
pus was assessed 10 cents to
make up the year’s ISA budget
at the first senate meeting of
the term in Chapman hall yester
day. Funds are to be used in pro
motion of independent social
and political interests.
One of the first expenses of the
term was the purchase of file
cards to be used in organizing
a “talent bank” to encourage in
terested students to participate
in activities. All independents
may fill out cards which are to
be filed in the ISA office in Mc
Arthur court and made available
to anyone during the office hours
of 3 to 4 p.m. Cards may be ob
tained from local senators.
Larsen Remarks
Commenting on the emphasis
ISA is placing on activities th^fc
year, A1 Larsen, president, re^
marked, “The only way to further
one’s position in campus life is to
work with and for committees,
groups, and organizations.”
The following committees were
appointed to consider initial ISA
Agenda: Doris Jones, Margaret
Davis, Ivan Kerschman, Jerry
Quick, Harold Brevig, and Bill
Murray. War activity: Aaron
Jones, Jane Webster, Dan Beyer,
and Keith Claycomb. Constitu
tional: Malcolm MacCauley, Jean
Mellis, and Hugh Muir.
Betty Ann Keup of Susan
Campbell was elected secretary.
Thursday at 4 p.m. every two
weeks was chosen as the tempo
rary meeting date.
Gifts to University of Michican
in 1940-41 totaled $1,613,562.
Roller Skating Every
Xight, 7:30 to 10:30
For Party Reservation
Phone 3250-J
Skating Rink
25 W. 7th St.
Eugene, Ore.
Delicious Barbecued (|
Sandwiches. Conve- |
nient Curb Service. |
1900 Blk. on W. 6th j