Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 14, 1942, Page 5, Image 5

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    A gent seated next to us in the press box last Saturday
erupted with three very pertinent remarks about Oregon’s
team, all of which are worthy of repeating and musing over.
The gent, Larry Wolfe, coach of thes Portland Boiler
Russ Nowling
A lakers, no less, heaped a gob of
| praise on the Oregon ends and
j singled Russ Xowling' out for this
■ one: “One of the best ends I've
| seen."
\\ olfe kept us very happy
| throughout the game with his.
| “Look at Xowling on that block,”
j or "Did you see Xowling on that
] tackle?" Xowling did turn in a ter
I rific game, there's no doubt about
1 that, but the other end of the line
i was pretty' well taken care of, too,
■ by a guy named Jim Shephard,
Shepard did some of the
nicest blocking we’ve seen in
some time and the catch he made of Bobby Reynolds’
touchdown fling brought a few hurried beats to our
But W olfe didn t stop his talk of the Duck ends at that
point. He kept right on. and before he was through he dark
ened the picture with a few more remarks. To-wit, he said
that the stance used by the Duck wingman was illeg'al. Of
course, he wasn't the first to hurl that charge. Babe Hol
lingbery spent a busy afternoon at Pullman two weeks ago
Roping off the bench and screaming that the Oregon ends
were getting away with arson.
The Ends Play Right
And that talk'didn't stop there, either, as G-man Ather
ton was duly informed of the hideous wrong the Oregon ends
were committing. And.what came of it all? ^ell, the officials
for the Husky game were from San Francisco and two of the
best in the game and they didn't call Oregon on it once.
They didn t call Oregon on their end play because
there is nothing illegal about their antics on the line of
scrimmage. They do shift around, moving their feet, and
even changing their positions. But that’s all right, we’re
told by Mannie Vezie, because the rule states that the
end can run over and kiss the opposing line backer just
as long as he is on the line of scrimmage and in a sta
tionary position a second before the ball is snapped.
But getting back to Mr. Wolfe. He nudged us in the ribs
after Roy Erickson had tossed his third pass and then gal
F">ed for a sizable gain when he couldn’t find a pass re
cover. His nudge was hefty and lie asked where Warren had
been hiding Erickson. Roy did show nicely for his first real
debut in coast football. He hurls a mean football and packs
lots of power for his mere 165 pounds.
Dyer, the Master Mind
In case anyone is interested, Roy Dyer was the lad calling
the signals in the first quarter. He did a masterly job of it. too,
as that long- touchdown trek showed. He's still kind of sore
from the beating he took from about four over-zealous Hus
kies, but should he be ready for the Vandal fray next week,
we wouldn't he a bit surprised to see the Oregon backfield
really roll for the first time.
There was doubt in the minds of many concerning
the safety that gave Washington their real margin of
safety. The explanation, we found, is really very simple.
It amounts to just this: an incompleted forward pass
thrown from behind the goal line is automatically ruled
~ ? a safety. That’s a new one on us because we even have
a hard enough time discriminating between a touchback
and a safety.
There's one more phase of the game Saturday, and the
other two this year, that still interests us. Oregon's punting,
on paper, compares pretty well with the teams they’ve played,
and yet it has been playing a big role in Oregon's three de
feats. The yardage is okay, or at least respectable. Rut all
the kicks are of the low, fast species and give the safety man
a big break and a jump on his runback. A high, floating boot
will give the end plenty of time to get down field and mess up
the receiver.
Figures Don't Lie
Figures from the last two games will show just how true
tl^s'is. Washington State averaged 19.5 yards on each run
"b^.c of a punt. Washington did even better than that, averag
ing 21.5 yards every time they returned a punt. And here’s a
question we wish someone would clear up for us. In the three
games to date Oregon has been put in the hole once each
game with a quick kick. When will they catch on?
Duck Swimming Team
Assured of’42 Role
Schedule Set:
Idaho Game
October 24
Oregon’s swimming team, tot
tering on the brink of uncertainty
since last year when its coach,
Mike Hoyman, resigned, was as
sured of a place in the athletic
program of the University of
Oregon when the athletic board
okeyed the existence of the team
and drew up a schedule.
The board also vetoed plans to
change the date of the Oregon
Idaho game from Saturday af
ternoon, October 24, to Friday
night, October 23. A hurried plan
advanced by Portland university
for a game this Saturday was
voted down because of lack of
Hoyman Resigned
The standing of the swimming
team was in doubt last spring af
ter Hoyman resigned his post as
coach to concentrate on his ef
forts to get his degree.
Hoyman had an impressive
record behind him as Oregon
swimming coach with several
division championships and All
American swimmers.
The schedule as drawn up
for the 1942-43 season includes
meets with Idaho, Washington
State, Washington, and Oregon
State. The dual tilts with Ida
ho and Washington State are
listed fcr Eugene with Oregon
and Oregon State meeting each
other twice, once at Eugene,
and once at Corvallis. The di
visional meet will, under ten
Touchball Today
Field one: 4:00—Sigma Chi
vs. Pi Ivappa AI'pha
4:4.>—Phi Kappa Psi vs.
Chi Psi lodge
Field two: 4:00—Phi Delta
Theta vs. Zeta hall
4:4.>—Sigma Nu vs. Alpha
tative plans, lx* swum at Seat
The board did not appoint a
coach to take ever the team and
as yet no word has been received
as to who will direct the tank
team in its '42 defense of the
crown it so impressively won last
The board, acted under the di
rection of Earl Pallett, chairman
and was made up of Dean Orlan
do Hollis, Dr. James Gilbert, Dean
Leighton, Orville Lindstrom,
Anse Cornell, Elmer Fansett, anci
three students and three alumni.
Delts, $AEs
(Continued from page four)
stronger Kappas decided the out
come of the tussle.
The action, after the first quar
ter tally settled down to a ding
dong battle with both squads
threatening to break into the
scoring column.
Kappas Canard
Taylor.C. Ford
Anderson.RE. Wieden
Girdlestone.LE. Miller
Latourette.F. Miller
Q'awley.Q. Kuhl
Kelly.RH.. Braum
Davis.LH. Buskstone
Subs: Kappas—Merrit, Han
key, Peterson, Rapson, Jackson,
Canard — Grueber, Savelich,
Surmers, Bridestein, Bristol.
(Courtesy of the Oregonian)
. . . Beaver guard who was injured belore the UCLA game and
didn't play—lucky for him.
. . . turned in a terrific game at
end last Saturday.
Coed V-Ball
Starts Today
Coed volleyball will churn into
action this afternoon at 4:45 on
the maple boards of Gerlinger
Hendricks hail, the champs of
last year, will not be on hand in
the first round to defend their
title, but plenty of action is in
promise With Susan Campbell,
runnerups last year, on the dock
et to play.
Another toughie scheduled to
play today is the Orides sextet.
The Orides have been a threat
each year, and previous to last
year seemed to have a strangle
hold on the crown till disthroned
last year.
Another team which has con
tinuously been in the running
for the title are the Kapps.
Today’s games:
Orides vs. Gamma Phi
Susan Campbell vs. Alpha Gam
Hilyard house vs. Delta Gam
Highland house vs. Alpha Phi
Radio News Expert
kio.ii. s. PA! 0,f
THE foe-Smoked PIPE
The only correct
way to break in a
pipe is to smoke it.
Linkman’s mechan
ical smoking ma
chine Pte-Smohel
every DR. GRABOW
with fine tobacco.