Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 13, 1942, Page 5, Image 5

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    . . there was no joy in Mudville; mighty Casey had
struck out . . A succinct, simple, little excerpt from the
famous baseball poem, but it paints a pretty complete, all
covering picture of our despondent Ducks after their little
set-to with Washington. Just change “Mudville” to “Oregon,”
supplant the “mighty Casey” with the “Ducks,” and you
have it.
I'or our unfortunate darlings, the Wcbtoots, had whiffed
for the third time before the lightning-like thrusts of the
•f^\ ashington pony backs. It was a grim, stone-faced, deter
miined eleven that strode onto the sparse turf of Multnomah
field Saturday afternoon, fully aware of what they faced—the
speed, deception of the fleet Husky ball-packers, but playing
for a victoiy.
Duck Hopes High
Before the first round was half completed, John War
ren's clan cashed in this determination, had a 7 to 0 mar
gin. Duck fans prematurely visualized an impending Wash
ington upset, which would certainly bounce the Ducks back
into the thick of the conference pennant scramble.
Dusky Bobby Reynolds showed the Huskies a rough
time, with a combination repertoire of hipper-dipper
sideline scooting ball-lugging tactics and uncanny pass
pitching accuracy, and largely engineered the one and
only Duck score. For it was the little colored sophomore
who set up things on the six after a 56-yard drive. On
fourth down, with the Huskies bunched in, anticipating
r a line plunge, the versatile Reynolds drifted back and
hurled a beautiful strike to End Jim Shephard who re
sponded by hauling in the oval on a baseball over-the
head snag.
From that very brilliant beginning the Ducks fell into a
lethargy, their offense bogged down, and the game turned
into a duel between the flashy, elusive-footed Husk)" backs
and the burly, savage Duck forwards. To several observers’
thinking when hard-luck Tippy Dyer was removed with a
dislocated shoulder, the Duck offense seemed to crumble. Up
till that point they were both unstopable and perplexing to
the Washington.
Washington Utilizes Speed
Too much speed, though. Oregon's A-l line squelched al
most every Husky thrust, but twice just couldn't out-gallop
the Washington antelopes, chiefly Bob Erickson, with Sam
Robinson and Gene Walters almost as resourceful in the art
of fake, twist, shift, and dash.
John uncovered one potentiality in the contest when
he surprisingly tossed in Roy Erickson, light but wiry
soph. Erick showed a nice passing arm, only lacked the
weight for line plunging activities.
We nominate as number one disappointment of the tilt,
the widely-heralded Fred Provo, Vancouver bullet. Oregon
made certain he didn’t break loose. Result: Provo netted a
—2 yards in the four times he lugged the pigskin.
UCLA Confuses All
Up from the debris of the past week’s coast imbroglios
rises a new contender, one wholly neglected in the mad rush
of pre-season selections. Those Uclans from Westwood re
ceived a terrific boost after man-handling Oregon State in
the upset-of-the-day on the Pacific slope, 30 to 7. This comes
in spite of two previous losses.
The vaunted Beaver defense which has been almost
watertight to date, buckled like cardboard, yielding 302
yards from scrimmage to the rampaging Bruins.
Washington State still has the favored spot with those
three sparkling wins against no reversals looming larger and
larger as time goes on. Undoubtedly this season, as in the
past, the winner won't come through unscathed. Washing
ton State is wise in salting down a few wins early, guarding
against the lean times which are bound to come, what with
USC, Oregon State, Idaho, and Washington yet to hurdle.
Westerners Take It on Chin
West coast prestige took a sound lacing at the hands of
eastern clubs. Notre Dame grabbed off its first victory when
the Fighting Irish mauled Stanford's revised T 27 to 0. Sad
ly missed: one Franklin Albert.
^ Another black eye for the west came when Southern
^Palitornia ran a poor second to Ohio State's Buckeye scor
ing machine 28 to 12.
The hapless showing by western teams this season is in
sharp contrast to the scintillating showing of the westerners
a few years back in intersectional tussles.
Single Pass
Beats Omega
Gali'egher’s 20-yanl pass to
Steelhammer in the end zone was
the deciding factor of the ~-0 win
which the Theta Chi’s scored over
Omega hail in yesterday’s intra
mural football game. The score
came as a result of a passing at
tack which started on the Theta
Chi twenty.
Two Omega hall scoring
threats went asunder due to 15
yard' penalties imposed when they
were in scoring position.
Only other exciting item of
the game was a Theta Chi
blocked kick.
Gallegher was outstanding for
the fraternity men while Hender
son and Callas shone for the
dorm players.
Theta Chi Omega Hall
Morton.C. Wallace
Chullo.LE. Gragas
Steelhammer....RE. Schultz
Potts.Q. Rossom
Hainer. F. Miller
Wilson.LH.. Callas
Wicks.RH. Paige
Sammies 12, Sigma 0
Racing against time, Sigma Al
pha Mu extended itself score two
touchdowns in the closing min
utes of the second and fourth
quarters to defeat Sigma hall by
the score of 12 to 0.
An interdeption made the
first score possible with Bob
Buchwach taking the ball out
of the hands of a dorm man on
the latter’s 20-yard line. Then,
on the third down Friedman
passed to Hasson in the end
zone for the score. The goal
was made with but five sec
onds left in the half. The try
for point failed.
After a scoreless third period,
another Sammy six points was
set up when Dick Cohen punted
45 yards, the ball bounding out
of bounds on the Sigma hall one
foot line. The Sigma man after
three downs punted to the
S.A.M.s who returned the ball to
the twenty. On the next play,
Dick Cohen, unable to find a
pass receiver ran through the
line for a touchdown.
The lineups were:
S.A.M. Sigma Hall
Packouz.C. Landnith
Riback.RE. Roger?
Hasson.LE. Scribners
Puziss.F. Forbes
Popick. Q. Quick
Cohen.RH. Burnstea,d
Director.LH. Smith
. . . Enos Slaughter, one of the
reasons St. Louis cooleil the
Yanks 4-out-of-5.
WSC Fullback
Top Loop Scorer
Big Bob Kennedy, Washing
ton State fullback who sparked
the Cougars to their victory over
Oregon, is the individual scoring
leader among Pacific coast con
ference players with 26 points in
three football games. He moved
to the top with 20 tallies against
Montana last week.
Senior Jim Shephard, a fast
hard-driver in the left end post, is
in a seven-way tie for third spot
position to represent Oregon on
the point chart. Bowman, Mon
tana, and Londes, WSC, are tied
for second with 18 tallies.
Points for 3 games TD Pat Pts
Kennedy, WSC .4 2 26
Bowman, Mont.3 0 18
Londes, WSC .2 6 18
Shelton, OSC .2 0 12
Day, OSC .2 0 12
McCorkle, Wash.2 0 12
Smith, OSC .2 0 12
Akins, WSC .2 0 12
Shephard, Oregon .2 0 12
Ice skating has become part of
the physical education program
for girls at Texas Christian.
The United States has some
600 junior colleges.
. . . Graybeal, former Duck lightning rod, is stepping fancy for St
gttle’s pro team in the northwest circuit this year.
Clubs Unable
To Get Scores
Fiji !), Campbell Club 0
Despite spectacular kicking on
The part of Campbell club’s Sig
ner, the l’hi Gamma Delta touch
football crew turned iu their third
straight victory when they tri
umphed 9-0 in one of yesterday's
All the scoring came in the
first half, when in the first period
Bob Wilson scored on a pass,
with Soderberg converting via
the same route. The second quar
ter found D. Atiyeh scoring when
he nailed an opposition back be
hind his goal line for a safety.
Signer was only outshown by
Fiji Bill McKevitt, whose pass
ing kept his team threatening all
during the game.
Fijis Campbell Club
Whitmire .HE. Kay
Sandness .LE. Way
Voderberg .C. Morris
McKevitt .F. Signer
Ward .Q. Booras
Galt .EH. Ghormley
R. Ferrall .LH. Williams
Subs: Phi Delts — Sidesinger,
Risley, Folquet, Atiyeh; Camp
bell Club—Kitson, Thurston, Bai
Betas 14, Sig Eps 0
Utilizing a scoring punch that
was too deadly for the Sig Eps to
combat, the Beta Theta Pi outfit
1 an to a 14-0 victory Monday aft
Si Sidesinger started things off
in the second quarter when he in
tercepted a Sig Ep pass and
raced 40 yards for the first tally.
A pass to Finke was good for the
extra point.
Bill Reed, who was easily the'
best man on the field, tossed to
Sammy Crowell for the second
touchdown with Finke again con
verting via the aerial route.
Betas Sig Eps
Warren .C. Wells
Crowell .RE. Borthick
Fredrick .LE..„ Christenson
Duden .F .... Di Benedetti
Reed .Q. Williams
Darios .RH. Hannam
Finke ..LH. Wills
Subs: Betas—Sidesinger, Gold
smith, Barendrick; Sig Eps—.
Henderson, Erlandson, Van Ly
degrof, McIntosh.
Episcopal Breakfast
An Episcopal communion serv
ice and breakfast will be held at
7 a.m. Wednesday in the men’s
lounge of Gerlinger hall. Break
fast will be over in time for stu
dents to attend their 8 o’clock
Get Your
at Clay
The Original
Wooden Shoes
‘On the Campus”
11th & Hilyard