Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 15, 1942, Page 3, Image 3

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    Emerald Staff
JStuffs Monday
With Dean Eric W. Allen of
the school of journalism as toast
master, the Emerald banquet for
all members of both the business
and news staff will be held next
Monday at 6 p.m. All reporters
and those who have been work
ing on the advertising and busi
ness departments are invited.
Presentation of pins and
awards will be made by Helen
Angell, editor, and Fred O. May,
business manager, for those who
have earned the required number
^pf hours. A farewell speech will
be given by them to members of
their respective staffs, then Ray
Schrick, newly-appointed editor
for next year, and Betty Jane
Bigg'S, business manager for the
coming year, will announce their
new staff appointments.
George Turnbull, adviser to the
Emerald, will present the Turn
bull-Hall plaque to the most out
standing senior on the Emerald
staff. The only difficulty that has
arisen in the past over this pre
sentation is that the only senior
on the staff has been the editor,
and the main qualification to the
awarding of the plaque is that
any senior, except the editor of
the paper, can be awarded the
Sigma Delta Chi
A presentation of the Sigma
Delta Chi scholastic awards, by
Charles Hulten, will be made for
those members of the Emerald
who have the highest scholastic
records of the staff.
The program for the affair will
feature the gala appearance of
the drum duet, the members of
which are G. Duncan Wimpress
and John Mathews. Joanne Nich
ols will sing for those present,
and the AOPi trio will make an
All persons invited to the ban
quet have their names posted on
the bulletin board in the Emerald
news room, and must sign their
initials if they plan on attending.
Pamphlets for Libe
Speeches by Deems Taylor and
Erika Mann, in pamphlet form,
have been received by the library,
according to Dr. Arnold Elston,
assistant professor of music. The
subject of these speeches is
“Should’ ‘Enemy’ Music Be
Played ?”
Westminster Forum
To Discuss Students
Students and professors at last
have a chance to express their
views on each other.
Last Sunday's forum at West
minster house was a joint Wes
ley-Westminster house discussion
on “Professors, Good and Bad.’’
Lois Clause, Betty Walden, John
Erickson, and A1 Larsen were the
This Sunday Dr. H. W. Bernard
is responding by leading a discus
sion on "Students, Good and
Begin Drive
Asklepiads. pre-medics honor
ary, is heading the campus drive
to fill the Lane county blood
Members of the honorary have
pledged one hundred per cent to
give a pint of their blood to the
bank, which is being built to give
immediate transfusions at the
hospital rather than lose valuable
time in finding a donor, typing
the blood, and giving the trans
Store Invaluable
Such a store would prove inval
uable in case of a disaster to Eu
gene or other civilian popula
tions, as well as being available
to the armed forces.
Anyone who wishes to aid in
the program is invited to do so.
Arrangements may be made by:
1. Signing your name and oth
er information on the Red Cross
donor list.
2. Dr. E. D. Furrer will call
you for blood typing and testing.
This will take about five minutes.
If your blood type is satisfactory,
he will make an appointment for
taking the blood.
3. Independent students may
sign the slip by seeing any As
klepiad, member.
'Y' Advisory Board
The YMCA advisory board
elected the following officers for
the coming year: G. Bernhard
Fedde, chairman; Karl Onthank,
vice chairman; Paul B. Means,
secretary; and Carl Kossack,
Alumni Owned and Managed
828 Willamette Phone 3428
Fall Speaker
From Brazil
Dr. Hernane Tavares de Sa,
distinguished Brazilian educator
and journalist, who is in the
United States studying its educa
tional system, will speak at the
University early fall term under
the auspices of the Institute of
International Education.
Westminster College of Fulton,
Missouri, has awarded Dr. Ta
vares a fellowship to study the
educational systems of the Unit
ed States, with a view to the
possible application of North Am
erican educational methods in
A close student of internation
al affairs, Dr. Tavares is a regu
lar contributor to the Journal do
Brazil, Brazil’s second-largest
newspaper. This paper has ac
credited him as special corre
spondent in the United States
with the specific assignment of
writing up the leading North
American institutions of higher
This South American has writ
ten a book in English entitled
“Dear Neighbor, Here Is Brazil,”
which will soon be published in
the United States. During his
travels he will gather material
for a similar book about the
States which will be published
in Portugese in Brazil next year.
Dr. Tavares, who received his
medical degree at the University
of Louvain, Belgium, in 1935, is
31 years old. He is a full pro
fessor of biology at the Univer
sity of Sao Paulo and is also pro
fessor of educational biology at
the Faculty of Philosophy of Sao
Bento. He is official representa
tive of these two Brazilian insti
tutions in the United States.
Regional Music Festival
(Continued from page one)
1 p.m. Woodwind solos, music
lecture room.
Violins, music auditorium.
Brass solos, Gerlinger gym.
Drum contest, Gerlinger gym.
Vocal ensembles, Gerlinger
Saxophone solos, Gerlinger
men’s lounge.
2:30 p.m. Class A competition,
choral groups, bands, orchestras.
McArthur court.
7:30 p.m. Class B competition,
choral groups, bands, orchestra.
McArthur court.
8:30 a.m. Class E.D.C. B. com
petitions; bands, choral groups,
orchestras. McArthur court.
9 a.m. Piano solos, music audi
10:30 a.m. Harp solo and ma
rimbaphone solos in the music
1 p.m. Class A competition,
completed. McArthur court.
1:30 p.m. Baton twirling, Howe
1942 Oregano Pictures trill
be on sale at the fCO-OP’
Saturday Morning, 9 o’clock
Ray Schrick, air raid warden
Herb Penny air raid warden
Dorman Alford
Bette Armstrong
Margaret Brooke
Elsie Brownell
Ruth Kay Collins
Joanne Dolph
Bob Edwards
Carol Greening
Ruth Jordan
Flora Kibler
Mona MacAuley
Marjorie Major
Rov Nelson
Edith Newton
Peggy Overland
Betty Ann Stevens
Janet Wagstaff
Mildred Wilson
Marjorie Young
Barbara Younger
Copy Desk Staff:
Ted Bush, city editor
Betty Ann Stevens, Assistant
Marjorie Young
Anne Craven
Friday Adv. Staff:
Barbara Thomson, day mgr.
Edith Newton
Arliss Boone
Betty Edward
Dorothy Bruhn
Thursday Office Staff:
Laura Jane Rhoads
Leslie Brocklebank
Thursday Layout Staff:
Mathilda Barsevic
Norma Trevorrow
Night Staff:
Betsy Wootton, editor
Jim Watson
Bud Churchill
Ted Hallock
BYPU Spring Formal
Planned Saturday Night
The Baptist young people's
club has chosen the theme
“Spring Offensive” for its formal
Saturday night, beginning at 8
at the church.
General chairman for the af
fair is Lillian Kutz. Her commit
tee consists of Doris Mae Blalock,
decorations; Irena Chase and
Jane Alice Pengra, programs;
Fay Wilson, games; Eva Giffen,
refreshments; Marjorie Pengra,
music; Gerald Krutzler, Max
Reed, and Ronald Paul, construc
tion; Sally Hodges and Verna
Pederson, invitations; Gordon
Baulch, clean-up; and John
Harms, master of ceremonies.
Representatives for the AYVS
flower sale, please turn in money
and duplicate sales orders, omit
ting names, between 4:30 and 5
p.m. today in the men’s lounge,
Gerlinger hall.
Instructors CPT
Arrangements are proceeding
to provide training for teachers
who will present background
work in CPT to juniors and sen
iors in high school. If there is
sufficient demand a six-hour
course will be provided.
The University of Alabama has
started a course in communica
tions technology.
for your special
Mortar Board Dinners
Make your special Mor
tar Board dinner perfec
tion itself with a sea
food cocktail or a fish
entree. Let us help you
with new and different
Phone 2309
Fish Market
39 East Broadway
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