Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 07, 1942, Page 5, Image 5

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    Jim Newquist Injured
In Football Scrimmage
'Yellows’ Nip
John Warren ran his newly in
herited Webfoot football squad
through one of their last sessions
of spring practice yesterday in a
scrimmage that saw a sophomore
studded yellow team unfurl a
brilliant passing attack to defeat
the,, greens, 7 to 0.
But more important than the
score of the intersquad scrim
mage was the condition of Jimmy
Newquist, carried off the field
with an injured hip in the first
quarter. He was under observa
tion last night, and it-was feared
that he may have chipped his
hip bone.
Reynolds to Deeds
Bob Reynolds and Scotty Deeds
teamed to form a passing com
bination that set the greens back
on their goal line in the first
quarter and they never recovered.
Late in the first quarter,
Reynolds unfurled a pair of
thirty-yard heaves that put the
Golds within scoring distance,
and a minute later a short pass
to Deeds placed them on the
Reynolds plunged to a first
down on the six, and another pair
of plunges put them within ineh
e^of the goal line, from where
Lot Surles went over. Bill May
ther kicked the point.
“Yellows” Drive
A little later the Yellows had
again driven to the ten-yard line,
but Erickson intercepted one of
Reynold’s passes on the five, and
galloped' 65 yards to the thirty
before he was pulled down. But
the Golds stiffened there, to end
the only Green threat.
Late in the last quarter, the
Golds threatened again, with
Deeds and Reynolds alternately
running the ends, but the clock
caught them on the 20-yard line.
All-Out PE Set-up
(Continued from page one)
baseball; two terms, tumbling and
apparatus work, for development
of arms and shoulders. Other
terms will be optional, but must
be taken from the above list.
“Badminton, quoits, deck ten
nis, and light sports are out,”
Dean Leighton stressed.
Excuses will be granted as at
present according to the head
of men’s physical education. He
added that any man able to pass
a'Tihysical given at the beginning
of each term will be excused for
that term.
This program, in which the
coaches and P.E. school will
work together, is patterned after
that recently adopted by Oregon
State college. The plan was drawn
up by Clair Langton, director of
physical education at OSC; How
ard Taylor, of the University de
fense council; and George W.
Peavy, dean emeritus of the
school of forestry at OSC, and
now president of the defense
The amount of credit to be giv
en for these courses has been re
ferred to the faculty senate.
At the meeting the faculty also
^proved for recommendation to
the state board new courses in
mathematics, geology, and geog
raphy. These will supplement
studies preparatory to military
. . . sent his gridders through a
scrimmage yesterday, losing Jim
my Newquist by a hip injury.
Oregon HEmerald
Sports Staff
Fred Treadgold
Si Sidesinger
Erling Erlandson
Tommy Mayes
Nancy Lewis
Bill Stratton
Virginia Wells
June Hitchcock
Jean Frideger
Harry Glickman
Joe Miller
World's Largest
/'Continued jrom page one)
pirants will be on hand in the
Igloo to serve 6V2 pounds of "The
World’s Largest College Year
book’’ to respective owners. Em
erson Page, business manager of
the annual, warned that students
should bring some form of identi
fication, be it athletic card, ac
tivities card, or driver’s license.
No Oregana receipt will be neces
The rest of the 2,850 yearbooks
are expected this weekend. “First
come—first served" seems to be
the theme of the distribution to
day. Distribution is expected to
continue through Friday, provid
ing the rest of the books arrive.
Girls First
University women will ge the
first chance at the Oregana, be
cause most of the men will be
handling rifles until 3. However,
it is hoped that there will still be
enough left today for ROTC
students after drill, Page said.
No books will be given to
friends of students, unless the
friend has a signed note giving
him permission to annex the book.
Wilbur Bishop, retiring editor,
will not be on the campus to see
his 9.26 tons of yearbook handed
out to those who have put up
their $5 or $5.50. After 2 years
as director of the University’s
yearly publication, Bishop has
journeyed to Klamath Falls for
flight training. Wes Sullivan,
managing editor of the book
which will be distributed today,
will be guiding the publication
next year. Jeff Kitchen is the
new business manager.
"If all of the annuals printed
this year were stacked back to
back," Page, in his usual pasty
voice, told a reporter yesterday,
“they would make a pile 415 feet
7 inches high!”
Make Up Games
The intramural games rained
out April 30, will be made up this
afternoon. The same schedule as
posted for that date will be fol
Vezie Accepts
Manny Vezie, end coach under
Tex Oliver last football season,
has accepted the position of as
sistant coach to John Warren, it
was disclosed by Anse Cornell,
graduate manager, yesterday.
Vezie runs a boys’ camp in Cal
ifornia during the summer but
will report to his post at Oregon
the first of September and re
main through November 28.
Vezie is a graduate from No
tre Dame and serve under the old
master, Knute liockne.
Recruit Ranks
(Continued front page one)
a graphic picture of the various
plans offered by the Army, Navy,
and Marines, enabling students
to continue in college, is designed
to show the requirements de
manded, the opportunities offered,
and the advantages of each defer
ment program.
The registrar’s office has re
quested that all students who
leave for service with the armed
forces withdraw through the
regular channels. If they fol
low this procedure they will be
issued a statement of credits
earned which will greatly assist
them in obtaining assignments
to special work for which they
are fitted.
That the individual may re
ceive the best information avail
able, the committee has appoint
ed counsellors for each classifi
cation. The list includes: ROTC,
Col. Sampson; medical corps, Dr.
H. B. Yocom; quartermaster
corps (Army), Dean Victor P.
Morris; Air Corps, James C. Sto
vall; and V-l, V-7, special com
missions, and merchant marine,
Dr. C. F. Kossack.
Sophomores should especially
be on the alert. Many sophomores
do not realize it, but the Navy's
V-7 program is open to them also.
The program is not, however open
to sophomores under 20.
V-l Enlistments
Dr. Kossack advised all fresh
men and sophomores who are in
terested in the navy to enlist in
Vfor variety
For the special luncheons
and dinners slated this
iveekencl we’re featuring:
fresh crabs, shrimp meat,
fresh salmon and halibut.
Phone 2309
Fish Market
39 East Broadway
- Photo hv Wes Sullivan
. . . goes to Hal Locke from burly Dick Ashcom while Scrapiron Rhea
observes the technique.
V-l immediately because all in
dications are that this program
will be closed very shortly. Soph
omores in particular should in
vestigate this without delay be
cause it will be closed to them
after June 1.
The committee also stressed
the importance of planning for
the future. Those students who
are returning next year should
plan their courses so that they
will be able to meet the defer
ment classification requirements.
with Henry Fonda
Gene Tierney; also
with Richard Arlen
Jean Parker
■ i
Tarzan's Secret
with Johnny Weissmuller
Maureen O’Sullivan
'Yank on the
Burma Road'
. Lorraine Day
Barry Sullivan
A Thrilling War Story!
Priscilla Lane
Robert Cummings in
.-.. ,i
Classified Ads
Phone 3300—354
Ten words minimum accepted.
First insertion 2c per word.
Subsequent insertions lc per word.
Flat rate 37c column inch
Frequency rate (entire term)
35c per column inch one time a
84c per column inch twice or more
a week.
Ads will be taken over the telephone on
a char«e basis if the advertiser is a
subscriber to the phone.
Mailed advertisements must have suffi
cient remittance enclosed to cover
definite number of insertions.
Ads must be in Emerald business office
no later than 6 p.m. prior to the day
of insertion.
Claim at Depot, foot of Univer
sity street.
Recovery Fee 5c.
Leather notebooks
Bicycle lock
Swimming cap
Glasses 3 raincoats
Ring 3 jackets
Pens 1 umbrella
Can of tennis balls
Room 5, Journalism Bldg. |
• Lost
GLASSES in black case. Wed
nesday night. Phone 324, Ed
• For Sale
TENNIS racket and press, $3.00.
Phone 2465.
The Laugh's on
if.you don’t use the Em
erald Classified Ad