Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 07, 1942, Page 3, Image 3

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    Idunior Weekend!
(Continued from page one)
here for Mother’s Day will be ad
Also presented at the dance
will be cups by Dean Earl On
thank to the outstanding men
and women’s living organization
on the campus which is highest
in scholarship.
Social Offenders
A special punishment added on
top of the usual one will be met
ed out to third offenders against
Junior Weekend traditions, Ken
ny Oliphant, chairman of the en
forcement committee, announced
Wednesday. Those who are in the
third'-time-no-show-up list will
be dunked in the fountain beside
Fenton Friday as well as receive
triple punishment today.
Those on the “third offender"
list are Lou Warlick, Jim O’Mal
ley, Jake Sterling, John Sanders,
Bob Blair, Don Plath, Emerson
Page, Bill Stibinski, Pete Lamb,
and Dick Draper.
On the “second offender” list
(these will receive double penalty
today) are Don Knowles, Dick
Larkin, Bill Snell, Jim Frost,
Derrell Thompson, Jack Mat
schik. Jack Newcomb, Bob Aiken,
Tex Goodwin, Bob McGill, Fritz
Timmen, Jack Kennedy, Og
Young, Bob Barmister, Bill Par
ker, and Victor Zoon.
Those on the “first offender”
list are Dick Rathbun, Elliot
Wright, Jack Titus, Hal Jackson,
Mack Howard, Arthur Manifan,
Wayne Atwood, Wayne Coffee,
„Ep Hoyt, Bob Henderson, Don
Alalarkey, Bud Cote, John Wood,
and Eugene Newberry.
Cash Prizes
Cash prizes will be awarded at
the Junior Weekend terrace dance
held Friday on the library ter
race from 3 to 5 p.m. They will
be given to winners of a dancing
game which all may enter.
Ted Hallock's orchestra will
provide music for the affair.
Committee which has made ar
rangements for the dance are
Carolyn Loud, Ray Cook, and
Tom Beard.
Tour Scheduled
For mothers on the campus for
the annual Mothers’ weekend
held, in conjunction with Junior
Weekend a campus tour will be
given to acquaint the Mothers
with the University. The tour
will start at 2 p.m. Saturday.
There will be student guides
at the student health service, the
physical education building, the
museum of natural history (Con
don hall), the library, and the
^department of home economics
(Chapman hall). At the library the
Nash and Burgess collections and
the Philip Brooks Memorial li
brary will be on display.
Houses Compete
Mothers attending the annual
Mothers’ Weekend will not only
see the Oregon campus in a live
ly mood but also will aid their
sons’ and daughters’ organiza
tions toward winning a competi
tion in registration. The com
petition is sponsored by the Ore
gon Mothers and winners will be
announced at the all-campus
Hay Packouz, Mothers’ Week
end chairman, announced Wed
nesday that an accurate checking
system will be used. A record will
be kept on the class to which the
sons and daughters should be
Hours for registration are from
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. Tickets
for the affair are being mailed
out daily, together with a general
Members of the Mothers’ Week
end committee are as folows:
Faculty committee: Dean Karl
W. Ontnank, general chairman;
Mrs. Hazel F. Schwering, social
chairman; Mrs. Genevieve Tur
nipseed, luncheon; Dean Virgil D.
Earl, chairman, Mrs. Evangeline
Morris, Clifford L. Constance,
registration; Cecil Snyder, public
ity; George Belknap, promotion;
Mrs. Morris, housing; Mr. Con
stance, awards.
Student committee: Ray Pack
ouz, chairman; Mary Bentley, so
cial affairs; Nancy Riesch, lunch
eon; Milodene Goss, chairman,
Irene Gresham, Maxine Tripp,
Betty Edward, Gerry Stowell,
registration; Jean Friderer, pub
licity; Earl Homer, promotion;
Eugene Cecchini, hospitality; Len
Barde, chairman, Goldie Puzzis,
Jim Harrison, Edith Davis, sere
The registration committee will
make provision to meet all trains,
welcome mothers, and supervise
i egistration of mothers when they
arrive on the campus. Mrs. Morris
will have a list of places where
rooms can be secured at a rea
sonable rate. This list will be put
in the hands of the registration
Students Must Sign
(Continued f rom page one)
teenth and Moss streets is the
closest place for University stu
dents to register. This is two
Photo by Fred May
. . . left to right, Les Anderson, Nancy Riesch, and Clint Paine.
uiucks east ox naywara iieia on
Fifteenth street.
Dorm Students
Dormitory and co-op students
will not have to use their cards
for sugar at this time since their
living organizations are classed
as institutions and they will be
given sugar in proportion to what
they have used in the past. Al
though students living in these
places will be furnished with sug
ar they must register anyway
since they may want sugar while
they are home in the summer and
the amount issued to the insti
tution may not be enough to sat
isfy needs.
Fraternity and sorority mem
bers must use their, own cards
for the sugar they consume while
living in their houses as well as
while they are away from school
in the summer.
Stamps in the ration book are
numbered and can be used for
only a certain length of time,
which is specified by the office
of price administration, and are
only good for the purchase of
a certain amount of sugar, which
is also set by the OPA.
Nurses in Barrels?
Pill Palace May
Need New Annex
All out for "Of Thee I Sing”—
and even the Pill Palace has
come through with its share of
Let Mom ...
Try Our Cooking
This weekend students will direct,
their mothers to our specials. Join
the crowd and refresh yourself.
Quick service and high quality food.
Our banquet room is just the thing
for your student parties and din
ners. Accommodates 15 to 100.
McCrady’s Cafe
878 W illamette Eugene
allegiance. Quoting Nurse Pruen,
“if any more of these ‘Of Thee I
Sing’ girls come in asking for uni
forms we'll be running around
in barrels.” So take a tip from a
reliable source and don’t be too
shocked if the lonesome corridors
of the infirmary soon resound
with the wooden echoes of barrel
Four forlorn students are keep
ing the doctors and nurses com
pany. They are Marie Gabel, Bob
Gilmore, Gordon Parr, and Veryl
Oregonw Emerald
Herb Penny air raid warden.
Ray Schrick, air raid warden
Dorman Alford
Bette Armstrong
Margaret Brooke
Elsie Brownell
Ruth Kay Collins
Joanne Dolph
Bob Edwards
Carol Greening
Ruth Jordan
Flora Kibler
Mona MacAuley
Marjorie Major
Roy Nelson
Edith Newton
Peggy Overland
Betty Ann Stevens
Janet Wagstaff
Mildred Wilson
Marjorie Young
Barbara Younger
iNignt staii:
Bob Edwards, night editor
Betsy Wootton
Marjorie Pierce
Jack O’Harra
Shirley Davis
Beverly Bean
Bill Stratton
Copy Desk:
John Mathews, city editor
G. Dune Wimpress
Ruth Van Buskirk
Ruthe Foreman
Jon Snillib
Ted Bush
Advertising Staff:
Elaine Dahl, day manager
Ruth Kay Collins
Shirley Davis
Pete Lamb
Office Staff:
Lila Anne Watumull
Yvonne Umphlette
Maureen Conklin
Notre Dame university’s cur
rent enrollment comes from 1*356
preparatory schools in 48 states
and 12 foreign countries.
Remember Mother
I ' ,i.; Z.'"
Wards Bring You a Timely
Regular $1.19 and $1.29 . .
Gift Wrapped
Surprise Mother with
something to wear!
She’ll love one of the
beautiful White Slips
that are now sensation
ally priced at Wards.
We will gladly
Gift Wrap and
prepare for mail
ing at no extra
cost to you! But
you’ll have to
1059 Willametti
Bring in your cash register receipts. 5r;; rebates will
be paid in CASH on or beiore Saturday, May 23rd.
University fCO»OP5